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Opening Data for Fun and Profit


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Data 2.0 presentation by Steven Willmott on Opening Data for Fun and Profit.

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Opening Data for Fun and Profit

  1. 1. Opening Data for Funand Profit 3scale Steven Willmott Data 2.0 Summit / San Francisco 2012
  2. 2. One of the largest APIInfrastructure Providers Worldwide
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Opening Data
  5. 5. Objective: Maximise Data Value To your To your To the World Business Customers at Large Provide Access to that Data
  6. 6. Access tends to be Messy • Direct to the Database • Segregated Silos • Tools Built Directly onto Data • Complex Steps to provide access Sunk Cost Low Level Systems Lock In Missed Opportunities
  7. 7. Not Fun &Generally Not Profitable!!
  8. 8. Have a sound interface from the beginning => Use an API
  9. 9. Getting Easier and Easier to do…
  10. 10. Out of the Box Control Internal and External Audiences Access Control, Rate Limits, Developer Portal, Monetization Plug-and-play Setup Get Traffic running immediately Scale quickly and efficiently 10
  11. 11. Fun & Profit
  12. 12. Examples 12
  13. 13. e.g. Real Time Bus Data Impossible to get Anywhere Else Stand Alone Applications Integrated Applications
  14. 14. e.g. Years of Energy R&D Detailed Energy Profile Calculation Power Building Energy Rating Listings Free and Paid Access (to cover costs)
  15. 15. e.g. Embed Lyrics Legally Anywhere Data and Licensing Business Distribution for Rights Owners Multi-channel
  16. 16. Common Models Data is Infrastructure, Fair Use, Public Enabling Citizens Direct For Fee Data (and Analysis) Access Commercial can a powerful business model Indirect Enabling your customers to Commercial integrate is very sticky
  17. 17. Stages of Data Value Internal Re-Use Inter Dept, Dashboards, Processes Raw Data Measure, Collate, AnalyzeCustomerRe-useApps, Integration DATA Open to Anybody 1000 Flowers, Market Extension Partners and Distribution New Revenue, New Reach, Ecosystem
  18. 18. Releasing Data Value APIs are Key to Unlocking This Data Value Look Ahead in the Cycle Derive Value from Every Step
  19. 19. Summary Opening Data is one of the Keys to unlocking its Value There are many varied diverse business models to apply You can derive value from pretty much any level of data openess
  20. 20. Get into the Data Driving Seat With 3scaleContact: info@3scale.netWeb: and @3scaleOffices: San Francisco, Barcelona, LondonSpeaker: @njyx or
  21. 21. Credits & More Resources• 3scale:• More on API Business Models and Development Models – which-business-model-9672038 – the-web• Images: – Flickr & iStockphoto