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An Interest In Pinterest


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A presentation on why Pinterest is becoming important for marketing and communication.

Published in: Business, Lifestyle

An Interest In Pinterest

  1. Pinterest is a “virtualpinboard” that allowsyou to save andcategorize imagesyou find around theweb
  2. It also lets youbrowse otherpeople’s virtualpinboards toohelping you to findnew stuff
  3. … and everbody’spinning everything
  4. Recipes
  5. Recipes Fashion
  6. Recipes Fashion
  7. Recipes Fashion
  8. Recipes Fashion
  9. Recipes Fashion
  10. Recipes Fashion
  11. I could go on….
  12. Pinterest is growingphenomenally too
  13. US data only
  14. Generic Stock Photo Man says….“Collecting pretty pictures isall well and good but I ambusy running a marketingdepartment. You told me toread blogs and I did, you toldme to tweet and I am, andnow you’re telling me I needto ‘pin’ too?“I’ve got four frickin’ armsand I still don’t have enoughtime!”
  15. Actually, Mr GenericStock Photo Manwith four arms,there’s a businesscase for Pinterest
  16. A number of brands includingGap, Southwest Airlines,Unicef and General Electrichave created their ownPinterest profiles
  17. It’s also becoming known asa high traffic source toexternal sites…
  18. Generic Stock Photo Man says…. “OK, I’m sold. We need to create a brand presence on Pinterest and make our content ‘pinable’. “How do we do it properly?”
  19. 1. Create aPinterest profile
  20. 1. Create a It’s currently by invite only but if you ask someone nicely they’ll probablyPinterest profile send you one
  21. 2. Add engagingimages
  22. 2. Add engaging Look at Whole Foods’ engaging images. Nom nom!images
  23. 3. Include useful Chobani includes recipes on how users can use its products differently. Usefulcontent and engaging Ht Hubspot
  24. 4. Be innovative Clothing retailer, Lands’ End Canvas ran a competition asking entrants to scan the company’s retail store and create pinboards from their cloths
  25. 5. Be Pinnable Pinterest is a great source of traffic back to a site. To help people do that add the Pinterest ‘pin it’ button to your images on your website
  26. Happy Pinning!