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1 Jan 2013 Falcon Flyer


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The monthly publication from Task Force Falcon, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade.

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1 Jan 2013 Falcon Flyer

  1. 1. Soldiers from the Kandahar Air Wing, Afghan air force, perform callisthenic drills during an exhibition event Dec. 24 at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. TheKandahar Air Wing is newly partnered with Task Force Falcon such as supporting aviation operations in ground maintenance, medical evacuation, WingOperation Center proficiency and pilot training throughout southern Afghanistan. The training allows the KAW to become increasingly mobile, independentand self-sufficient. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Luke Rollins)By Sgt. Luke Rollins, Task Force Falcon Public AffairsKANDAHAR AIRFIELD, through a series of drills and education plan designed to an Afghan air force onceAfghanistan − The military movements, all led increase job proficiency. numbering upwards of 500Kandahar Air Wing held a by Lt. Col. Shah Wali, a Topics include search and aircraft and 7,000media event Dec. 24 at battalion commander and seizure, airport security and personnel. Brigadier GeneralKandahar Airfield, to director of training at the downed aircraft recovery. Azam, who witnessed muchdemonstrate its military KAW. The KAW looks to of this conflict first hand,proficiency and connect with “Education and defensive continue its professional said that since theoutlets in Kandahar tactics in war are the key to training through its renaissance of AfghanProvince. helping our nation stand on partnership with the newly aviation operations in 2005, A subdivision of the its own feet,” said Wali. “If arrived Task Force Falcon. the air force, and theAfghan air force, the KAW our Soldiers are not Together, they will pursue Kandahar Air Wing with it,generates, supports, and educated, how can they help missions in ground is on its own two feet again.employs combat air power to others? If they cannot see, maintenance, medical “Our people are tired ofserve the people of southern how can they guide others?” evacuation, Wing Operation wars which took everythingAfghanistan, said Brig. Gen. The KAW deputy Center proficiency and pilot from them: families, friends,Haji Muhammad Azam, commander, Col. training in southern and their will to survive,”operations group Muhammad Israeli, Afghanistan, with emphasis said Azam. “It’s my hopecommander for the KAW reiterated the importance of on the KAW’s mobility, that with the help of ourand pilot of 32 years. education in building the independence and self- [International Security The day’s events began corps’ capabilities. Every sufficiency. Assistance Force] friends, wewith a demonstration of the Soldier, he said, has a daily, More than two decades of can once again have peace.”KAW’s military discipline weekly, and monthly war saw the destruction of
  2. 2. “I want to say Happy Holidays to my wife in Cotton, La.” - Spc. Johnta Johnson “Happy Holidays to my wife, Elva. I miss you, baby.” - Spc. Mark DeLeon “Happy Holidays to my wife and kids back in Savannah, Ga. I’ll be home soon.” - Sgt. Jason Clark“To my husband in Savannah and my mother in McConnel, Ohio − I miss you both! Happy Holidays!” - Chief Warrant Officer 3 Aimee Herrera “I want to tell my dad in Utah and my mother-in-law in the U.S. Virgin Islands that I miss them and love them.” - Spc. Krystal Barker
  3. 3. As One Partnership Ends, Another BeginsCol. Allan Pepin, right, commander of Task Force Falcon, looks on as Brigadier General Haji Muhammad Azam, left, the operations group commander of theKandahar Air Wing, talks with a member of the KAW during a partnership luncheon Dec. 27 at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army photo by Capt. Chad Ashe)By Capt. Chad Ashe, Task Force Falcon Public AffairsKANDAHAR AIRFIELD, CAB based out of Hunter Tate, commander of Task “But I promise you this; weAfghanistan - The Kandahar Army Airfield, Ga. Force Wings. will be able to defend thisAir Wing senior leadership The KAW, under the Task Colonel Tate, during his country,” the Afghan generalvisited Task Force Wings on Force Wings mentorship, has speech to members of both added.Kandahar Airfield, taken basic skills to greater task forces and the KAW, Partnerships may only lastAfghanistan Dec. 27 to say heights, such as ground- encouraged the TF Falcon one year but friendshipsgoodbye to familiar faces, and vehicle maintenance, medical team to remain committed endure. Task Force Wings willgreet their new partners, Task evacuation, and even public with the partnership. He says leave the KAW withForce Falcon, to discuss the affairs. Unit trainers it will be an enriching friendships formed, but Taskway ahead. conducting the training offer experience for the Soldiers Force Falcon will continue to Task Force Wings—the the experience needed to give involved. build upon the existing25th Combat Aviation the KAW a continued Brigadier General Haji partnership built by TaskBrigade—has developed their capability. Muhammad Azam, the Force Wings.partnership over the last year “The capability of the operations group commander “The Kandahar Air Wingwith the KAW, but the Kandahar Air Wing came of the KAW, said he is very certainly has made us verypartnership responsibility will through the dedication and happy that the Task Force proud. We are proud to calltransition to Task Force commitment to the nation of Wings unit is returning to them our friends,” Tate said. Falcon, the newly arrived 3rd Afghanistan,” said Col. Frank their families.
  4. 4. Lt. Gen. James Terry, center left, commander of the International SecurityAssistance Force Joint Command, brings holiday tidings and good cheer tomembers of Task Forces Falcon and Wings during a dinner with the troops Dec.24 on Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Terry ate a traditional holiday meal withSoldiers from both task forces. Task Force Falcon is scheduled to assumeauthority of aviation operations in Regional Command − South Jan. 9.(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Luke Rollins)