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The Voluntary and Community Sector in Real Time, TSRC Equalities Below the Radar


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The Voluntary and Community Sector in Real Time, TSRC Equalities Below the Radar

  1. 1. The Voluntary and Community Sector in Real Time Pete Alcock and Rob Macmillan Third Sector Research Centre University of Birmingham Below the Radar Research Slam 27th September 2012
  2. 2. A great ‘unsettlement’?1.Third Sector Futures – Dialogues hosted by TSRC • What is an ‘unsettlement’? • The ‘worst of times’ or temporary adjustment and transition? • Share your experiences and views - ‘Real Times’ - TSRC’s in-depth long term study • anxiety; cuts and restructuring; thwarted ambitions • but in different ways and not for all3.An indicative case study - two concepts to work with: • How much ‘room’ does voluntary and community action have? • Time and layers of community investment
  3. 3. ‘Horticultural SocialWave ‘Heritage Centre’ Enterprise’4 Fundraising auction; Successful funding bids secureAug-Sept ’12 operating on reduced staff; summer fun day draws scale in smaller building the crowds3 In arrears - rent Selling first produce; fundingAug-Sept ’11 negotiations; moving out bids unsuccessful and closing down?2 Unsuccessful funding bids; Severe winter slows progress;Feb ’11 winter damage volunteers and placements An example…1 Struggling with few Lease for land; building ‘Larch’Apr-Aug ’10 volunteers; awaiting networks •Brown hair and funding bids grey hair •DwindlingPre-Wave 1 • Relatively deprived ex-mining village infrastructure • Late 1990s Coalfields regeneration programmes – support housing and community economic development •Who pays for • 2010 - What happens when the money runs out and space? political will diminishes? •Movers and shakers
  4. 4. Thinking about time and communityBeyond the here and now: “The past we inherit, the future we build”•Sedimentary layers of (community) investment of:money, energy, mobilisation, connection…•and perhaps now disinvestment…?•‘takes time’ (but how long is needed?)•leaves legacies (but how strong are these?)Questions for discussion:•What would this mean for you in policy terms?•What does it mean for you in practical terms?