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An introduction to Callimachus for OMG’s Ontology PSIG, 22 March 2012, focusing on the use of Callimachus for the collaborative annotation of OWL ontologies.

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OMG Callimachus Demo 20120322 small

  1. 1. David Wood 3 Round Stones Copyright © 2011-12 3 Round StonesThursday, March 22, 12An introduction to Callimachus for OMG’s Ontology PSIG, 22 March 2012, focusing on theuse of Callimachus for the collaborative annotation of OWL ontologies.
  2. 2. calimande@fr limande@fr plie@fr carrelet@fr plaice@en_gb sand dab@en_us lemon dab@en_us lemon sole@en_usThursday, March 22, 12Julia Child had a problem. Lack of governmental data standards hampered her work on her1961 bestseller Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Names for fish varied between British &American English and French. Even Latin names differed. French and US governments wereworking on these problems themselves. The data was in silos.
  3. 3. Silos $ cat foo.txt | grep blah | sort 1970s A neat little 1980s 1990s Client-Server The Early Web packageThursday, March 22, 12Julia had her problem because her data was separated into silos. The history of computing islittered with silos.
  4. 4. Universal Client Ubiquitous, reusable applications URL Curation/ Proxy/Cache Universal Connection Web Universal File SystemThursday, March 22, 12The Web is very different. Documents and processes can link to each other: Facebook,twitter, Wordpress, Drupal, even Salesforce and Google Docs can break out of their silos viahyperlinks.
  5. 5. Thursday, March 22, 12Our data is still in the dinosaur age. Traditional data is hierarchical, tabular with externalschemas, and so are the systems that support them.Photo credit: David Wood, 2009
  6. 6. Universal Client Ubiquitous, reusable applications URL Curation/ Proxy/Cache Logic and Universal Connection interlinking Web of Data Universal DatabaseThursday, March 22, 12By using the Web to interlink structured data, we can remove data silos like we removed fileand process silos. We can make the Web into a database - a very large, distributed database- which will be as different from the RDBMS as early software is from the Web.
  7. 7. Thursday, March 22, 12Mallard Web page, BBCData comes from DBpedia, WWF and other Linked Data sites. BBC curates data on the Web toensure data quality. This is a fundamentally new business model for corporate data (and anindication of how far the EU/UK are in front of the US in this nascent market).
  8. 8. Thursday, March 22, 12Each HTML page is paired with a machine-readable data representation.
  9. 9. Thursday, March 22, 12Like a credit card, data served by Callimachus has two sides, a human-readable side and amachine-readable side. Linked Data in Callimachus is viewable in Web view presentable tohumans and automatically accessible to machines for reuse.
  10. 10. Credit: Bradley P. Allen, Elsevier LabsThursday, March 22, 12Emerging enterprise architectures are making use of Linked Data techniques. This examplefrom Elsevier is typical of the genre.
  11. 11. LINKED DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMThursday, March 22, 12Callimachus is a framework for data-driven applications based on Linked Data principles. It allows Web authors toquickly and easily create semantically-enabled Web applications, either using existing Linked Data or by creatingLinked Data as you go.
  12. 12. CONTENT LINKED DATA MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SYSTEM DATA TEXT UNSTRUCTURED Callimachus STRUCTURED DATA TEXTThursday, March 22, 12Callimachus, by contrast, manages primarily structured data. Linked Data makes statements about what weknow; Angola has a population of 18.5 million people, we executed a trade for $200K, the Callimachus Projectwas founded in 2009. We use textual pages mostly to explain, navigate and visualize that data.
  13. 13. Thursday, March 22, 12Callimachus is a Web application, and uses Web techniques throughout (HTTP, REST, HTML5,CSS, JavaScript). It implements core structured data standards from the W3C (RDF, SKOS,OWL).
  14. 14. Thursday, March 22, 12Callimachus’ interface may be made nicer through a simple application of CSS.
  15. 15. Thursday, March 22, 12The Callimachus psuedo file system is used to store and represent content, including RDF/OWL data, named SPARQL queries, schemata, templates...
  16. 16. Thursday, March 22, 12For OMG, we loaded the USPS’s Publication 28 ontology into Callimachus.
  17. 17. Thursday, March 22, 12Documents, including data and ontologies, can be uploaded via drag-and-drop when usingan HTML5-compliant browser. File upload via a separate interface is available for olderbrowsers.
  18. 18. Thursday, March 22, 12By default, Callimachus generates an HTML view of a ontology or other RDF graph. This viewis nearly at the triple level and is thus not as nice as we would like.
  19. 19. Thursday, March 22, 12Attempting to resolve an URI will fail - Callimachus needs to be told that is shouldhandle a foriegn URI. We do that by associating content types with Callimachus templates.
  20. 20. Thursday, March 22, 12In most cases, Callimachus associates content URIs with templates via an OWL class.However, that gives us trouble when trying to visualize an OWL ontology: We don’t want toassociate all owl:Class with a template!
  21. 21. Thursday, March 22, 12We can avoid this problem by directly adding some triples. This small Turtle file associates aURI pattern for URIs with two Callimachus templates, one for viewing and the otherfor editing.
  22. 22. Templates • Written in XHTML+RDFa (declarative pattern); • Parsed to create SPARQL queries; • Query results are filled into the same template.Thursday, March 22, 12
  23. 23. Templates use RDFa hintsThursday, March 22, 12
  24. 24. Edit templates are HTML formsThursday, March 22, 12
  25. 25. Thursday, March 22, 12Using Callimachus templates, we can render ontological elements in any way we like. Thisone shows an rdfs:label, rdfs:comment, rdf:type and rdfs:subClass relationships. Otherannotation terms can be added by writing HTML/RDFa into the associated view template.
  26. 26. Thursday, March 22, 12The edit template allows us to change the RDF! Any fields can be edited. This templateshows only rdfs:label and rdfs:comment being edited.
  27. 27. Thursday, March 22, 12Named SPARQL queries are associated with a URI. This interactive map was created by asimple SPARQL query, which Callimachus converts to JSON to use as input into a Google Chartwidget.
  28. 28. Thursday, March 22, 12The named SPARQL query results that drive the map...
  29. 29. Thursday, March 22, 12...and the SPARQL query itself.
  30. 30. David Wood @prototypo @3RoundStonesThursday, March 22, 123 Round Stones produces Callimachus and offers support and licenses for enterprise versions. Pleaseuse Callimachus and contact us if we can help you.