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Getting published, fergus lyon, third sector research centre phd workshop


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Getting published, fergus lyon, third sector research centre phd workshop

  1. 1. Getting Published Professor Fergus Lyon Third Sector Research Centre and Centre for Enterprise & Economic Development Research (CEEDR) Funded by:Hosted by:
  2. 2. Why publish?• Share your work• Personal satisfaction• Career and REF• To position yourself for further funding• Unlikely to allow you to retire
  3. 3. Where to publish• Journal articles – 9-18 months time – Pick the one that suits the paper – Balance probability with strength/originality – Journal choice, rankings and the REF – plan a number of papers for different audiences – calls for special issues and contact the issue editors – The future of open source journals• Book reviews
  4. 4. Books• Book Chapters – For material that may not be so well suited to a journal – Different audiences and different reputations• Books – Edited volumes, text books or monographs – need to make relationships with publishers – Preparing the proposal
  5. 5. The biggest challenges
  6. 6. Publishing papers
  7. 7. Key issues for journal publications• Consider co-authoring• Prepare drafts and get colleagues and supervisors to comment• Publish as working papers and present at conferences to get feedback• If people are interested, ask them to read it and give comments• Talk to editors of journals• Be prepared for rejections – Top journals accepting less than 10%