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Ratios and proportions


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Ratios and proportions

  1. 1. Ratios and Proportions These are practice problems on ratios and proportions
  2. 2. COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Recently, a small college had an enrollment of 1,342 students and a total of 215 faculty. What was the student-faculty ratio for this college? Write your answer as both a mixed number in simplest form and a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth. ___________ = _____ = _____ = 6.24Students Faculty 1342 215
  3. 3. BASKETBALL In the 2000–2001 season, Shaquille O’Neal made 813 field goals out of 1,422 attempts. What was Shaquille O’Neal’s ratio of successful field goals to attempts? Write your answer as both a fraction in simplest form and a decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth. _____________ = ______ = ______ = 1.74 Field Goals Made 813 Field Goals Attempts 1422
  4. 4. Shawn’s Problem Peyton Manning had 26 completions out of 45 attempts. What is the ratio passes completed to passes attempted. = = = .58 Passes Completed Passes Attempts 45 26
  5. 5. Reflection • What did you like about this assignment? It was okay because you had to make up your own problem. • What could be improved with this assignment? I like everything about this assignment. • How do you see a blog being useful in Geometry? I see the blog as a good thing it will tell our thoughts about the things we’re doing. • What other tools/resources/projects would you like to do this year? Geometry SketchPad