Liberating your data - Data ownership in the Internet of Things


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  • I could not agree more. In the last couple of days while shopping I was asked to subscribe to loyalty and promotion cards where I shop. When I kindly refused, the cashiers were surprised.

    My responsive was simply: I would rather pay the extra 50 cents than give your company my data which I have no idea how it will be used or who it will be sold to.

    In other areas of our lives, we are being forced or shuttled like cattle to give away our data and personal privacy. I recall when unemployment was much higher and people were being refused jobs because they did not have a Facebook page, on the flip side some people were not offered positions because of their Facebook page and I am sure some people have been laid off because of their Facebook page.

    When there is such pressure for society to standardize, are we really being given the option to decline?

    Are we really receiving a cost saving or simply being paid a pittance for our Intellectual Property and Privacy?

    Have you ever read some of the disclaimers and terms and conditions in the fine print? You need and attorney just to understand what they can do and what they cannot. This should be in plain english.

    IE. 'We can sell your information to whom ever we want if you subscribe for our service.'

    Although that would certainly raise awareness, we are still at the mercy of many of these large companies, trends and fads or simply not given any other option.

    In my mind, this will undoubtedly be among the areas for reform and in desperate need of consumer laws and protection.

    There is no transparency for these Data Brokers and Marketing Companies and it is simply time before we cross a threshold where the public demands for this to change.

    I strongly recommend people review the following video:

    Steve Kroft investigates the multibillion dollar industry that collects, analyzes and sells the personal information of millions of Americans with virtually no oversight
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