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Transcript from FSGA/HAAF Garrison Town Hall

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Facebook town hall

  1. 1. FACEBOOK TOWN HALLTown Hall Thread 1: Do you have questions for the chaplain? Ask them here!Gail White Are there any Jewish chaplains/services on post?Amy Bloss-Rodgers Why does Fort Stewart not have Military MOPS?Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Jasmine- thanks for the question. As a normal practice we dont check IDs whensomeone comes in for counseling.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Gail, currently we do not have a Jewish Chaplain on post.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Amy - I give up what is a MOPS?Gail White Thank you. Several families I know have been wondering if there were to avoid the drive to Savannah eachweek. Ill pass the message on.Megan Boatwright Is their a way you can make a soldier go to talk to a chaplain or counselor?Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Gail, iif youd like to come in and talk perhaps we can get a Distinguished Faith GroupLeader. That individual can conduct services. Hope this helps.Amy Bloss-Rodgers MOPS is Moms of Preschoolers its a Christian based support group for moms with children frompregnancy to 5. There is a specific program designed towards military moms. The closest MOPs programs are GumBranch Church and in Richmond Hill.Gail White I will have one of the soldiers that works there come see the Chaplains Office. I cant get there during the daybecause I work. :D Thank you for your help.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Gail- youre welcome thanks for the question.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Amy, thanks for helping me know about this program. If you can come in we candiscuss this more and see what can be done.Amy Bloss-Rodgers Id love to come in and talk about it.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Jasmine - can you tell more was this a Chaplain?Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Amy - call my admin assitant and set up a time 767-5409.Megan Liddell List I LOVE the Chaplins corner in the Frontline!! Keep it up!Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Megan - great comment that lets me know its valued and could make a difference.THXGail White MOPS is fabulous! I miss it though my little ones are too old for me to participate now. 1
  2. 2. Kierstin Aksz I have attended a deployed spouses retreat a few months back. It was such a great opportunity to attend.However, the information provided felt more like a couples retreat rather than geared towards deployed spouses. Canthere be a suggestion box of what to cover for that specific situation for future reference ?Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Jasmine - are you currently a spouse of a Soldier, DOD Civilian?Scarlet LaCour Marr When is the next Marriage retreat planned?Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Kierstin - under the new Strong Bonds program there is certainly the opportunity fora unit to decide what needs to be taught as content. Contact your unit Chaplain and he or she can explain the newapproach and how part of the SB retreat can be tailored to a units need. Hope this helps.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Scarlet - normally these are unit specific and you can always contact the Famil LifeChaplain at 767-8549. We have anew program starting that he can discuss with you. THXFort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Jasmine - was this a recent situation or not so recent?Louise Casey Do any chaplains provide marriage counseling. i want a spiritual counselor or advisor and im finding itreally hard in germany i know the chaplains used to offer it or just a bringing you closer together session once a monthLouise Casey @ Amy - mops is amazing and yea its a drive out there!Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Louise - every unit should have a battalion Chaplain who can answer many spiritualquestions and provide marriage counseling.Louise Casey thank you I wasnt sureFort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Louise - are you currently in Germany? If so, where?Kierstin Aksz Our unit Chaplain was not the one who planned it because he is deployed, it was the brigade chaplain.Would I have to contact them then?Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain Kierstin - yes also you can contact the Family Life Chaplain who can tell you aboutsome of the new programs as well.Fort Stewart-HAAF Senior Chaplain ALL thanks for all your comments and God Bless! 2
  3. 3. Town Hall Thread 2: Do you have questions about medical services on post? Ask them here for MEDDAC and DENTACto answer!Amanda Abbe-Grimmick When will family member be allowed to use dental on post? And vision care?Jacqueline Bonds Deers messed up our paper work for our son and because of that, it delayed his tricare prime till 1 oct.Ive been trying to get him seen by a dr because hes having bad reflux issues and pediatrics refuses to see him becausehes on standard. What can I do to get him seen by a dr?Kelly Lee Curtis Does this include MEB questions? If so, why is the process taking so long? My husband has been in theprocess for a year now and his dictation still has not been sent off.Megan White Is it possible to get a nurse line? I feel as if a 24hr nurse line, or at least an after hours line, would bebeneficial -- and could potentially keep unnecessary cases out of the ER.Angela Flook Sure miss town hall meetings (they can be very productive). Wish all post did them. JBLM should takenotes!Trish Smith Why is it pretty much impossible to get into the warrior transition unit/battalion? What is the purpose ofhaving a WTU if soldiers can not utilize it?Kelly Lee Curtis I second Megan about a 24 hour nurse line. Other bases I have been to have it and it really helps withdeciding if you should go to the ER or other options.Caitlin Kearns Smith Its impossible to get sick same day appointment in the pediatric clinic and ive heard some peoplesayng that they are now getting moved off post with out asking adn yet i still cant get my son moved off post after goingand filling out the tricare forms ?? is there any way to go about getting mvoed off post besides tricare standardAmanda Sullivan I agree with the Nursing Line suggestion as well, or perhaps a number to leave a message for an on calldoctor on the weekends to obtain advice or Urgent Care referrals. For instance if I want to know how much, if any,medicine I can or should give to my baby I have no options that I know of... A pharmacist wont usually touch the subjectwhen in comes to an infant and over the counter medication. They tell you to call your doctor.Amanda Gossage Siters Could someone explain the winn pharmacy system? It always seems I am there an hour! I amthartful it is there for us to use but it seems there could be a more efficient way to run it? Why cant prescriptions befilled when the doctor sends them so you just pick it up? Or atleast begin being filled when you check in at thepharmacy? I assume there is a reason it is the way it is but it would make me feel better about waiting so long if Iunderstood it. And why cant doctors just add refills to a prescription when you are out instead of backing up the winnpharmacy with a "new" prescription? Thanks.Winn Army Community Hospital Starting from the top: Amanda, we are unaware of any plan to open dental care accessto family members at this time. However, optometery care is available.Amy Bloss-Rodgers What is Winn doing to increase breastfeeding? And what support do they offer for nursing moms?Winn Army Community Hospital Jacqueline, please contact the TRICARE service center on post to see if they can helpexpedite the process, 435-6230/6716 3
  4. 4. Jacqueline Bonds Thank you winn!Sarah Pomponio The 24 hour nurse line would be great!! We have made ER trips that werent needed because of that. Itwould also help because when u call and have to leave a message for a triage nurse to call you back it normally takes 5hours to one day.Winn Army Community Hospital Kelly, while a year is much longer than our expecations or the usual case, eachindividual situation is different. We recommend the Soldier contact his PEBLO for clarification and updates.Winn Army Community Hospital Megan, Kelly, Amanda, Good news! Current information we have indicates that thenurse advice line will be activated by the end of this calendar year.Amanda Sullivan Awesome. That will be extremely helpful!Winn Army Community Hospital Trish, the ultimate decision authority on acceptance into the WTB is the senior missioncommander. However, the chain of command and treating medical providers are important advisors to the commanderfor his decision.Danielle Pokoyoway Wyatt I thought I read they opened a new peds clinic with more providers. Does this mean wewont have to wait for over a week to get our child seen?Kimberly Lelonek Dennison is the optometery care available at Tuttle or Winn only and can that appt be made by callingthe appt line?Winn Army Community Hospital Cailin, access to care in the pediatric clinic continues to improve absent special needs,TRICARE standard is the only way to be enrolled to a civilian provider.Trish Smith Im talking about when you have support(recommendations) both with chain of command and Medicalproviders, yet still can not get into WTU.Jamie Lynn Mitchell PHARMACY. what is the A B C D levels for the pharmacy numbering system? Just trying to make sureI am selecting the right one. Seems like I am there for at least an hour for a D when there are like 30 A & B for every oneD. Thanks for the information. :)Winn Army Community Hospital Amanda, the reason we dont fill them early is that many people dont pick up theirprescriptions. The process for filling them involves a multitude of safety checks; some of which include allergies anddrug-drug interaction. While our goal is provide them faster, it is a secondary goal to safety. Refills should be adiscussion between the provider and the patient.Christy Grimm I just discovered the pediatric pharmacy and having a child on maintence medicine it has truly been ablessing!Winn Army Community Hospital Amy, we have a lactation consultant. Please contact the OB/GYN for details.Information about that and a host of other services were available this past Saturday at the Baby Expo. We hope youhad a chance to attend. For those currently expecting, many of these types of questions can be answered at the OB/GYNclinic. The Baby Expo is an annual event and the next one will be next summer.Amy Bloss-Rodgers I had a booth at the Baby Expo and was appalled seeing people carrying cases of formula. I was toldthen that the lactation consultant hasnt started yet. 4
  5. 5. Winn Army Community Hospital Danielle, we didnt open a new pediatric clinic we are realligning the current one. Theend state will be minimal waiting time, but we arent there yet.Winn Army Community Hospital Kimberly, yes it is available at both and yes please call the Call Center.Winn Army Community Hospital Jamie, there are different patient categories such as family members of inpatients. Indepth questions about the system should be directed to the assistant at the pharmacy desk.Winn Army Community Hospital Christy, thanks for the comment! Were glad you are able to use it!Winn Army Community Hospital Amy, the lactation consultant is an on-going service. The new consultant is hired.Louise Casey Not sure if my phone didnt send through or my post was deleted but i had a horrible experience at thewinn er why is their not a priority for the triage. My son had to wait 1 1/2 hours just to be triaged, and another 2 1/2hours to be seen in the er. in the meantime we were not offered medicine for his pain and NO one ever checked on himeven when he started to become very faitgue dizzy etc, and i brought it to their attention and was told there are fourpeople ahead of me. even thoguh meanwhile he went through 4 12 packs of gauze bleeding. Once he was seen the dr.didnt even see if he had a concussion it was a head/mouth injury) and discharged him. I brought him to my dentist thenext day and he had to have same day surgery because his injury took away his gums on his mouth, and exposed hisadult teeth, and he had to have two teeth pulled because he fractured the roots, and he had a hairline fracture to thejaw- (they didnt even take an xray in the er of his mouth) or attempt to sew gums i can understand if this isnt a normalpractice but it would of been nice if they were more concerned with the fact he was dizzy very fatigure (hes 5 he wasntrunning around, he was just crying and bleeding and he kept saying how tired he was) My main concern is why theregistration personnel cant deem when something may need to be triaged faster? to determine if its more severe. Hewas going my ambulance but was so scared i drove him, and i went there and had two mps with me as the accidenthappened at a post facility. Also a 24 hour nurse line would be great instead of clogging up the er room they can tell youwhether or not it can wait or go to the er.Amy Bloss-Rodgers The lactation consultant has not been an on-going service in the 2+ years that I have beenbreastfeeding. Its always been a phone number to call. There was a lactation consultant for about 3 weeks while I waspregnant with my now 6 month old. And thats it. I do call/talk to OB/GYN about this.Winn Army Community Hospital Louise, we didnt delete your comment. It just didnt come through. There seems to bemultiple issues here. Please call my office at 435-6001 with a good phone number so I can find a subject matter expertto discuss with you further. Thank you, COL Place.August 30 at 6:41pm · LikeAmanda Gossage Siters Are there any plans to have lactation consultants on staff in labor and delivery? It is reallypushed and encouraged until you actually give birth. When I had my son none of the nurses could help me at all. Thosefirst few days even the first few hours are crucial if you want to breastfeed. It would also be amazing to have a boutiqueat the hospital that had breast shields, nursing bras, pumps, and consultants to help you on that journey ... Just an idea!Jennifer Wilmot Speaking of WTU/WTB... My husband is waiting to be moved back to one after trying AD for a year andrecently his unit at Stewart lost his packet and they just started another one.... Any advice in how to keep or make surethat doesnt happen again? He is in the MEB process (NARSUM was actually done last weekend) he really cant workanymore and is in constant pain and has sleep issues (all noted) that is why the decision was to move him back. And we 5
  6. 6. were told the WTU S1 is aware of him coming at some point once signatures are done. So... the question is, How can webe sure that this packet doesnt get "lost" again?Louise Casey @ winn that is what i figured, and thank you i will.Winn Army Community Hospital Jennifer, we recommend you keep copies and get frequent updates on the location ofthe packet.Bonnie Henning what is the age range for the pediatric clinic? In alaska it was up to age 18 but every time our son hasneeded to be seen here (he just turned 4) they have scheduled him in family practice..... I would prefer the pediatricclinic if possible.....Megan White Was my question about a nurse line lost? I think that this would benefit Winn in a big way.Winn Army Community Hospital Bonnie, like Alaska, our pediatric clinic sees children up to age 18 too. However, basedon provider shortages this summer weve had to modify some of our schedules. In addition, many school healthscreenings were done in family practice.Megan White Sorry Im on my phone so sometimes things dont come throughWinn Army Community Hospital Megan, Good news! Current information we have indicates that the nurse advice linewill be activated by the end of this calendar year.Winn Army Community Hospital Megan, no issues :)Megan White That is awesome :) I missed having that line when we moved down here, as my previous provider had one.Thank you :)Bonnie Henning Thank you, the 2 times he was seen was because of school and sports screenings, so that makes sense.:-)Amy Bloss-Rodgers Also, why is it so difficult to get my PCM to sit down with me and go over my blood work. I get aphone call saying your numbers are off, lets increase your meds. Never do I know what my numbers are.Winn Army Community Hospital Amy, many people arent interested in that level of detail. We recommend you make anappointment to see your provider to discuss your concerns.Kim Robinson Why do you have to wait WEEKS for an appt, because you can only see your PCM, but when that apptcomes around, you see someone totally different?!Jennifer Wilmot @winn we were doing that to begin with by constantly asking his NCOs... they kept saying "we haventheard anything" then yesterday it came about it was "lost" and that the cpt gave him the packet to go collect thesignatures... Um... NO!!!! Why would he take it to the general? So now another NCO is supposed to be hand delivering itto include keeping in contact and getting the WTU signatures... Today they did nothing. He was told he would be onorders to the WTU by August 15th seeing how the packet was signed in June originally. BTW Ombudsman is notified...O... and we dont even know who the new PCM is since his moved to Winn itself from Hawks... Just want to know how toreally keep this packet moving expeditiously so he can go where he needs to go. I have to keep on him more nowbecause he did reinjure himself as well due to doing too much above his profile. Thanks... 6
  7. 7. Winn Army Community Hospital Kim, our goal is for you to see your PCM. However, provider shortages this summerhave made that extremely challenging. Staffing is better now and will continue to improve through September. We hopeto do a better job with connecting you with your PCM in a timely manner.Brittany Rose Burns I have one, I took my 1 year son to the ER with a 104 Temp and they told me it was going to be analmost 8 hour wait. Are you serious do you only have 1 dr on staff at night? Thats rediculous. I understand be backed upbut 8 hours!! Thats rediculous. You need to put more people on staff. And for those of us who actually haveemergencies should be called back imediantly.Winn Army Community Hospital Jennifer, it sounds complicated. We recommend your Soldiers leadership contact theWTU leadership for direct interaction.Winn Army Community Hospital Thanks for the comments and questions. Have a good evening and enjoy your 4-dayweekend! :)Jennifer Wilmot Thank you... I will keep on this because they dont seem too... Sad I know.. Have a great weekend.Elvia Shapiro Leon I filled out an ICE and was told someone would reply to my complaint and it has not been addressed. Ispoke with other clients (pharmacy) and they said that retired folks with civilian doctors have to wait an hour or more toget Rx filled. I can understand when a soldier comes in but most of time I dont think they even care.Kelly Lee Curtis Thank you for your responses. My husbands peblo is constantly out of the office and never responds tohis emails/calls about how long the dictation is going to take. It would be nice if there were someone else he can talk to,other than the front desk. It is hard to plan for the future when we never know what is going on. 7
  8. 8. Town Hall Thread 3: Do you have questions about housing, sidewalks, streets or construction? Ask them here forHousing and Public Works to answer!Meredith Baxter I was just wondering if there was a way the walking trail could be maintained better. Its completelyover grown and can barely fit two people side by side down it.Kaitlin Jepsen When do you plan on re painting the lines on the roads??Zack Williams My biggest issue with housing is 90% of the people that work there have a attitude problem. They act likewe live here for free and they arent employed because of the BAH we earn which their company receives.When I call with a issue with a home they represent I shouldnt get an attitude or told that my issue isnt importantenough to schedule a appointment but they will let some invisible supervisor know and when he sees a break in theschedule someone will stop by to take care if it.If this company was strictly working for the civilian populace they would be out of business faster than they came into it.So I suppose my question is, how many of those "ICE" complaint forms do i have to fill out to see a change?Rebecca Stevens I have lives here for 2 years and have called maintainance numerous times regarding my gutters. Theyare beyond overdue for cleaning out. Im always told "they clean them out once a month". NEVER in two years has thathappened. I literally have trees growing from them.Regina Ross-Schmid Same here Rebecca...we have lived here 2.5 years and never once have our gutters been touched.Louise Casey Why does it take maintenance weeks to do simple work orders i always get they are short staff so why nothire more workers to better service the demands?Rebecca Stevens Its rather ridiculous. Just like Zack stated, we are treated like we live here for free and their doing us afavor. And they are always rude as hell like I am inconviencing them. I always try to fix what I can before having to dealwith them. Which in turn cost me money out of pocket. Is this an open meeting?Caitlin Kearns Smith is there anythign that can be done with the stop sign at argyle and austin so many people just drivestraight through it ! its just a matter of time before there is an accidentArianna Goodrow We live on Skyland Spruce and asked for speed bumps to be installed bit we were told no due to thefire trucks and ambulance (interesting since every other neighbourhood in post has them), then again we asked for stopsign to be installed (cheap way to slow the traffic) and nothing.They installed the warning disable child sign and still nothing. skyland spruce is a very narrow road ans people do over35 mph: can someone please give me a straight answer and follow thru.ThanksKierstin Aksz The three way stop at Austin Rd and Argyle by South Bryan Village really needs a flashing stop sign. I havewitnessed a few times people driving not paying attention as well as people crossing the street almost getting hitbecause people fly right through that stop sign. 8
  9. 9. Jo Cole The crosswalk in Liberty Woods only works on one side. When we push the crosswalk button on the side nearthe school there is no beep and the sign is leaning.Kimberly Gaston We have several small children that live in our neighborhood of Marne Homes, while riding their bikeone of them almost fell into the storm drain, is there anything that will prevent that from happeningFort Stewart-HAAF Housing FS Housing is now here.Kimberly Correia Ive talked to several maintenance workers about the trees around housing. The pine needles need tobe picked up and taken care of. Fleas live there and we have a hard time keep our pets from getting them and we havefound snakes in them too.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Kimberly, thank you for letting us know of your concern. We will review the storm drains toensure they are meeting the safety and base standards.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @ Meredith Baxter, what trail are you talking aboutFort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Meredith Baxter, these trails are maintained by both DPW and BalfourBeaty. This is the reason we need to know the area.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mr. Williams, I appreciate you taking the time to notify us of your concern with the housingstaff. The Community Manager, Todd Hignite, would like the opportunity to speak with you personally regarding thismatter. His number is 912-408-2471. Please leave him a message with your complete phone number where you can bereached tomorrow. Thanks again.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Kaitlin Jepsen, we repaint road lines as needed or indendtified throughtraffic studies. Is there a street that you have a concern about?Jennifer Sliney Jaeger When are you planning on replacing the recalled dishwashers? Mine was disconnected because itwas smoking and he we are almost 2 weeks later and still no dishwasher. With 4 children this is a serious inconvience.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Stevens, gutter cleaning is supposed to be conducted on scheduled basis. If your homeis being missed and you are not getting a response, please contact the community manager at 912-408-2471 so he canfollow up with you and the maintenance team.Kierstin Aksz On the trails, could there be more trash cans not just the ones at the playgrounds? I like to walk my dogson the trails and its such a pain when I pick up after them because trash cans are far and fewKimberly Lelonek Dennison This is for housing, The paper you fill out when collecting filters, grass seed etc list items thatare available to sign out yet when i ask about them I am told they are not available. I was told there was only one lawnmower (push kind) and that was already checked out, no water hoses and the wheel barrow was not working. Is there away to put the actual list of available items on the website to save time when trying to check things out?Kimberly Lelonek Dennison the previous comment is for housing on HunterFort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Casey, we continue to hire for open positions on our service team as they becomeavailable. We are in process currently of hiring additional technicians and hope to have them on board within the nextthirty days. 9
  10. 10. JuttanEdward Kobel @zack....I experienced the same bad attitude here on Hunter with an Assistant Manager here. Veryrude. I was treaded very rudely by her. Everyone else in that office has been great including maintenance, service hasalways been outstanding. We the Military Families bring the business. We go through so much that the last thing weneed is bad treatment. Jutta.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Correia, we do have a landscape company contracted for general lawn care and cleanup. However, "natural" areas are not included in our contract. If you have concerns that are part of your immediate lawnarea or in play areas for your children, please contact your local neighborhood center at 912-408-2460 to report thespecific areas so we can inspect.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Jo Cole, I will have a tech check the cross walk tomorrow and find outwhat the problem is. More then likely,parts will have to be orderd before repair is complete.Leah Williams I have a question regarding the bugs in housing.. Specifically the fly issue that all of us experiance almostyear round. I could be wrong but if I had to guess a lot of it is due to the fact trash is only picked up once a week andthere are so many families in such a small radius. Is it possible to consider trash pick up to be twice a week & is thereanything that the bug spray people can do?Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Jaeger, we certainly appreciate your patience while we work through the details withGE. We were contacted by the national rep yesterday and they are sending a team of 3 GE technicians to make theappropriate corrections beginning this next Wednesday. We will be notifying the affected residents personally and letthem know the repair day. In addition updates will be provided on our Facebook page.Megan Liddell List Why is the residents book not being upheld?Megan Liddell List I need to contact the people who do the lawn care, can I get there number? The Liberty Woods officetold me to call in a work order for it. I do not have a work order issue.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Jasmine Nashaia Gilbert, this area has been expanded to the maxpossiable size. The only way to expand further will be to demo the facility and have AAFES to construct a new facility.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Liddell, please contact the community manager, Todd Hignite, at 912-408-2471 todiscuss your concerns about the resident guide and lawn care. He will be able to assist you on both of your questions.Thank you.Megan Liddell List Can something be done about gutter cleanings? I called in a work order for it and I was told myaddress would be placed on the list, gutters are cleaned on Fridays if the weather is good and if there were people to doit. That was two to three weeks ago. I took my ladder out of storage and cleaned them myself. Now can someone getclean the gutters that are at the top of my building?Angelina Angelina If my protective order is not enforced, can I use that to move off post? I do not feel safe, I have ADTcoming out tommorrowLouise Casey @housing thank you i hope you guys hire enough because it always seems to be a 3-4 week for anythingunless its an emergency then its 1-3 days and true emergency immediately. I do however have another question Whyare we not being notified when the bug guy comes out. It really makes me nervous and i had to call housing to makesure he was ligit, he showed up at my door and says he comes out to every house every 60 days I was never notified andi am not going to let him in just because his shirt says its what he does... Id really appreciate being notified so i know its 10
  11. 11. ligit especially when my husbands gone a lot. Secondly can you please update your technicians on in house etiquette.-most seem to have an attitude, and not really listen, and arent about being proactive and instead i get if it breaks againjust call, so all my problems are temp fixes--- and not solutions to stopping Third are any house affect by the dishwasherrecall?Jessica Cook I was wondering when they are going to do somthing about the playground in Marne View homes, it hasmold growing in the wood chips and it has been an on going problem. They have came and looked but never didanything about it.Amanda Mariani The trail that Meredith Baxter was talking about is the one that runs next to North Bryan. It is betweenNorth Bryan and Fort Stewart Road. I agree it should be maintained more. There is trash everywhere.Megan Liddell List Who do people who live in housing call to report fallen trees?Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Liddell, this item can also be addressed by the community manager when you speakwith him. Thanks, and we look forward to your gutter concerns being rectified.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Fustratedat Stewart, given the nature of your concern, please contact the communitymanager at 912-408-2471 first thing in the morning. Thanks.Meredith Baxter Yes thanks Amanda! Behind north Bryan that runs along new sunbury!Megan Liddell List Can we get some PMCS with the housing? Check the siding, the roof, the air conditioners, the gutters,ect.Amanda Mariani I would just like to say to Housing on Fort Stewart, Thank you! I dont know who did it, but the baseballpark at the corner or Schofield Dr. and Hero road is being turned into dog parks. That is an awesome idea! So great forthe community. We used to use it as a dog park, until we all got kicked out. Now i see they are putting in a divider andgarbage cans. Yay!Megan Liddell List What is up with painting the doors black when someone moves out?Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Casey, thank you for letting us know your additional concerns. We will review our pestcontrol policy and look at revising to include notifications on Facebook as well. Regarding in house ettiquette, this will beaddressed with our entire maintenance staff at the next weekly meeting. The only houses affected by the DW recall arenew housing and only in Phase 3 of construction. If you have not received a notice on your door by today then yourhome is not one that is affected. Thanks,Jennifer Sliney Jaeger So basically I am expected to continue to wait an indeterminate amount of time? I am EXTREMELYdisappointed. This is an amenity I am promised via my rental and you cant give me a definite on when I will have itback? Could you at least provide me with some paper plates? (said facetiously of course)Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Cook, playgrounds were just reviewed and many upgrades including mulch and signageare being addressed in the next thirty days.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Any resident who sees a fallen tree needs to contact the service request desk at 912-408-2466. 11
  12. 12. Jen Pedersen This is in regards to the sidewalk along the front of the PX building. On the far left side, by Starbucks, theend of the sidewalk is not a ramp. Is it possible to cut that away to make it into a ramp? Itd be a lot easier to use astroller when parked in that side lot.Victor Hernandez When are you going to fix the railroad tracks on Frank Cochran rd? Most POVs have to slow down todrive over the railroad tracks because they are not leveled with the road.Gretta Wentz Gabow We walk & ride our bikes a lot... the sidewalks are not always stroller & bike accessible bc there areno ramps. This is on different housing area sidewalks all over post but it poses a dangerous situation. My son was ridinghis bike on the sidewalk & didnt see the curb drop off until he fell into the street. They need to make sure all sidewalkshave rampsFort Stewart-HAAF Housing Regarding garbage cans on trails, we provide these as a convenience in the areas with thehighest traffic that are also already lit at night.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Residents are only responsible for damages at move out if they are not notated on theProperty Condition Report at time of move in. If your blinds were listed as damaged at that time then you will beassessed the repair or replacement fee.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Jen Pedersen, DPW will have the engineers to take a look at the sidewalkand determine the best way to install a ramp. This will be a priority three service order so it should be accomplished inapproximately 30 days.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Trash services are contracted and currently we cannot alter this agreement. However, youhave a great suggestion and this will be reviewed when the contract expires!Sheri Foster when clearing a home are we responsable for any damage that was written on pre move in papers. forexample i had broken blinds when we moved in that i never had replaced that r still brokeFort Stewart-HAAF Housing Preventative maintenance is assessed and an exterior repair work program is beingestablished for the upcoming 2013 budget year.Megan Liddell List Can yall post signs with a number and who is over that area (BBC or DPW) for the playgrounds andwalking areas? That way when something needs to be handled people know who to call?Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Doors are being painted black at the time of turnover in an effort to eventually have a newlook that will coincide with exterior repairs that are being considered.Kaitlin Jepsen Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing- Black diamond, gimlet basically most of the streets ive been on in housing donot have lines, or if they do you can barley see them..Louise Casey Thank you I am in new housing but maybe not new enough... thank you very muchFort Stewart-HAAF Housing Regarding concerns if DPW or BBC is responsible for a specific playground or trail, pleasecontact the service request desk and your call will be directed to the appropriate organization.Gretta Wentz Gabow I walk my kids to school every day with my baby in a stroller along with several other moms ofbabies. I really wish there was a stroller ramp on the sidewalk by the crossing guard crossing at the intersection of Austin 12
  13. 13. & Argyle by Brittin Elementary in South Bryan. With all the traffic...it would be easier for us to get across the street moresafely.3rd Infantry Division Ms. Kimberly Dennison, Please contact the BBC Community Manager, Ms. Kai Jenkins, at 912-459-2141 to discuss your concerns about self help and lawn care. She will be able to assist you on your concerns. Thank you.Kierstin Aksz The only trash cans that are on the trails are at the playgrounds.Courtney Whitehead My husband is deployed and I filled out the paper to have my lawn cut while he was gone andturned it into the housing office at the end of February. They have cut my lawn once, and that was by accident they toldme. Who do I talk to about this?Annie Kg Noreen The speed bumps on liberty st (going through marne woods) really need to have their yellow lines re-painted.Kim Robinson Still waiting for an answer from the LAST town hall about speeding in housing areas, and possible speedbumps.John Marnin Chris curry is awsome...please give him a raiseJohn Marnin will the life works coordinator be more involved this year>>we didnt see amber very much this last quarterKim Robinson Also, having to wait for an appointment for maintenance to fix a leaking dishwasher that is creatingmangled baseboards and soft walls, is ridiculous. I was told someone would come this afternoon, but no one did. Itwould he great if housing took more pride in maintaining the houses.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Victor Hernandez, Frank Cochran is currently scheduled to be widened.The timeline is not set at this time. DPW will review timeline, and if wideing will not happen in the near future we willrepair crossing.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Whitehead, please contact your appropriate neighborhood community center to reportthat your lawn is being missed. We apologize and will get this rectified. You can contact the main number at 912-408-2460.Sheri Foster cant find my question how can i be charged for broken blinds when i moved in. I can not go into a store andbroken blinds when i clear my home that where written up on move in inspection ur responce was ( If your blinds werelisted as damaged at that time then you will be assessed the repair or replacement fee.)Kaitlin Jepsen Also It would be nice if you could ask the lawn care people not to blow everything into people back yardswould be nice. I have came in and talked to you about this before and it still happens, even though you insured youwould speak with them.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Jepsen, we will re-address with our landscape contractor and apologize for theinconvenience.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Gretta Wentz Gabow, DPW will take a look at it.Fort Stewart-HAAF Housing Mrs. Foster, please contact your local neighborhood community center and ask to speak toyour assistant community manager. 912-408-2460 13
  14. 14. Arianna Goodrow Was my question about Skyland Spruce Drive aswer? Cant see itSheri Foster i def will be calling cause i can not see paying for an item that was broke and written up. that is just wrongGretta Wentz Gabow Thank you!!Steve Torres New Band Rehearsal Facility. Ready, Go.Miara Davis What is the policy on Hunter to move into the newer housing? Ive heard that you have have more than 1child to qualify which I do believe is not true because my neighbor has 2 daughters & we both live in wilson acres. I amdual military with 1 child living in a 2 bedroom house. Our house is not big enough for the 3 of us & my husband pcsshere soon. How come we cant move? 14
  15. 15. Town Hall Thread 4: Do you have questions about safety and security, speeding, parking or other law enforcementrelated questions? Ask them here for Emergency Services to answer!Brian Hopp why on 6th street going from gulick to hero, in front of newman gym there is a 15 mph sign but on the otherside of the street it says 30 mph. why is thatChristian Levesque What will the Division do to stop gang activity on Post?Regina Ross-Schmid Several months ago Col. Milton spoke with the Autism support group on post about getting the MPsand first responders some training regarding how to handle situations with the Autistic children on post. Is there anyfurther word on if and when that might happen?Laura Fasolo After all the recent activity on the news about some of our soldiers planning on taking over fort stewart andthere other activities they were planning. How can you assure us that our families are safe on post? And dont have toworry about something like this happening again? *sorry if this wasnt allowed to be asked just a concerned wife andmother*Kimberly Gaston A lot of new people just moved into Marne Homes, while walking to school on Oglethorpe Drive (on thesmall sidewalk, mind you) people come speeding down the street! It says 20 mph, but people clearly dont follow it!Connie Papacek Whats the point of having DO NOT ENTER signs at the gas station when the MPs will not enforce it? Iwas almost t-boned by a car that pulled in the wrong way and behind me was an MP and two gas pumps down wasanother, and nothing. I asked one of the cashiers and she was told military Mps are not allowed to ticket those going inthe wrong way, and she stated the civilian ones dont care.Amanda Sullivan Would it be possible to better enforce the speed limit down Austin Road in Liberty Woods, especiallyduring school arrival and dismissal times?Trisha Johnstone Can we please get a street light outside gate 8 on that curve right by the big Ft Stewart sign?Megan Liddell List Can tickets be given for driving without headlights on when it is raining?Megan Liddell List Can tickets be given for parking on the grass at the ball fields by the hospital? There are signs postedbut MPs do not stop and write anyone up.Theresa Reeves I mentioned to an MP when school first started that the flashing light coming into Liberty Woods (forKessler) was not working. It seems to flash in the evening rather than during school hours. Can someone get this fixed?Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Brian Hopp, Good question we will examine the speed limits in front ofNewman Gym and get back with you.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Trisha Johnstone, DPW is currently conducting light surveys and willcheck that gate next week.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Christian Levesque, Law Enforcement continuously monitors indications ofgang activity and continues to take pro-active measure against gang activity.Jeremiah Hogan Is there any plans on doing something about the speeding on 15th street? Ever since it has opened as a4 lane people have been speeding on it. Especially during peak times like after PT and COB. 15
  16. 16. Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Regina-Ross Schmid. We are working with surrounding civilian lawenforcement on implementing a GPS monitoring system to track and find missing special needs family members.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Laura Fasolo. All of our emergency personnel are trained in identifying anysuspicious activity. Our security starts at the gates and covers all of Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.Megan Liddell List Can the lines at Steele Ave and Niles Ave be re-painted?Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Kimberly Gaston. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We willrelook our patrol distribution plan during school hours and see what can be done for the situation.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Connie Papacek. Please contact Mr. Donnie Lucas or MSG Robert Shaul at767-2614/6328 and provide some more information on this issue.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Amanda Sullivan. Unfortunately we dont have the manpower to beeverywhere all the time. However we will relook our patrol distribution plan during school hours and see what we cando for your area.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Trisha Johnstone. Pleae contact DPW for assistance with your request.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Megan Liddell List. Yes, that is GA code and we assimilate GA code for alltraffic violations.Sheri Foster I would like to say that the police here on hunter have been great, u have a great staff something to be veryproud offDirectorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Frustratedat Stewart. Yes they are enforceable on the installation.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Teresa Reeves. Plese contact DPW for assistance with your request.John Marnin is there different standards for enlisted vs officer whenit comes to receiving ticketsDirectorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Jeremiah Hogan. Thank you. We will make efforts to look at the area around15th street. If necessary we will reallocate our resources to ensure the speeding problem is resolved. We take speedingvery seriously on our installations.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Frustratedat Stewart. Please contact MSG Shaul or Mr. Lucas at 767-2614/6328 tomorrow. If you feel in danger contact 911 IMMEDIATELY.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @Megan Liddell List. Please contact DPW for assistance with your request.Jeremiah Hogan Thanks... Yesterday was the first day I actually say an MP patrolling and actually pull someone over forspeeding. But it was after the about took the front of my car off swerving thru lanes.Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Sheri Foster. Thank you very much for the compliment. It is always nice tohear positive comments about our hard working emergency service personnel.Angelina Angelina The MPs told me they can do anything because its a public road, but when the MPs came out theytold me if the come out here one more time they would have me and my kids removed off post and take me to the courthouse for contempt 16
  17. 17. Directorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ John Marin. There is absolutely no difference in standards. Police officersmay use discretion but they do not base that discretion on rank.Angelina Angelina To me its about if i had MP friends I would have been taken care of. my hubby leaves this weekend forJRTC and when he comes back he will be deploying shortly after that. What do I do?John Marnin stewart and lidell must be relatedDirectorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Frustratedat Stewart. Due to the personal nature of your situation pleasecall Mr. Donnie Lucas first thing in the morning at 767-6328. He will be able to assist you and address any problem youare having. Again, please call 911 between now and tomorrow morning if you feel your life is in danger.John Marnin i believe this is a classic exapmle of people abusing the police, they call for little no reason and distractthem from doing there real jobDirectorate of Emergency Services (FSGA) @ Frustratedat Stewart. Again Maam, please contact Mr. Donnie Lucas firstthing in the morning.John Marnin or move off postAngelina Angelina thank youMegan Liddell List @John Marnin- My name is spelled Liddell and no, I do not know Fustratedat Stewart. It is a safetyissue to drive without headlights on in the rain. If Fort Stewart is going to spend the money to have signs made andplaced into the ground, the MPs should up hold what they say. If not, take they down. I think the MPs do a good job withwhat they have to work with. Instead of calling the MPs over everything, I wait until a Facebook Townhall meeting andask questions.John Marnin your welcomeTheresa Reeves How often do the Emergency tests over the loud speakers occur? My middle son is terrified of them andId like to warn him that a test will be occurring that day. Thanks.John Marnin @ liddel or maybe they are working other important issues at the timeJohn Marnin how can i become a policeman? should i contact the police department? do you have a contact number formeGretta Wentz Gabow The no talking and texting while driving law on post needs to be enforced more...i see people allthe time who sit thru green lights run stop signs speeding or driving way too slow...not using turn signals etc --- && I canclearly see they are on their phones. I get so aggravated bc I dont have time to drive 15mph down. 30mph road bcsomeone is too preoccupied to drive the speed limit or to follow road signs. The number of people I see on their phonesbehind the wheel each day is ridiculousElvia Shapiro Leon @John, why are you being so rude. If you have an issue with someone this is not the place for it.Kimberly Myers Outlaw @ DES (FSGA) Just wanted too say Great Job! Ive had been in your shoes as a DES rep for TownHalls, and know its one of the toughest seats of the panel. You have demonstrated professionalism and sensitivity inyour answers. Keep up the good work DES :-) 17
  18. 18. Town Hall Thread 5: Do you have questions about child care, on-post schools, FRGs, recreational activities andservices on post, gyms? Ask them here for DoDDEA, Army Community Service, and Morale, Welfare and Recreation toanswer!Matt Logan Its my understanding that both the Newman Gym and Vanguard Gym pools are closed Tuesdays andWednesdays after 1300 for maintenance. Is there any way that we could offset that schedule so those of us that wouldlike to swim on those days could do so?Erin Sorsch how long is the wait list for toddler girl gymnastics?Joe Julie Wertz Why do I need to be at the bus to get my children off when Immy house is less than 200 ft from the stop?I understand it is policy but it is ridiculous to either a) leave my sleeping baby inside to get my children or b) wake mybaby and make her go with me. Obviously Im. Not going to. Leave my infant at home alone but this micromanagementis getting out of hand.Erin Sorsch can you file an ice complaint for a off post doctor that WINN referred me too because of overflow?Jennifer Manis What programs are avaliable for 2 year olds threw skies unlimited? Every time I have called to enroll mydaughter, I get a different answer from someone at CYS, and the Skies Unlimited phone is NEVER answered. Whats thereal answer?Regina Ross-Schmid Would like to say that the special education services on post really need to be looked at andreviewed for a change.Taryn Giumento Thomas I am a personal trainer/running coach. I host a running group here, FREE of charge, I contactedMWR to advertise it but never heard back (that was almost a year ago) I still have runners coming, but is there any otherway I can advertise it, its for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced marathon runners. We meet Tuesdays 6:30PM atthe quick track!Sarah Crabtree Absher i have a question. i am a military spouse and am a full time student. i do not have a computer orinternet in my house. so im greatful for the use of the library computers on post. the other day i was completing schoolwork in the library on the pc. there was only a couple spouses on pcs, and only 4 soldiers waiting. then a librarian toldme i had to get off the computer for the soldier. i understand their need for it. but my need was just as great! she wouldnot let me complete my work! is this a rule?!Sara Alyssa Torres For childrens sports, I saw that soccer and t-ball are offered starting at 4 years old, but other placesstart at 3, so why cant the ones here on post also start at 3 years old?Caitlin Kearns Smith i know some posts have part day daycare for three yr olds it would be nice to haev a regular optionlike that instead of just hourly careFort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Matt Logan - Thank you for your question. FMWR appreciates the fact that youwould like additional swim time; however, we must maintain our current hours not only for the maintenance of the poolbut also must operate within our fiscal constraints.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Erin Sorsch - I will have to get the answer and get back to you. We will post it herewhen you have the answer. 18
  19. 19. Gail White Will there be a parents day out for spouses of deployed soldiers that work? Ive been told there will be noextended evenings/Saturday drop offs for children anymore. With the hours I work, I cannot utilize the SAS or CYSfacilities. As a result, my 16 free hours are useless.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Joe Julie Wertz - How old is your school age child?Jonnie Larson 1-What is the latest on the topic of civilian spouses obtaining gym passes to use the gym without asponsor being present? (I asked at the previous town hall meeting regarding this topic.) 2-Are the indoor pools at bothgyms grounded and made of concrete with steel reinforcements to allow swimmers to enjoy the pool during stormseason in the summer months? 3-What is the length measurement of each pool? THANK YOU!Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Jennifer Manis - The only program for 2 yr olds in SKIES that i am aware of was theswimming camp this summer; let me check and I will get post back here if we have any more classes available for thatage group.Gail White Also are legal foster children allowed to use CYS services?Caitlin Kearns Smith jenifer manis - they have kindermusic dance and tumbling for 2 yr oldsFort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Taryn Giumento Thomas - We have an email newsletter that goes out everyMonday. We will be glad to put that information in this publication for you. Please email molly.cooke@us.army.mil withthe details and it will go out in the next Mondays issue.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Sarah Crabtree Absher - I regret that you had this unfortunate experience. You arecorrect that the computers are primarily there for the Soldiers use; however, since you were already at the computer,you should have been allowed to finish. Let me talk to my staff and address your concern to them. Thank you for yourfeedback.Didi Skiffington A soldier in my unit is getting married soon. His new wife has children from a previous relationship. Arethere any specific steps that this family will need to take to enroll her children with CYS after they are married?Amy Bloss-Rodgers Why does CDC not allow cloth diapers?Caitlin Kearns Smith I know many of the companies deploying now are only getting actual paper orders a week or sobefore they leave will CYS accept anything else to begin deployment benefits since we are to get them teh month beforethey leave also?Gail White Same here Caitlin!Stephanie Dey Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF Do you offer childcare for the Ovearseas-Hawaiibriefing?JasonandCandy Jackson I have a question about police patrol in marne homes. Can we get more patrol during themorning hours when school start as a first and more patrol during the day. We have cars that speed on a daily basisthrough our neighborhood, and we never see MPs in our neighborhood. While walking to school and home from schoolwe have almost gotten ran over a total of 2 times already.Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF @Stephanie Dey - Hourly care is available by reservation throughCYSS. This care is at parents expense. 19
  20. 20. Stephanie Dey Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF Thank you! Also, are children allowed to attend? Myyougest, preemie, is not enrolled in cyssFort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Sara Alyssa Torres - Ft Stewart/HAAF does not currently offer soccer or t-ball for 3year olds because we dont consider that age developmentally ready to pursue the skill base necessary for those sports.We appreciate the fact that you want to involve your child in sports activities.Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF @Joe Julie Wertz - If you can visible see your child and the bus drivercan see the parent, this would constitute complience for children 9 years of age and younger. The Child supervisonpolicy complies with State of GA, Garrison and Schools Policy for supervison at all times for children ages 9 years andyounger. Please contact ACS Bldg 82 for more information.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Caitlin Kearns Smith - FMWR understands that you would like your 3 yr old to havethe pre-school experience; however, we only offer hourly care because historically we have not had enoughparticipation in part day pre-school. When your child turns 4 (by 1 Sept) we encourage you to sign up for Ga Pre-K whichwe offer on post at the CDCs.Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF @Megan Boatwright Please Contact ACS at Hunter Army Airfield.(912) 315 - 6816 and ask to speak with the Mobilization and Deployment Specialist.Sheri Foster why is it stewart has football and so many sports then hunter. I know hunter has alot of issue gettingvolunteers to run the sports, but i would like to say Gino Smalls is wonderful man who is great with the kids3rd Infantry Division JasonandCandy Jackson The Directorate of Emergency Services will address your question shortly.However, similar questions are being addressed in thread 4.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Gail White - We realize how important respite care is for parents duringdeployment. Currently we are offering the 16 hours of free childcare on an hourly basis & will continue to do so underthe Army Family Covenant. At this time, there are no plans to offer extended hours in the evening or the 1st Saturdayevery month. In the near future we will put out information on exactly what services are going to be offered under theArmy Family Covenant.Gail White I have a special needs child that requires a peanut free facility per SNAP. That was the reason I cant use justany FCC provider. Now that the off post providers I would use cant offer the hourly spots without extra hoops ofpaperwork, I wont get even that. With the centers closing at 6, & me not getting off until then, there are no options forme now.Jessica Cook Would like to say Caro Gym is the best and the staff and facility is awesome. :)Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF @Stephanie Dey - Your child is welcomed to attend with you.Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF @Gail White - Thank you for the question. We understand howimportant it is for you to find childcare, please call Dagmar Pegureo-Olinger (CYSS Coordinator) 912-767-9340 and pleasetell her your situation.3rd Infantry Division Taryn Giumento Thomas Awesome. We will put the word out.. Get with the PAO or Frontline staffto get this into the paper. BTW, do you know of a good running shoe store? 20
  21. 21. Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Sheri Foster - Thank you for your comment about Geno. You are correct becauseof the limited population on Hunter, it is difficult to get enough children to form sports leagues. That is why we partnerwith Savannah. With the construction of the new youth center, we now have a regulation basketball court on Hunterand will look into forming basketball leagues.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Gail White - If you are the legal guardian you are authorized to use CYSS Servicesas long as the sponsor is military or you are a DoD civilian. We will check on this and we will post the answer hereTheresa Reeves Regarding sports for 3 year olds....we PCSd from Fort Hood where sports were offered to this age groupthrough a program called Smart Start. This program is geared towards 3/4 year olds and was always full. It takes goodvolunteers to "coach" this age group, but it can be done. Rather than games, there are 2 or 3 "challenges" betweenteams. Maybe Stewart could look into this program. Super beneficial to prepare the younger kids and teach basicfundamentals. So many kids in this age group do not benefit from social interaction in school/daycare and this wouldhelp them...Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Caitlin Kearns Smith - Thanks for your answer on SKIES for 2 yrs oldFort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Didi Skiffington - As long as they are married and the husband is the militarysponsor, they are authorized to use CYSS services. I encourage the family to ensure they have their shot records, anyspecial needs, and medical & school records if applicable to expedite the enrollment process in CYSS and/or schools.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Amy Bloss-Rodgers- The Military CDCs do not sanction cloth diapers because it is asanitation and health issue.Tanisia Blackburn @Gail White I am an FCC provider on post. I offer extended care and weekend care for 16 free hours. Ialso have experience with children with food allergies. If you go to the FCC office they should be able to refer you to amon post qualified extended care provider.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Caitlin Kearns Smith - We understand there are situations when orders arereceived only a week in advance; we will have to work this issue out with the units and will post guidance on this threadand ensure our CYSS staff is working through these situations.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Jessica Cook - We appreciate your feedback about Caro Gym. Thanks so much; wewill be sure to pass on your comments to the Caro staff.Amy Bloss-Rodgers How are cloth diapers a health issues? Disposables diapers should be a health issues with all thechemicals in them. Where is it written that cloth diapers cannot be used? No one seems to be able to show it to me. Iwant to see the policy.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Theresa Reeves - We do offer Smart Start beginning at age 3. I am not sure thatthey offer the skill development for soccer; however, please call CYSS office at 767-3098 and ask to speak to MeckaelaSmith. She will be able to confirm exactly what is offered in Smart Start.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Amy Bloss-Rodgers - The health issue resides in the fact that cloth diapers cannotimmediately be sanitized. The paper diapers can be discarded and removed from any contact. I will ask CYSS to get acopy of the regulation and post it on this thread.Army Community Service, Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF Thank you all for the questions/comments. If you have additionalquestions, please come see the Marnetastic Staff at Army Community Service at both FS and HAAF. 21
  22. 22. Lt. Col. Ed Kovaleski, Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Megan, Please contact 1LT Randy Chasten,912.315.4129/2436.Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR Thanks everyone for your questions and comments! We will make sure to get all theanswers promised posted on this thread. If you have any further questions, visit our FMWR facebook page. See you nexttime!Elvia Shapiro Leon Many spouses do not seem to know much about their FRG. I was told because there are novolunteers. I have taken several trainings, made sure that my contact info was up to date. I have been here for over ayear and NOTHING! ALSO, I will be out of the state for a family emergency for the next couple of weeks so I will miss theinfo sessions next week. So my loss. It seems like an event as important as those of next week would have beenpublicized well in advance so families could make plans & arrangements.Matthew Willis This is a little late, since work carried me past the ending time of the THM. Why does theInstallation/DODEA not enforce the compulsory attendance laws for on post schools? I know of several families whochildren missed well over 30 days of school (4 children total) for each child, but all the school does is notify Social WorkService and nobody holds the parents accountable by taking these families to Juvenile Court. DODEA follows GA law inrequiring parents to use the form for immunizations, eyes and hearing screening, so any excuse that DODEA does nothave to follow GA law is lame. We are talking about educational neglect and the installation is failing the children by notpursuing the parents through the legal system! Any response?Fort Stewart-HAAF Director, FMWR @Jonnie Larson - 1) We would love to give spouses of our DoD civilians MWR cardsso they could use our gyms with being accompanies; however, due to our funding our regulations prohibit it. 2) We areaware that with our pools that it is inconvenient when they have to be cleared during storms; however, our customerssafety is our primary concern. 3) Newman & Tominac: 25 meters; Caro approx 42 yards; 4th IBCT: 44.7 metersMichele Myers @ Gail white try an fcc providerMary Goodrich Cheney @3rd Infantry Division - new running store in RH. Georgia Game Changers Running Company. Ibelieve she is a vet owned local business as well. www.georgiagamechangers.comGeorgia Game Changers Running Company - Coming Soonwww.georgiagamechangers.comKimberly Perez Amy if you get a drs note, meet with the SAP nurse and use flushable liners it shouldnt be a problem.They cant force you to put 200+ toxic chemicals thst cause serious health issues, including steralization on your baby. Itsnot even like your asking them to touch or wash thr diapers your just saying instead of throwing it away put it in thisbag. And I highly doubt that trash is taken out *everytime* a disposable is changed for sanitation issues.Megan Zehner What is the rule regarding children in the pools on post? My son has already had a session of swimminglessons and I would love to continue his lessons but if he has to wear a life jacket even with me holding him that will bevery difficult. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!Stewart/HAAF CYSS @Jennifer Manis - Currently there are two SKIESUnlimited programs open for that age group.Creative Movement (dance) and Kinder Music (music) introduces children to dance, music, creative expression andgroup play in fun and exciting ways. Creative Movement, ages 2-4, meets on Tuesdays from 1000-1045 and is $40.00 a 22
  23. 23. month. Kinder Music, ages 18 months-3 years, is available on Mondays at 1000-1045 or 1100-1145 and is $20.00 amonth.Stewart/HAAF CYSS @Erin Sorsch - At this time, all five of our toddler tumbling classes are full with a wait list. Class sizesare limited to 8 children per class. Our gymnastics program is one of the most popular on Fort Stewart, so depending onthe time of year, it can take longer to be offered an available spot! BUT - there is no cost to add your child to a waitinglist!!Stewart/HAAF CYSS @Amy Bloss-Rodgers - In accordance to Army Regulations concerning Diapering and Toileting (AR608-10, Section II, Para. 4-14f), "...All CDS programs will use only disposable paper diapers..." Please feel free to contactour office at 767-3098 for any questions or additional guidance concerning the regulation on diapers.Matthew Willis So 3rd ID....no reply to the question about having DoDEA actually enforce attendance laws? Is that partof the problem? The command wants to ignore the issue? 23
  24. 24. Town Hall Thread 6: Do you have questions about the commissary or AAFES? Ask them here!Patrick Gordon Shoppette needs to be more reliable running their promotion where you get a free candy bar if you buy8 gallons of gas. They run out a lot and rarely offer substitutions.William Roberts Yes I was double charged for gas on Saturday. I pre paid for 50$ and the clerk told me that the pumpdidnt register and they had to run my card again but I got charged the 50 both times and the manger at the shoppettetold me they couldnt help me even tho affes messed up. Someone needs to be held accountable!!!3rd Infantry Division William Roberts William take your bank statement showing the double charge to the facilitymanager and they can contact AAFEES HQs to correct it. The local store cannot do anything, they have to go throughHQs to correct.3rd Infantry Division Patrick Gordon The stores can offer substitutions for the free candy. See the manager on duty forassistance.Megan Liddell List Can we get more organic stuff?3rd Infantry Division The Commissary is continually changing items and are always trying new organic items. Stockselection is mostly handled by our higher headquarters. Management will inform them of your interest in a widerselection of organic items.Christy Grimm Speaking of gas.. Why is the gas the same price on post as it is out in town when the stations out in townhave to pay taxes? I thought on post we were exempt?3rd Infantry Division Christy Grimm Christy, actually we do have to pay taxes on gas, and we conduct surveys of the localarea twice a day to ensure our prices are competitive.Gretta Wentz Gabow I have tried to order items thru the commissary that I have purchased at other commissaries in thepast. I got a phone call that I had the wrong bar code number then got a call the next day that they could not order thisproduct. Its really inconvenient for me to drive all the way to walmart for this one thing that I need every few days. Itseemed like they just didnt wanna take the time to look for it. && like I said before at every other duty station Ive livedIve been able to buy it thereJaclyn Hanifen Ill second the request for more organics. Organic milk and eggs are often out of stock, since you carry solittle of it. Id particularly like to see Organic Smart Chicken.Happy Family - HappyMama Fort Stewart Savannah Families you will see Happy Family - HappyMama Fort StewartSavannah at Fort Stewart! They currently carry 8 products from stage2 & stage4!Aaron Victoria Smith I would also like to see more organic products. I would like to see more at HAAF Organic Valley &Organic Prairie!Elvia Shapiro Leon So, the point is do you want our business? Gas seems to fluctuate quite a bit both on & off post but &we get it where it is cheaper. Today it was Parkers 2.58 with their member discount. It would have been 2.60 withMilitary Star card. I know it is only 2 cents but it does add up.3rd Infantry Division Gretta Wentz Gabow Please semd me the item information with UPC code tosteve.young@deca.mil and I will personnally research the item. My team does research all special requests. Without 24
  25. 25. knowing the item, I cannot give you an accurate response. Please note that we dont have much control over our stockselection. There are items that are only carried in regional areas. I will do my best to help you get the item if it isavailable to me.3rd Infantry Division Elvia Shapiro Leon Yes we want and value your business. Remember when you purchase gas withyour Military Star Card you save 5 cents per gallon everyday!Svenja Chapman I noticed that there are still BIG issues with expired food on shelves! I bring this up every time andnothing is being done about it! Will the store manager address this at some point in time?Aaron Victoria Smith I also special ordered items, I have not heard back. If Fort Stewart carries, can HAAF carry it?3rd Infantry Division Jaclyn Hanifen I will look in to the availability of Organic smart chicken.3rd Infantry Division Svenja Chapman My team continually works to reduce and negate expired merchandise. This is abattle that we will continue to fight. Please note that management does consider this a serious issue but it is a difficulttask.Elvia Shapiro Leon I have had some very negative experiences with produce. They are not fresh! Items go bad within aday or two. Sometimes I get home to find rotten berries, mushrooms, potatoes, mint, basil or tomatoes at bottom of thebaskets or bags I bought. I have tried bringing stuff back but it is difficult to get back there right away or the receipt waslost. I have several items that I tossed into the freezer. My husband eventually throws stuff out. I have just about givenup & he makes me shop at WM, which I dont like!3rd Infantry Division Aaron Victoria Smith We have been working to improve our special order system and hope you willfind it better in the VERY near future. Hunter commissary is a smaller store and their selection is not as abundant as FortStewart. The agency allows product selection based on store size.Aaron Victoria Smith Thanks for the fast answer! Could you post to the 3rd Infantry Division page when the special ordersystem is ready?3rd Infantry Division Elvia Shapiro Leon I am sorry you have had poor experiences with our produce. The Fort StewartProduce team has continually worked hard to provide quality product. Please know that you can a refund for anyproduct that you find to bad. A receipt is not necessary but it is preferred, especially with produce that is randomweighted. We actually have been having many more positive comments as of late so I hope you will come back and try itagain. We are most definately putting forth the needed effort.3rd Infantry Division Aaron Victoria Smith We will most definately!Karin Larson Can you tell me why the furniture store is closed on Sundays?Emma White Is there a solution for the Gas pumps on HAAF near the Rio gate? Last weekend only one side was working.I have been several times on weekends when neither side was working. The internet seems to be the issue. Are thereplans to open the shoppette on weekends?Caitlin Kearns Smith oh and it would be nice if the produce department actually took out the moldy produce there isalways bad cauliflower in there it seems 25
  26. 26. Madeline C Ryle I have no problem with the commissary except for the fact they are open on Sundays, when mostfamilies go to church and spend it as a.family day and closed on Mondays. Why not close on Sunday so your employeescan go to church and spend time with their families and be open on Monday. 26
  27. 27. Town Hall Thread 7: Do you have a question that is specific to Hunter Army Airfield? Ask it here!Tammy Rene Smith Biggers This is Tammy Biggers mayor of Wilson Acres at Hunter online.JuttanEdward Kobel Does New Gannam have a Mayor?JuttanEdward Kobel If not, I may be interested in that. Where would I get info on this?3rd Infantry Division Edward, the position is vacant at this time. If you know anyone interested, please have them call315-5801.Tammy Rene Smith Biggers No they dontJuttanEdward Kobel Oh this is Jutta, Edwards wife. That is great I will call them and see about it. Thank you.Teresa Clymer This is Teresa Clymer vice mayor. Im here.JuttanEdward Kobel I would like to just send out a big thank you to the Hunter Army Airfield Family HousingMaintenance Team. Always great service! Thank you for taking care of our repairs professionally as well as promptly. Weappreciate the hard work! Jutta.Ed Kovaleski Teresa, Thank you for your support to our community.Sheri Foster Why is it mayors have to be voted in not who would like to do it. I tried before to be a mayor for NewGannah but was told I was not voted in.Lt. Col. Ed Kovaleski, Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Sheri, Mayors are appointed. Please call 315.5801 if youhave any questions.Kimberly Lelonek Dennison What role does a housing mayor play now that housing is privatized?Lt. Col. Ed Kovaleski, Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Kimberly, the mayor is the community liaison betweenthe housing community and the garrsion.Kimberly Lelonek Dennison Do the mayors have meetings with their neighborhood residents, or a specific way forcommunicating with the residents to determine if something warrants that communication?Tammy Rene Smith Biggers I have a Facebook page for Wilson Acres, we have neighborhood huddles once a month atthe community center (housing office), I have also posted my address since someone stole the Mayors sign out of myyard.Lt. Col. Ed Kovaleski, Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Kimberly, The mayor has the discretion on how to bestengage and capture the communities concerns. The mayors present their concerns across all our communities at themonthly mayors meeting at garrsion.Kimberly Lelonek Dennison Thank you Tammy, do you know of anything like you have for the New Savannah housingarea or are you able to assist with any issues that may arrise in that neighborhood?Tammy Rene Smith Biggers I dont know of anything like that for New Savannah. I can try and help you. 27
  28. 28. Lt. Col. Ed Kovaleski, Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Tammy and Kimberly, We currently do not have amayor for new savannah.Tammy Rene Smith Biggers Kimberly if you message me I can try and help you.Kimberly Lelonek Dennison Thank you for your responses I have messaged Tammy to see about further information. :-)Elvia Shapiro Leon When the cannon fires & music played, are soldiers required to stop or... I have been on Marine & AirForce bases and everybody stops. I find it disrespectful and rude when I stop & everyone flies around me !Scarlytte McLean Elvia, when we were on Fort Hood, the entire post would come to a screeching halt when the flag wasraised or lowered. Here, I havent seen that much myself. Its pretty disheartening to see people continue on, or myfavorite, give you (general you) dirty looks for having the gall to stop for the flag. 28
  29. 29. Town Hall Thread 8: Have a question for us that doesn’t fit into one of the threads below? Ask it here!Cheryl McCormick When the guys come home, we were told at our last FRG meeting that the duffles, etc. they bringback with them are going to go to their motor pools for 3-5 days. What is the purpose of that and will they have theopportunity before flying home to ship things home they dont want sitting around for that long?Heather Schaeffer Horbaczek All I have to say is Thank You for all that you do for us. And for the info that you share withthe famliy members that are there and not there. Im so greatful. ps. and the photos of everything that is going on.Thank You again.Michelle Warren Who tells us the info when it becomes available about anything to do with coming home? We live inNY. ThanksVictoria Simmons Are there any predeployment marriage retreats for the families of 1st brigade?Cheryl McCormick Will there be any post deployment marriage retreats?3rd Infantry Division Michelle Warren Thanks for the question. The Team Stewart Website tracks Welcome HomeCeremonies at their "Welcom Home Ceremony" link at www.stewart.army.mil.Team Stewart Homepagewww.stewart.army.milAugust 30 at 6:14pm · Like · Remove PreviewCOL Kevin F. Gregory @ Heather Schaeffer Horbaczek - thank you for the comments - we will continue to strive to getterbetter.Trish Smith Why is it pretty much impossible to get into the Warrior transition unit/battalion? Even withrecommendations from chain of command and Medical providers.Jeremiah Hogan A subject I have been seeing alot but no one really comments about is the backlog, miscommunicationor disconnect with the levy office and the people that produce orders for PCS/ETS. Is there anything in the works to lookat making this work more efficiently and not having soldiers waiting till days before they should sign-out to receive thereorders?CSM Louis C. Felicioni Cheryl McCormick That would be unit specific and mailing should be available; time it takes to mailwill depend on location. The duffle bags that remain in the motor pool should be field gear that will not be usedimmediately upon return. I hope that answers your question.If you need more information you can ask the chain of command or email me the information and I’ll ask for you.Cheryl McCormick Thank you CSM Felicioni for answering my question.COL Kevin F. Gregory @ jeremiah hogan our DHR is implementing an action plan ICW the units to ensure you receiveyour orders on time. It is an issue we are addressing. If you have any specific instances or Soldiers in this position,engage your COC or send CSM Felicioini or myself a note - we will engage.Jeremiah Hogan COL Kevin F. Gregory Thanks for the response. Ill one person know the next step was an ICE complaint.He is supposed to give 30 days notice of moving out on Sat and still waiting for his orders. 29
  30. 30. John Marnin can we expect more from this command team during the Commander scrambles?COL Kevin F. Gregory @ Trish Smith - That is difficult to answer as each case is reviewed and assessed on its own merits.I would recommend you contact MEDDAC with the specifics of the case and they should be able to provide you a betteranswer.Jacqueline Bonds Why is the gate on Austin rd going to be closed till December?COL Kevin F. Gregory @ John Marin - are you referrencing the Command Teams golf skills or our presence? We will bethere at every event possible and hope to see you on the 15th of September when we open our new greens at TaylorCreek.Sheri Foster I have a few dealing with Command here on Hunter and Stewart and I can say they have been great. All myproblems where fixed or answered in a short time. Both have great leaderships who care about the families and servicememebersCOL Kevin F. Gregory @ jereimah Hogan - my email is kevin.f.gregory.mil@mail.mil - send me his info and unit and wewill see where the issue is.Fort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Jacqueline Bonds, there will be a turn lane constructed there and this willallow through traffic to continue on and allow more room for peoople to turn on to Austin.Jacqueline Bonds Thank youKitty Giles Thompson why is it certain things are not postedJacqueline Bonds Will it ever be a gate like gate 3, or just go back to pt hours?COL Kevin F. Gregory @ Kitty Giles thompson - what it is that was not posted - please post it again.Brian Hopp have you (the comand group) ever had the idea of making one long turn lane on 144 leading in to thehousing gateJohn Marnin skills sir, and maybe a couple of people to watch DPTMS during the event...semper fiFort Stewart-HAAF, Director of Public Works @Jacquelin Bonds, it will always be a PT gate per DES.COL Kevin F. Gregory @ Brian Hopp - we have not, but would be interested in seeing what you have in mind. Drop me aline and concept on my FB page.COL Kevin F. Gregory @ john marnin - we will have PAO send a camera crew with DPTMS next time to verify scores - Ithink they were beat last time - the command team finished at 17 under, but we were beat by a few strokes.Sheri Foster I asked about clearing a home this was my question. If the blinds where broken when i moved in andwritten up on move inspection. I have never had the blinds replaced what happens. There responce was ( cant find myquestion how can i be charged for broken blinds when i moved in. I can not go into a store and broken blinds when iclear my home that where written up on move in inspection ur responce was ( If your blinds were listed as damaged atthat time then you will be assessed the repair or replacement fee.) I can go to a store and buy broken blinds so why andhow can i be help responable for broken blinds. This is not right to do to the families 30
  31. 31. Stephen Licwinko What is the Divisions plan to help drive down the posts total number of DUIs that we are receivingeach month? No matter what classes we do the number seems to stay steady! Being a firefighter outside of post, thisreally worries me seeing the number of schools that surround the post!COL Kevin F. Gregory @ sheri foster - if the items were noted on the move in inspection - then you or any other famliy -should not be held accountable for the replacement cost. I cant address your case specifically, but my team will contactyou by next week with an answer. If not, send me a message on my FB page.Kristin Khan I heard youre looking for a new Rocky live mascot. If this is true, how can I make my bulldog a candidate?Mary Goodrich Cheney @ Cheryl McCormick - Im your FRSA. The bags that will be taken to the units will only containfield gear. The rationale behind this is to allow you and your Soldier to get home as soon as possible once hes releasedwithout having to spend time searching for his bags. They will be secured at the companies and there will be nothing inthem that he needs during his 48 hour pass. As for the marriage retreats, the plan is to have one at some point upontheir return. As I receive the information from brigade I will release it through your FRG and the FB page. 31