Zago's selected work on Climate Change


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A brief descrition of our studio and some of the work we have done on and around Climate Change advocacy and education.

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Zago's selected work on Climate Change

  1. 1. ZAGO is built on thebelief that simplicityand honesty are theessential ingredientsfor sustainable andmeaningful branding.
  2. 2. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIESWhen consumptionbecomes activism, ...Consumption is a whimsical behavior thathas the power to shape and express newideas, and establish new values.
  3. 3. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIEScontent becomescommitment, ...Content frames who you think you are.Trust and transparency are becoming acrucial currency.
  4. 4. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIESand brandsbecome advocates.Advocacy is the highest form ofengagement. It can bring together anaudience with a cause, a product, aservice, a brand.
  5. 5. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIESHow brands areperceived shapes theirplace in the world.
  6. 6. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIES advocates persuaders tricksters thieves
  8. 8. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIESexpress the visionarticulate the experiencecreate the brand...
  9. 9. THE CONTEXT > CASE STUDIES...tell its storyactivate it through mediaengage audiences
  10. 10. Nine Planets Wanted!Installation commissionedby the United NationsNew York CityProvidence, RIPoznan, PolandGeneva, Switzerland2008/2009
  11. 11. Transition to a GreenGrowth EconomyCommissioned by the DanishMinistry of Economic andBusiness AffairsCOP 15Copenhagen, Danemark2009
  12. 12. The Big TurnoffSelf-initiated project
  13. 13. Iscream May 2009 © ZAGO
  14. 14. 1. IDEAISCREAM IS A MOBILE, INTERACTIVE ACTIVISM TOOLDESIGNED TO BRING KIDS VOICES TO THE EARS OF THE PEOPLEWHO WILL DECIDE THEIR FUTURE.How it works:The TourIn anticipation of the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference inCopenhagen this fall, the Iscream truck will travel across Europe collecting“Iscreams” from kids while encouraging them to learn about doing thegreen thing, and how they can get their families and friends to do it too.In CopenhagenAt the conference, the tour will culminate in a larger kids-driven eventwhere the collected Iscreams will be released. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  15. 15. 1. IDEAA GOAL AND A DESTINATIONAt the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen,thousands of delegates, activists, and the world’s media will gather tocollectively participate in an event that will determine the future of theplanet. As the meeting approaches, are the voices of the people that willbe most affected by the choices made there heard? How can we makesure that the delegates and the world hears their call for action? Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  16. 16. 1. IDEAIMAGINE A REALLY COOL VINTAGE TRUCKThink back to a time when traveling salesmen and roadside shows arrived inthe city center and in the village square, offering goods and entertainmentnot seen before for the amusement of kids and adults alike. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  17. 17. 1. IDEABROUGHT TO LIFE WITH A BIT OF GRAPHIC DESIGN, PAINT AND PROPSWe’ll turn the truck into a traveling icon (like Oscar-Meyer Weinermobileor Imelda Marcos), an object of curiosity that will not go unnoticed andbuilds an audience as it zooms along. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  18. 18. 1. IDEAPOWERED BY BIOFUEL AND RENEWABLE ENERGYThe Iscream tour can be both a medium and a message: as a mobile-activism-community-building-snack center, the truck should be engineeredto be as energy-efficient, environmental and people friendly as possible. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  19. 19. 1. IDEATAKING A PATH THAT CROSSES SEVERAL COUNTRIESWe want to know what all these people think about climate change andwhat they’re doing, and for this, we’ll need lots of different opinions. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  20. 20. 1. IDEAAND BROADCASTING ITS LOCATION AS IT GOESLike the pop-up Kogi taco trucks in LA or roving Mr. Frosty’s in NYC,we’ll tweet our current location and where we’re headed next. A bit oftechnological hide-and-seek with the important audience we’ll be talking to... Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  21. 21. 1. IDEA KIDSIscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  22. 22. 1. IDEA LOTS AND LOTS OF KIDSIscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  23. 23. 1. IDEAAT EACH STOP, WE’LL SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE GREEN THINGSwe can all do and what our governments and businesses can do too. Andof course, free ice-cream in exchange for their input on the subject andtheir Iscreams. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  24. 24. 1. IDEAEACH ISCREAM BUILDS THE MESSAGE IN A PLAYFUL WAYthat defies language barriers, age barriers, political barriers and maybewith enough volume - concrete barriers too. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  25. 25. 1. IDEACOLLECTIVELY GRABBING ATTENTION AND SOUNDING THE ALARMwhile informing and inspiring renewed action and change. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  26. 26. 1. IDEAISCREAM IS AN ENDANGERED FLAVOR, Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  27. 27. 1. IDEA A WORLD MELTING,Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  28. 28. 1. IDEAAN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK UP...Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  29. 29. 1. IDEA... AND INFLUENCE THE COPENHAGEN SUMMIT Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  30. 30. 2. SETUPCONCRETELY...The campaign unfolds on two platforms, the road and the Net, and has amajor goal (along with awareness and advocacy): building an audience inthe upcoming generation of kids (6-11) and empowering them to becomevectors of change.The Iscream truck is an interactive tool that provides an opportunity todeliver/receive information, speak up and measure impact of politicalexpression and democracy through visualization: the length, duration andsucess of the journey is determined by the numbers of screams collected.Screams are collected on the tour and online, creating the possibility of animagined community bound by a joint effort and a story. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  31. 31. 2. SETUP ris a en eb a g ux n s e a n rg ia n n ov va ah aa le ie st on rli Pa ht av av ez sd gr bu ea el en W ie la Be Pr H ric el nh nh Za n re ux Tr am rd is G rc Ve en st at Dbe be Bo Br Ba aa H D BrKo Ko M The truck is symbolically fueled by each scream. For exampe, a single scream allows the truck to drive one additional kilometer. The status and journey of the truck, as well as its “scream tank” can be tracked online in real time, and could play as an incentive for a bit of viral buzz. Proposed length of the trip: 7000km Proposed duration: 2 months Start & Finish: Copenhagen Stops: European cities (for ex. Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, Praha, Wien, Zagreb, Venezia, Trieste, Marseille, Barcelona, Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, Calais, London, Ostende, Bruxelles, Amsterdam). Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  32. 32. 3. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS1. On the roadTruck + decoration + props * Ice cream machine and supply * One or twodrivers / volunteers (with good interpersonal and multilingual skills)*Biofuel, electric engine, solar panels * Audio and video recorder * Game(visualization of scream’s pitch for ex. mechanical or digital) * Leave-behindmaterial with green tips. One idea could be to have the appearance of thetruck change over the journey: for example the truck is progressively coveredwith signatures. Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  33. 33. 3. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS2. OnlineTruckTracking (GPS) * Scream recorder * Screameter * Petition * Photoalbum * Videos of kids * Green Tips * Buzz through Twitter, Facebook.3. In CopenhagenThe arrival in Copenhagen for the Climate Conference celebrates thesuccess of the mobilization. The screams are released all in once during 5minutes in front of the Conference center. From there, the truck can tourthe city in a more agit-prop style. What about a mini snow park for kids?Memorabilia material (postcards, pins...)?4. After? Iscream presentation deck May 2009 © ZAGO
  34. 34. UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGOBodyMovingChange
  35. 35. -2-Body Moving Changeis a collaboration betweenZAGO and internationallyacclaimed photographer,Spencer Tunick. Set to launchthe opening of NYC ClimateWeek 2009, the projectcontinues the UNDP’s OnePlanet, One Chance campaignby presenting the mainmessages of the 2007/2008HDR in a series of large-scaleinstallations.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  36. 36. -3- From figures to figuresHuman Development Report 07/08 One Planet One ChanceFighting Climate Change: General Assembly Opening Poznan New YorkHuman Solidarity in a divided world Installation UN Climate Conference Climate WeekFall 2007 Fall 2008 Winter 2008 Fall 2009 ...ZAGO is commissioned by UNDP to ZAGO produced a multimedia installation The installation travels to Poznan and is ZAGO asks world renowned artist Spencerdesign a set of posters depicting that transformed data and graphs from prominently featured during the 2008 TUNICK to translate data and graphs fromthe most striking conclusions of the the UNDP Human Development Report United Nations Climate Conference. the UNDP Human Development ReportUNDP Human Development Report 2007/2008 into a 3-dimensional space. 2007 /2008 into one of his installations.2007/2008. The installation aims to heighten visitors’Seven posters showcasing understanding of the inverse relationshipinformational graphs are published. between responsibility for climate change and vulnerability to its impact. Awards I.D. Magazine Awards 09 Type Directors Club Awards 09 AIGA Awards 09 UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  37. 37. -4-Body Moving ChangeArt Installationby Spencer TunickProposal for the United NationsUNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  38. 38. -5- Spencer TUNICK - Technology and globalization are rap-idly changing the way we live our lives. Wealth, ideas, informa-tion, and people have never before had the level and rate ofconnectivity as they do today. They move faster, buy and con-sume more. Economies are more intertwined and interdepen-dent. New virus strains can be transported and transmitted ona larger scale. Ecosystems and environments feel the impact ofactivity occurring across the globe. Because of this, developedand developing countries are more connected than ever before.Yet with all the technological advances afforded to developednations, we face unprecedented challenges on many fronts. Asthe world wrestles with some of the unintended consequencesof progress, a long standing, slow motion phenomena is unfolding. Climate change, like many of the other troubles facing theworld, will affect us all. But what is not widely understood, is thatthe cause and effect is not equal. Developed nations are produc-ing more greenhouse gases, the gases that contribute to climatechange, at a greater rate than developing nations. On the face ofit, this would seem understandable, but the adverse effect of thisprogress are not so equally shared. UNDP estimates that for everyone person in the developed world, seven in the undevelopedworld will be adversely affected by climate change. Rising tidalwater, polluted air and water, eco-migration, shrinking ice caps.These are just some of the issues happening NOW.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  39. 39. -6- For many the explanation and warning alarms for climatechange have reached such a din that it can no longer pene-trate the global psychology. Everyone understands the threat,but it is hard to visualize. I propose a series of installationsthroughout NYC to further illustrate the vulnerability of notonly those most affected by climate change but how every-one is responsible and at risk. Body Moving Change will be anart project demonstrating that it is the movement of peopleand their actions that are responsible for both our problemsand our solutions. Body Moving Change marks Spencer Tunick’s return toNew York after 10 years as an artist in exile from his own city.In the early 1990s, the Guiliani administration was intent onputting Tunick behind bars for improvising public artworkacross the city. Since then, Tunick has staged some of theworld’s largest art installations involving hundreds of thou-sands of participants in Latin America and Europe, and hasbecome the darling of the international media. To build collective support and interest in the campaign,Body Moving Change will launch a dedicated website earlythis summer. Tracking supporters and participants, the web-site will deliver media updates as the project progresses andwill feature video of the work after the installation occurs.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  40. 40. Stage Research (May 2009) From upper left to right: Sheeps Meadow Central Park, Roosevelt Island rock jetty, Spencer Tunick, Jonathan Porcelli and Jenna RoblesPhotography Manuel Toscano, Muriel Dégerine UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  41. 41. Disaster risks areskewed towardsdevelopingcountriesOn an average annual basis1 in 19 people living in thedeveloping world is affectedby a climate disaster. Thecomparable figure for OECDcountries was 1 in 1 500.Ref. Human Development Report 2007/2008Fighting Climate Change: Human Solidarityin a Divided World, Fig. 2.2, p.76Image Installation Newsprint Piece UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  42. 42. -9-Central Park,Sheeps MeadowCentral Park is often called thelungs of NYC. An 843 acre park inthe middle of the most expensivereal estate in the world. While itserves as a natural respite for busyand harried New Yorkers it alsoprovides the perfect location forillustrating the close relationshipbetween progress, vulnerabilityand nature. Bodies will bearranged in a design. The center ofthe design will be people standing,surrounding them would be seventimes as many people lying prone.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  43. 43. Rich countries dominate the CO2 emissions account The United States is the largest emitter, accounting for around 1/5 of the total. Collectively the top five — China, India, Japan, the Russian Federation and the United States — account for more than half of the world’s CO2 emissions. Ref. Human Development Report 2007/2008 Fighting Climate Change: Human Solidarity in a Divided World, Fig. 1.5, p.41 Image Installation Newsprint PieceUNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  44. 44. - 11 -United Nations: AdriftNo other skyline in the worldevokes the pinnacle of progressthan NYC. Millions have migratedto the island of Manhattan fora chance to climb up the ladderof progress. Floating in the eastriver, in front of the UN, a bargefloats by, exposed to the elements,in the shadow of progress thedeveloped world promotes. A clearexample of the power developedcountries hold over the developingnations and also a clarion call tothe closeness and ease with whichhelp could be administered.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  45. 45. - 12 -United Nations: IslandsJust off the southern point ofRoosevelt Island lie two islands.One is used as a water markerfor boats traveling up the EastRiver, the other is a small jettyof rocks that become furtherexposed as the water recedeswith the outgoing tide. A furtherexample of the vulnerability of thedeveloping nations juxtaposedwith the developed nations will beshowing through a series of photosshow the rising waters on thesetwo small islands. Initially spreadout on the island and rocks, as thewater rises, the participants clustercloser together until the water lapsat their ankles.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  46. 46. - 13 -Avenue of the AmericasWithin the canyon walls of NYC, amassive abstract glacier of bodieswill flow through the center of NYC.A metaphor of the vulnerability ofthe world’s glaciers which are thewater source for millions of peoplearound the globe.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  47. 47. - 14 -United Nations Grounds:TotemSince its inception the UnitedNations has become theembodiment of a Totem. Itsymbolizes the ability of nationsto gather and work together onissues that affect one nation or allnations. I would further embodythe spirit of the United Nations bystaging a human totem in differentlocations thought the UN grounds.From different locations and anglesthe images would provide a lastingtribute to the goals of cooperationbetween the ever changing face ofthe worlds nations.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  48. 48. - 15 - Body Moving Change is a multi-location series of instal-lations planned around NYC. It is provides the opportunity forcitizens of NYC to participate actively in the delivery of themessage regarding climate change. By using the iconic loca-tions of NYC as an element in the images, the power of themessage is magnified by allowing the world to see that if acity such as New York, is taking the message seriously so toomust the rest of the world. It is the first step of many in notonly spreading the message but changing behavior too. Thebody is moving the message. The body is moving change. Ourexistence as living human beings will be affected by climatechange. Our Lives and Bodies will be affected — physically. Using the body and art in a tactile way will heighten themessage. The naked body will move the change and connectthe present to the future. It is the first step of many to notonly spreading the message but change behavior too. I would like to thank all involved for this opportunity tomake my artwork in NYC. As a site-specific artist, I have hadthe opportunity to work in many of the world’s most recog-nized locations including UNESCO World Heritage sitesUNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  49. 49. - 16 -About UNDP/HumanDevelopment Report OfficeThe mission of the Human Development Report Office is toadvance human development. Our goal is to contribute to-wards the expansion of opportunity, choice and freedom. Wework towards this goal by promoting innovative new ideas,advocating practical policy changes, and constructively chal-lenging policies and approaches that constrain human devel-opment. We work with others to achieve change through re-search, data gathering, communications and outreach work.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  50. 50. - 17 -About Spencer TUNICKSPENCER TUNICK has been documenting the live nude fig-ure in public, with photography and video, since 1992. Since1994 he has organized over 75 temporary site-specific instal-lations in the United States and abroad. Tunick’s installationsencompass dozens, hundreds, even thousands of volunteers;and his photographs are records of these events. The indi-viduals en masse, without their clothing, grouped togethermetamorphose into a new shape. The bodies extend into andupon the landscape like a substance. These grouped masseswhich do not underscore sexuality become abstractions thatchallenge or reconfigure one’s views of nudity and privacy.The work also refers to the complex issue of presenting art inpermanent or temporary public spaces. His temporary site-specific installations have been commissioned by the ViennaKunsthalle (1999), Institut Cultura, Barcelona (2003), XXVBiennial de Sao Paulo, Brazil (2002), The Saatchi Gallery(2003) and MOCA Cleveland (2004), among others.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  51. 51. - 18 -About FORMAVISIONFORMAVISION specializes in creating compelling culturalcontent and dynamic experiential environments to supportand activate non-traditional marketing strategies. Guided byfounder and creative director Sebastien Agneessens, whoseprofessional background spans the disciplines of marketing,design, music and curation, the work of Formavision is highlyconceptual and collaborative, integrating contributions fromacclaimed artists and designers such as Arne Quinze, DrorBenshetrit, Tronic Studio, Bruno Peinado, WK Interact, KenzoMinami, Marc Atlan and Jaime Hayon.Since its inception 2003, Formavision has been conceivingand deploying a broad portfolio of projects that includes theDiesel Denim Gallery, the Lexus Light & Speed touring ex-hibition, permanent installations at the World of Coca-Cola,the Starbucks Salon performance and gallery space and theReebok Flash concept store.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009
  52. 52. - 19 -About ZAGOZAGO is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy with large,world-class identity and brand experience credentials. Found-ed 13 years ago in Basel, Switzerland, the studio relocated toNew York some 10 years ago. Our mission has evolved over-time but our founding principle has remained constant: thatdesign is the organizing force in the creation, shaping anddelivery of meaning.UNDP + Spencer TUNICK + FORMAVISION + ZAGO © ZAGO and Spencer TUNICK, 2009