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Introducing Insermo 2011


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Insermo is an interactive multi-channel content delivery platform. It is a cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) company that
powers all types of interactive marketing messages – seamlessly, without limits, at the highest levels of performance, with the lowest levels of risk.

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Introducing Insermo 2011

  1. 1. Introducing …Introducing …
  2. 2. Who are we? an Australian based product business with a leadingbulk mobile and email communication solution that services aninternational client list.
  3. 3. What is www.insermo.comA web based system used to manage Email, SMS and MMScampaigns. Email SMS MMS Cost effective, Fast, always Rich media driving high ROI available including sound and video to the mobile handset
  4. 4. The Technology Industry Leading Technology:• Grid computing platform, built using Ice grid by ZeroC as it’s base;• Platform is able to roll out to standard Linux Environment.• Entire platform is event driven and there for allows real time results and triggers;• Cross-Browser rich internet application framework, Ext-Js;• Interface is based on a desktop client-side web application model;• Custom applications can sit on our platform;• Our data is stored in very fast key value pair databases, based on dynamo from Yahoo; and• Ability to develop in Java, C++, .net, Python, Objective-C.
  5. 5. Product Features - Multi Channel Messaging Email SMS MMS Your order number x45673 is due for delivery to 88 Fort Street Sydney between 4pm and 6pm today. Thanks - Office Max
  6. 6. Product Features - Intuitive Desktop InterfaceAccess Insermo modules via icons,or through the ‘Go’ menu Sidebar widget shows background tasks, real- time activity and account quota.
  7. 7. Product Features - Contacts Management Advanced data management at a list and individual record level. Record management features that makes it simple to clean, manage and target messages.
  8. 8. Product Features - Social Media Integration Add Facebook Sign Up Form Updated your networks Configure social icons and Data directly added to the moment you send a into your templates, for your Insermo Account campaign. sharing email content Detailed Social Media Reporting updated in real-time.
  9. 9. Product Features - Triggered Campaigns • Business Rules Created within Insermo for each communication determining message and time; • Can be triggered by external API calls or message recipient action; • Relevant Templates and Content called depending on the business rule; and • Content can be delivered as Email, SMS or MMS
  10. 10. Product Features - Detailed Reporting Detailed reporting at an Aggregate and Individual record level in Real Time
  11. 11. Product Features - Multiple Languages Multi Lingual support in list management and message delivery
  12. 12. Product Features - Email DeliverabilityIndustry Leading• Fully Scalable Load Balanced Infrastructure• Real Time Delivery Monitoring and Issue Remediation• ISP Feedback Loops• Sender Authentication such as DKIM and SPFF
  13. 13. Executive Management TeamMark Edwards - CEO Mark has extensive experience managing online product businesses. Mark was a co-founder of, one of Australia’s first email marketing tools in 2002 that was acquired by Next Digital (formerly the Web Development Group) in 2004. Mark built Next Digital’s marketing and media division as the Digital Marketing and Media Director until 2010 when the Insermo business was formed as a result of a merger of the Mailout email and Inspirus SMS businesses.Jason Rigg-McPherson – Technology Manager Jason heads the technology team of Insermo, bringing together 9 years of email delivery and mobile platform architecture knowledge. Jason lead the development team that built the email solution in 2002 and has over 16 years’ experience in internet technology ranging from setting up ISP’s to high scale content delivery systems.Ben Rowe – Product Manager Ben is the Insermo Product Manager, a role that includes the product’s marketing, and defining and managing the product roadmap to match product development priorities with the needs of the market. Ben is a passionate digital marketer with significant experience in both traditional and digital marketing, working for organisations including Kraft foods and