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5 Hacks to create awesome Presentations


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Here are some simple tips/hacks which are very helpful in designing a presentation. These hacks do not need any special knowledge. All material required for the hack is included in the presentation itself.

5 Hacks to create awesome Presentations

  1. 1. HACKS to create an AWESOME PPT Sharad Singh Entrepreneur, Finance Geek, Techie, Design Explorer
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE WHAT IT’S NOT WHAT YOU NEED WHAT YOU DON’T Design a PPT with a nice visual impact. Use simple/free ways that can create a WOW effect with ZERO cost. It's only about design and not content. How to plan content has been covered nicely by Alok ( Basic PPT skills, A creative intent to wow the audience & The beautiful mind ;) Any photo-shop skills or Any coding skills.
  3. 3. 1 TYPOGRAPHY Hack #
  4. 4. Use appropriate Fonts, Size, Shading Take inspiration from GOOD WEBSITES Google for typography, best websites etc. Observe their use of CAPS, font- sizes, bold/italics & color
  5. 5. Use appropriate Fonts, Size, Shading For key slides, try LANDING PAGES Google on "best landing pages". Observe how to gather audience attention. Take note of adverts in newspaper, magazines.
  6. 6. Using NEW fonts You may want to use fonts not available in PPT/word like Helvetica, Open Sans etc. Here is how to do it: Google and download font Copy it in fonts folder (normally C:WindowsFonts) Close and reopen your PPT and you will have the font in the dropdown Usage of Typography… [Next 2 slides] Be careful while sending the PPT if you have used any new font. The received would not be able to see the right formatting. Send PDF instead.
  7. 7. Enabling fund managers to create better portfolios with ease & agility On-Demand Analytics Real time or historical, information or analytics, data or visuals; Everything available within seconds. 100% Coverage All asset classes, flexible models, custom indices, carve-in, carve-out. You name it. We have it. Zero Manual Intervention 100% automated data integration, sophisticated alert mechanisms. Escape data hassles. ORIGINAL SLIDE WITH NORMAL TEXT
  8. 8. Enabling fund managers to Create BETTER portfolios with EASE & AGILITY ON-DEMAND Analytics 100% Coverage ZERO Manual Effort Real time or historical, information or analytics, data or visuals Available within seconds. All asset classes, flexible models, custom indices, carve-in, carve- out You name it. We have it. 100% automated data integration, sophisticated alert mechanisms Escape data hassles. IMPROVED SLIDE WITH TYPOGRAPHY
  9. 9. 2 IMAGIFICATION Hack #
  10. 10. Image SELECTION. Do LATERAL THINKING to get impactful images. SUBTLETY is the key. If we use the business keywords to search, we shall get very obvious and direct images. We must think of a concept to depict the subject and accordingly search images. Example of how to select images on next slide…
  11. 11. Image SELECTION. EXAMPLE To depict a solution that provides “analytics for making informed decisions”. Keywords ‘analytics’, ‘decision’ based image CONCEPT based image. (bringing clarity, information) Very direct images. Common ones. Not impressive. Subtle. Effective. Differentiates the design from normal ones.
  12. 12. Use YOUR OWN CLICKED. Use SELF-CLICKED IMAGES: the ones that you have clicked on your phone/camera. This is Alok’s ( hack, mentioned in his ppt ( Example of how to select images on next slide…
  13. 13. GO FREE …    … and many others -
  14. 14. Manage HOVER TEXT on Images … After putting an image on a slide, right click it, Go to ‘Size & Position’, Go to ‘Alt Text’ tab and check the text there. Generally it has the full source path of the image. This is visible to reader on hover (if you send the ppt as pdf) and is not what you may like. Empty this and/or put your own chosen text, punch line or a message that you wish to communicate.
  15. 15. 3 ICONS Hack #
  16. 16. Use icons. They shine. Create PROFESSIONAL ICONS in less than 1 minute. (The big hack :) Check-out Font-Awesome. They are free awesome icons for the web. ( Here is how you can use them in your PPT: ALL ICONS IN THIS PPT ARE DONE USING FONT-AWESOME. How to create icons NEXT …
  17. 17. Create icons 1. Download the embedded file FontAwesome.html and save it on your PC 2. Open it on a browser. It will have the ‘Instagram’ icon used in Hack3’s title slide. 3. Open the file in notepad to Edit. 4. Read instructions in file and set the size of icon (font-size) and text color(color) and background- color that you want (here is the part of code to edit) [use to convert RGB to hex codes] 5. Select the icon that you want from the link (( Awesome/icons/) 6. Put it’s name in place of ‘instagram’ (So if you pick up the icon showing globe which has the name ‘globe’, your code after change should look like ‘fa-globe’ in place of ‘fa-instagram’) 7. Save the file and refresh the page. You are Done…!!! 8. Use PrintScreen and Snipping Tool to cut the icon from the browser and paste it wherever you want. <div style="margin:15px; font-size:150px; color:#B5748C;background-color:#9F506D;padding:24px; "> <i class="fa fa-instagram "></i> </div> Download this
  18. 18. Use icons. They shine. Use symbols from WEBDINGS, WINGINDS fonts In the text-box, Insert->Symbol. Select Webdings or Wingdings font from the font drop-down and use the icons present there. Cons Limited icons, not very flexible with size, not that sharp on smaller sizes. Should suffice for quick work.  This icon is using WEBDINGS font.
  19. 19. 4 INFOGRAPHICS Hack #
  20. 20. Use info-graphic to convey points… How to get one.  Take inspiration from STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY Try fotolia, istockphoto etc. websites and search for info-graphics. You will be amazed to find the collection. Find one that suits your collection.  Re-build them using BASIC SHAPES in PPT [Example on next slide] Easy to do, may take some time in the first few attempts but becomes easy, effective and economical later.
  21. 21. TARGET Let’s create a cool one…  Let’s make one of the standee and rest would be similar 1 Create a circle with white fill and no outline and give it a shadow. The shapes and fill tools are present in top Drawing tab of Home section. 2 Create a donut with no border and place it within the first white circle. This donut is smaller than the circle. Color gradient on donut: 1. Shape Fill> Gradient > More Gradients 2. Fill > Gradient Fill 3. Add 2 stops: Stop1 (select Orange color) at 0%. Stop2: (Green color) at 100%. contd…
  22. 22. Let’s create a cool one… (contd.) 3 Put a textbox within the donut. Go to Insert>Symbol and Select a symbol using font Webdings/ Wingdings. Select all items and group these pieces (CTRL+G).  4 Create a rectangle and do the gradient fill, but with opposite gradient colors. Green at 0% and Orange at 100%. 5 Create a crescent with white fill and no border and place it appropriately to give the curve effect. 6 Copy the same crescent, flip it horizontally and place it appropriately to give it a stand look. Group these 3 pieces together. 7 Copy the donut from step 2, make it bigger and flatter. 8 Make a rectangle with white fill and place it over the donut to give a saucer look. Group these. 9 Let’s stitch the 3 pieces together. Copy the main circle with icon from Step 3 and paste it over the saucer. Group all these together.  10 Place output from Step 9 over the stand from Step 6 and we are done with one standee.  VOILA. We have replicated one of the complex stuff. Re-do this for as many items you want and add that zing to the ppt.
  23. 23. Use info-graphic to convey points… How to get one. Use PPTs’ inbuilt SMARTART Use Insert > SmartArt and select from the inbuilt structures of PPT. Cons Suffices for basic purposes but issues with flexibility and handling. MS PPT
  24. 24. 5 COLORS Hack #
  25. 25. Get Awesome Color Combinations. Search on stock photo websites and pick colors from info-graphics and vector images. Try, and other color generators to generate color themes Look for Nursery rhymes videos on YouTube (HooplaKidz, Mother Goose… etc.)… ;) They have very nice color combinations and give great ideas on shades that go together
  26. 26. Get an Exact Color code. Here is the trick to copy color from an image:  Open MSPaint and paste image on that  Select ColorPicker and click on the color (within the image) that you want  You can see the intended color selected as Color1 beside the color palette  Click on Edit Colors and it shows the RGB colors  Use this RGB as needed in your PPT MSPaint COLORPICKER
  27. 27. Merging colors for uniform look Sometimes the image that you use on a slide is smaller than the slide size and has a background color. You may want to merge this image with the slide and make the slide look professional. Here is the trick: Get the color of the image background (as explained in previous slide) Fill the entire slide background with that color Use this trick to fully or partially merge images on a slide. Sample work on next slide…
  28. 28. No matter how small your fund is … =YOU BIGinstitutions. The INSTITUTIONAL QUALITY ANALYTICS … The image is only up till this line. Above that, is a rectangle with yellow fill.
  29. 29. . . . PARTING TIPS  Enable GRIDLINES for help in alignment Check the ‘Gridlines’ box in ‘View’ tab.  Use CTRL key for finer movements While using arrows to move a shape, box etc, use CTRL key + Arrow to do finer adjustments  Change SLIDE SIZE as needed I use PPT with A4 size slides to format documents, if needed, as PPT gives much more control on formatting as compared to word. (Then you have to ship it as PDF)
  30. 30. Sharad Singh Please COMMENT on this and CONTRIBUTE your hacks. I would love to include those with due credits. I am entrepreneur working in the fin-tech space making investing easy and information based for fund managers, advisers and investors.