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Third sector futures dialogue 4, simon teasdale and heather buckingham


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Third sector futures dialogue 4, simon teasdale and heather buckingham

  1. 1. Hostedby:Fundedby:Is the third sector beingoverwhelmed by the state andthe market? Buckingham, James Reesand Simon Teasdale
  2. 2. State control vs. Marketisation?StateMarket InformalThird
  3. 3. Moving towards market and state?StateMarket InformalThird
  4. 4. Summary• Increasing influence of state on TSOs– Increased monitoring requirements– Standardisation…but also emphasis onmeasurable outcomes• …Coupled with marketisation– Increased competition between providers– Emphasis on minimising costs– Changes in provider mix – esp. in WorkProgramme, where TSOs are subordinated to(largely private) Primes
  5. 5. Summary• However, influence of markets is not alwaysmediated by the state…. e.g. social enterprise• TS is not being suddenly or comprehensivelyoverwhelmed by state and/or market• But, a relatively small proportion of TSOs dorely heavily on govt/commercial income• Competing in markets changes TSOs’behaviour – collaboration, innovation,mission drift
  6. 6. Concluding thoughts…StateMarket InformalThirdWhat about therelationship withthe informalsector?What about thethird sector’sinfluence on thestate andmarkets?Doesit make sense totalk about athird/voluntarysector?Which organisationsare least involved inrelations with thestate?