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Commissioning and the Third Sector, James Rees


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Commissioning and the Third Sector, James Rees

  1. 1. The Commissioning Agenda and the New Role for Councillors James Rees TSRC Funded by:Hosted by:
  2. 2. What is commissioning? Procurement Commissioning • Discussion and decision about whether to make or buy • Purchasing • ContractingSource: Institute ofPurchasing Care
  3. 3. Joint Strategic Commissioning Commissioning • Best outcomes for users Intelligent •Value for money Commissioning services •Partnership working with third sector and service users ‘World Class’Commissioning Outcomes Commissioning
  4. 4. Analysis TSOs input Monitoring Intelligent Planning Involve service users commissioning Shape services Delivery / ProcurementSource: NAVCA
  5. 5. But!• Commissioning is too often synonymous with Procurement• Real diversity in practice between places, and within councils• Theory is that TSOs are involved in all the stages, but in practice… are they?
  6. 6. Changes since the 2010 election “our vision is for public services that revolve around each of us” Diversity of Choice Decentralisation providers Competition?• Remember the Big Society?• Increasingly urgent push to reshape public services• Deficit reduction / efficiency• Diversifying and shaping the market• Open Public Services White Paper (July 2011) – Hierarchy of commissioned services….
  7. 7. TSRC research Accountability‘Commissioned’ Employment Services Criminal Justice Fairness Partnership working DiversityNeighbourhood Housing Services Decentralisation Individual Health & social care Choice
  8. 8. What does the third sector offer?• Understanding clients/user groups• Closer to communities• Trusted by users• Values and mission• Innovative• Well known mantra but not so well evidenced!
  9. 9. Through the looking glass(es) •Fragmented and Public sector confusing third sector looks ‘out’ and sees •Lack of professionalism? Third sector not ‘commissioning ready’•Bureaucracy and silos•Lack of understanding Third sector of what 3S offers looks ‘up’ and sees Public sector not ‘partnership ready’
  10. 10. The sticking points1 Improve mutual understanding – Better information and communication?2 TSOs in the commissioning cycle – A vicious cycle? Underfunded so under-radar – TSOs need to be strategic for their area/users – AND confident in what they offer – AND, evidence it!
  11. 11. What should councillors ask?• Is the Local Authority’s approach coherent?• Are there pockets of good and bad practice?• Are decision-making and governance approaches appropriate?• Is there sufficient oversight of commissioning in general?And the hard one:• Is there a LA role for amplifying the third sector strategic role in commissioning in straightened times?
  12. 12. More info about TSRC researchService Research>Service DeliveryContact James