Digipak and Advertisement Feedback


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Digipak and Advertisement Feedback

  1. 1. Advertisement and the Digipak Feedback<br />
  2. 2. Would you be able to quickly identify that the advertisement and digipak is associated with the Dubstep genre?<br />Key comments made<br />Yes because the blue and black colour motif and the silhouette of the female dancing are quite common within the dubstep genre. - Hannah<br />Yes because of the use of vibrant colour on both of them which strong relates to the genre- James<br />Yes, the colours and images of the advertisement look to me like they belong to the dubstep genre for example the blue colour- it’s quite funky and retro.- Arfa<br />
  3. 3. What do you think about the design and page layout of both of the ancillary texts ? <br />Key comments made<br />There is a lot going on just like in the dubstep genre a lot goes on, it shows mixed emotions and the use of different coloured lights creates a distorted effect and imagery of dubstep. the digipak looks really artistic and creative, it looks energetic and confusing which also suits the dubstep genre. - Susie<br />It’s very eye catching and the layout just seems to fit to together but I’m not sure about the font colour on the magazine advertisement. The yellow seems a bit out of place, I think it would look better if you changed the writing to a blue so that way you’re creating a colour motif that connects the music video, digipak and advertisement together. - Arfa<br />The design of both texts are similar so that they relate to each other. The silhouette of the female dancing on the digipak gives the idea of a rave and therefore links to the music genre. - Ashley<br />
  4. 4. What do you think about the quality of the ancillary texts in terms of the pack shots? <br />Key comments made<br />Ithink the quality isn't bad however when enlarged it gets quite blurry and unclear so that could be somehow improved. Other than that it looks pretty much like it was professionally made and almost good enough to sell in the industry. - Susie<br />The quality of the pack shots is fine. It is believable that the male is into the genre of music and therefore a suitable choice. The lighting of the shot is good because it is not too bright which would contrast too much with the rest of the ancillary texts. - Ashley <br />Pack shots of the ancillary tasks are very good and the capture the essence of the dubstep genre. - Arfa<br />
  5. 5. How eye catching do you think the advertisement is? and why?<br />Key comments made<br />Very eye catching because of the colours- yellow and blue. Both colours compliment each other and stand out the most however I think for the picture of the artist to fit into the rest of advertisement, you should’ve cut out the white wall behind him and have his picture against the blue background.- Arfa<br />Very eye-catching as the blue and black colour complement each other whilst relating to the genre. The yellow writing contrasts the dark colour so the information can easily stand out.- Ashley<br />Reasonably eye catching because of the bright colours and the different lively scenes. its quite interesting and drags attention as it looks slightly confusing at first which is good because it made me want to figure out more about it and concentrate on it but enjoy it at the same time. - Susie<br />
  6. 6. If you saw the digipak in store would it appeal to you to a extent to purchase the album and why?<br />Key comments made<br />Although I prefer to download music online, the digipak would appeal to me because it is clear but, the picture of the male's face on the front would fail to catch my attention.- James and Ashley<br />Again, like with the magazine advert it really stands out so I think it would attract quite a bit of attention if it was in a retail environment. - Hannah<br />If I saw the digipak in store I wouldn’t buy it because I’m not into listening to dubstep that much.- Arfa<br />
  7. 7. How do you think my ancillary texts contrasts to other digipak’s and advertisements?<br />Key comments made<br />I haven’t seen many dubstep digipaks so I don’t have anything to contrast it to. - Arfa <br />Your advert looks a lot like other dub step albums because it is of a similar style and size, plus it uses the same kind of colour motifs. Also lots of album covers/digipaks that belong to your genre of music – Hannah and Emily<br />I think your ancillary texts are in ways similar to others as they are eye catching and original, however others don’t always make the music genre clear to the viewer as there isn’t enough visual information whereas your one its almost straight away obvious what type of genre it is.- Susie and Anthony<br />
  8. 8. Do you think it relates strongly to our main product, our music video?<br />http://www.youtube.com/user/mediag321coursework#p/a/u/1/RKImOxJrGEU<br />Key comments made<br />Yes I think that it does relate quite well to your music video because in the music video you have the close up of the artist's name on the envelope, which I think is in the same font as the on the advert and digipak, so that creates quite a good link between all three of your media products. – Anthony and Emily and Hannah <br />I don't think the link between all three can really be that strong because the purpose of the music video and the magazine advert and digipak are kind of different, because the music video just has to sell that particular song whereas the other two need to sell the whole album. - Hannah<br />The ancillary texts do relate strongly to the music video genre, however if the pack shots had a female, it could be more relevant due to the female the appears in the video. – Ashley and James<br />I think it does relate strongly to your main product as everything seems to fit together and relate to the dubstep genre used. - Susie<br />