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Advertisement Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Advert Analysis
  2. 2. Name of artist on the top left hand corner- significant because we read from left to right so it is the first thing we will see. This is done to signify the importance of knowing the artist name before knowing about what is being sold Also it is in bold and black so it attracts the eyes of the reader. Name of artist written again but not in the same size in font but still bold. Also name of album and when it is out ‘OUT NOW’ in bold so it is eye catching. In small print just above the album cover it states where it is on available- CD, and promotes iTunes where it can be downloaded from. Same typography on the album cover as well as on the rest on the advertisement and is simple and clear in black. Intertextuality is being used in which the same greyish colour fading into white is used as the background for both advertisement and album cover. This is done to signify that the album cover other information are linked together where by which they are promoting as well the artist concert but also plays on the name of the album ‘Northern Lights’ Albums front cover is in bottom right hand corner this is significant because this will be the last image we will see on the advertisement. Artist on the album cover with the use of a close up where dominates the cover. He looks relatively young done to attract the females of the targeted audience but also because this is his debut album it allows the audience an insight into the type of artist Gareth Emery is. Where he is wearing a black jacket not fully zipped up representing that he is trying to look cool which is very typical in the Dubstep genre which is strongly similar to this dance genre of music artist. Also the name of the album is on the album cover and also the name of artist and a logo to his name this portrays the importance in connecting the album cover and the advertisement.. Also promoting the brand Garuda with its logo in small in the bottom left hand corner Promoting the artist concert which is coming up showing when and where it is and the supporting line up. Expressing that the album is out before the concert. In which at this concert it says that he is ‘Launching this his debut album’. Addresses to where you can get the tickets in which it states Gareth Emery website and promotes other brands such as Garuda. This is also all in small print suggesting the less importance it has.
  3. 3. Name of record label in white dotted font on top of the black mise- en scene which makes it stand out. In the to left hand corner, significant for record label because it will be the first thing seen on advertisement because we read from left to right. So their record label is being promoted and signifies that they feel that the record label is more important than the artist also expressed in the change in font. Just below the record label the name of the artist is shown in white in smaller font but still stands out because it is on a black mise– en scene. Album’s front cover positioned bottom left hand corner, this is the last image seen on advertisement which is important in selling the album. Uses the exact same typography and pack- shot of the artist on the album cover expressing the connection between them both. Also, the logo of the record label is on the album cover in the top right hand corner again signifying the importance they have. The typography is simple and clear on this advertisement so that the people who look at the advertisement understand fully and quickly what is being promoted and sold to consumers. Not many colours used suggesting that its trying to get straight to the point. The positioning of the artist dominates the right side of the advertisement. It is a close up of him where part of his head is cut off showing him looking calm and relaxed. He looks relatively young so the close is done to attract the females of his targeted audience. Just below the centre of the advertisement it states the release date and on what songs are on the 2CDs and MP3. It also states what the album includes, exclusive tracks and remixes. This is printed in white but in smaller print compared to the release date. Just below the release date again in small print it promotes hmv and shows their website. The reason for this is because hmv are known to sell CD’s so by promoting them signifies that the album can bought there and also this advertisement came out of an hmv magazine. Also, likewise to that the same thing has been done to the record label and the distributor, ‘PrimeDirectDistrubutor’ by stating there websites in very small print.
  4. 4. Just below that in smaller text it states the album name in white but in a different font expressing that the artist is more important than the album name or anything else because the artist names is in different font in comparison to the rest of the font and is bigger in comparison as well. Three images of the one artist in different positions posing in the top centre of the advertisement in which he is wearing the same clothing of all black with a touch of red and white which is significant to blending in with the background colour which is also black. Where it could be said to be playing with the artists name ‘Blame’. The artist’s name is also being played with the artist looking in the same direction looking away from the camera looking generally serious hinting that the person or thing to blame is in that direction. But he also looks cool because he looks like he is in mid air. In the attempt to sell the artist and album it states that it is a ‘brilliant new album’. Also it states what the album includes, collaborations. This is in smaller font compared to the artist’s names who have done collaborations with Blame this is also the same with what singles include where the names of the singles are bolder and stands out more attracting readers to see it and read it first. Noticeable that all font is written towards the centre on advertisement not at edges done so none of the information on the page is not missed by readers. The release date is shown at the bottom centre of the advertisement not in bold. Also Blames website and MySpace is printed in smaller print and the new state music website this website is printed as well though because this is where you purchase the album. Artist name big and bold in the centre of the advertisement and dominate in white on top of the artists body and on a black background. Also with a hand within the letter A of blame symbolising coolness of the artist where the image of the hand can be representing a high five. The typography is again simply and clear. Just below that too it shows where the album is available, hmv where this advertisement was also in their magazine and again the new state music. Next to that again shows the artist name again which is closest to the bottom right hand corner this being the last thing the readers will read signifying the intention to try and sell the artist as well as the album.
  5. 5. At the bottom left corner of the album cover it states the album name in red but with the same font the significance in the change in colour is because of the poor positioning of where it is, so by a change in colour in comparison to all of the other printed information allows it to stand out equally. Just above that though in very very small print it shows the presenter company ‘Get Darker’ expressing the less demand of this company for album cover. In just over a quarter of the advertisement its states the presenters name this time in bigger and bolder font. Also it states the featuring list and album name again in bold font and again the album name is in bigger font to towards the featuring list expressing the more importance that the album name has but however because this time it has a better position on the advertisement it is in the same colour of white. It states the release date in bold and in white again closer to the bottom of the advertisement because that will be one of the last things the reader will read and is a important piece of information if reader is looking to purchase the CD where also if the reader has read to this stage of the advertisement it suggests that they are interested in purchasing the product. The magazine advertisement promotes iTunes, hmv, Amazon and in the bottom right corner because these are the places you can purchase this album and again if reader has got to this stage on the page the initial thought is that they are very interested in purchasing this album. This is also again all in white font. On this magazine advertisement there is a use of the same font and font colour apart from on the album cover when stating the name of album. Also this is a simple and clear advertisement and shows very clear what is being promoted and sold to consumers. Not much colour used only three in total. The albums front cover is dominant on the advertisement expressed by it covering just under three quarters of the advertisement suggesting the intentions to promote and sell the album. ‘Dubstep’ is very dominant on the album cover in white on a plain black background making it stand out and attract the readers to read and see the promoted album. Also in the middle at the bottom of the album cover it states the featuring list and to the right of that what the CD includes , remixes. Top right corner written diagonally where the genre of music ‘dubstep’ and texting number is printed in red, it is attracting readers to text the number to get mimimix for free. Done so reader has a taster of how dubstep is so they maybe go on to purchasing this CD
  6. 6. Album cover is dominate on the advertisement again covering more than half of the page expressing the intention to promote and sale the product. Multi colours used vertically across the album cover with an a effect of it immerging though the eye of the artist and coming out of his head. This is playing with the album name ‘Nightlife 5’, because at nightclubs this genre of music is played (drum and bass, strongly similar to Dubstep) disco lights are on. The artist position is at a three quarter turn suggesting he is not fully addressing the audience. Also the use of wearing headphones connotes music in general where also his clothing blends in with the background. Then the artist name and album name is printed on the album cover near the centre of the cover in a bold white font. But the 5 is in multi coloured. Then the genre of music is shown just under that in smaller and different font signifying the importance of the artist and the name of the album. But still in white. In smaller white text it states the record label and their full address , telephone and fax numbers and also their two different websites. Just under that the artists website is also printed but in a slightly bolder white font. Promotes hmv because this is where readers can buy the album and again is where this advertisement came from. The record label is promoted again on the advertisement where it is also in the bottom right corner on the album cover logo with its logo but a different shape though on album cover in a square and on album cover in a circle. Name of artist and album name is printed on advertisement again stressing the aim to sell the artist and album. Again in white and bold form on a black background making it stand out. It also states what the album is out on, 2CD and digital bundle. Then below that the featuring list again all in white and names in bold. Behind the album cover the same multi coloured line is used but this time going through the other side of the album cover horizontally this time. This technique done to contrast the advertisement to what is actually being promoted and sold to consumer in this case the album. But the change in font and size of the artist name and album name on the album cover towards the artist name and album name on the advertisement is significant because it’s suggesting that the album cover has more importance. This is simple and clear and uses more colours compared to the others and the meaning of what is promoted is dominant on the page.
  7. 7. Summary • The common techniques used: • White font • Black background • Artist shown on advertisement • Release date • Name of artist and name of album dominant and towards centre of advertisement in bold • Name of artist and album name shown more than once • Record label in a bottom corner and shown more than once • Locations where it can be bought (hmv) • Use of the same colours on advertisement and album cover • Clear and simple • Not many colours used • Featuring list • Website of record label in small print • Album cover shown