3layer Technology - Operational Portfolio (in English)


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3layer Tecnologia Portfolio (in English).

Cover all services and products of this small and agressive company in Brazil, that is official Atlassian Reseller and develop high valuable solutins using JBoss, Google and Apache technologies.

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3layer Technology - Operational Portfolio (in English)

  1. 1. Portfolio www.3layer.com.br 3layer@3layer.com.br Porto Alegre, RS – Brasil 2014
  2. 2. 2 Summary PART 1 – Overview Foundation & Timeline Values Audience & Differences PART 2 – Structure & Operation Partners Services Products & Initiatives PART 3 – More Customers Contact End 15 minutes
  3. 3. OVERVIEW Part 1 3
  4. 4. Foundation & Timeline 2005 – 2008 – Foundation – Since conception, driven by research, agility and freedom – Focus on open source projects and training – Experiencing Atlassian, JBoss and SparxSystems technologies 2008 – 2009 – JBoss projects in cooperation with local partner LM² Consulting – Ramping up into different locations in Brazil 2010 – Formally published our name into the market (August) – Focus on enterprise projects and large companies – Building a well-formed business network to achieve our long-term objectives 2013 – Started the MPSbr program (Level “C” is our focus) – Open source projects (like 3PUP and Mizura) are impulsionated 2014 e além – National and international operation using a strength network model – Projects driven by MPSbr 4 PART 1 – OVERVIEW Customers today
  5. 5. Who We Are Mission – Add value to our customers Vision – Be leader in open source projects Values – Freedom – Transparency – Agility – Responsibility – Entrepreneurism – Profit 5 PART 1 – OVERVIEW
  6. 6. Audience & Differences What we do everyday – Enterprise systems in Java Why we are different – Java as unique platform – JBoss, Atlassian and Google specialists – Well established open source standards is our base model 6 PART 1 – OVERVIEW Java projects, every day
  8. 8. Organization Business Areas – The diagram bellow show our organizational structure 8 3layer Tecnologia Reseller Atlassian Alliances Google ITIL JBoss Microsoft Services Consulting Training Outsourcing Softwarehouse Support Products Open Source PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  9. 9. . – Australian company leader in products targeting software development environments Our expertise, covering all lifecycle products – Jira, issue tracking, helpdesk and project management – Confluence, enterprise collaboration – Bamboo, continuous integration platform – Fisheye, versioned repository viewer – Crucible, source code revision – Clover, code coverage test – Crowd, Single Sign On platform – Stash, Git server with steroids Reseller 9 More than 40 successful projects PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  10. 10. Atlassian for ALM Leader in Gartner Group Magic Quadrant, Atlassian platform enable a complete LifeCycle management in enterprise environments 10 JIRA Project management and workflows BAMBOO Builds e configuration management STASH Versioning and security (Git based) CONFLUENCE Documentation and collaboration in a new wiki manner CALENDARS People calendars, projects and resources FISHEYE Index, search and artifact viewing ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT Requirements and modelling CRUCIBLE Code review and quality control CLOVER Coverage Tests The Enterprise Architect can be fully integrated with Atlassian platform (ex.: requirements /use cases are transformed into project tasks and then fine grained controlled by workflows, tracking related code, builds and documentation in bi- direcional way). CROWD Single Sign On PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  11. 11. JBoss/Redhat – A division of Red Hat that provides professional support for the JBossAS platform. Some Products – JBoss EAP, Java EE certified application server – JBoss ESB, Scalable Integration Service Bus – JBoss BRMS, Business rules management and Complex Event Processing (CPE) – JBoss JBPM, Business Process Management (BPM) Suite – JBoss Network Operations (JON), enterprise monitoring Our partner – Acting as softwarehouse in critical mission projects – Building and deploying Java EE architectures and high availability JBoss environments Alliance 11 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  12. 12. Google – Company that dispense any commentary, is a leader in many IT areas Some Products – Google Apps, cloud applications (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.) – Google Appliance, enterprise search engine – Single Sign On, powered by Atlassian Crowd Our alliance – Integration projects using our business network model Alliance 12 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  13. 13. Sparxsystems – Founded in 1996, Sparx Systems specializes in high valuable software modelling tools Products – Enterprise Architect (EA), cost-effective CASE modelling. – MDG Technology, IDE extensions for Enterprise Architect Our Expertise – Years of experience in integration and best usage of the Enteprise Architect Expertise 13 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  14. 14. Consulting, or Take a fish – Gap assessment and troubleshoot in critical mission environments – Examples • Server performance issues • Setup and tunning of development and production environments • Java platform issue configurations • Tools and processs integration • Construction of high availability (HA) environments • Any type of Atlassian or JBoss customization/integration – Outputs • A report or a solution Services 14 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  15. 15. Outsourcing, or Give the fisherman – Managed assignment of IT professionals to perform activities for customer projects – Examples, professionals able to: • Create and maintain architectures, frameworks and tools • Make analysis and development of enterprise systems • Drive and support Java Web and Desktop solutions Services 15 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  16. 16. Professionals – Architects, Designers and Java Developers Our Model – PDCA Cycle Outsourcing, read more 16 PLANNING - Business identification - Professional searching - Professional selection - Customer interview - Accept EXECUÇÃO - Inception (at 3layer) - Inception (at customer, if the case) - Project start CONTROL - Project manager available fulltime - Daily appointment of worked hours - Fortnightly monitoring of allocated resource - Monthly report of activities to the customer - Quarterly management meeting with the customer IMPROVEMENT - Short control cycles - Qualification encouraging - Bonus and Goals policy - Lossless substitution PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  17. 17. Mentoring, or Take and teach to fish – Execute the project and train the team during the execution – Examples, all of our internal or external expertise, including: • Setup and tuning of development and production environments • Adoption of open source technologies • Introduction of agile practices in software development • Application servers administration • Development tools integration • Java, Atlassian and JBoss enablement Services 17 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  18. 18. Softwarehouse, or sell the fish – "Black-box" or "gray-box" solutions in Java platform, with development guided by our 3PUP methodology, that uses PMBOK, FDD, Scrum, XP and MPSbr bases – Where: • Black-box: Customer acts like Product Owner only • Gray-Box: Customer is also a Team member – Examples • Enterprise portals and Intranets • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions • Systems for government, companies and commerce • Administration of Open Source projects • Construction of enterprise frameworks and libraries for large usage Services 18 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  19. 19. 3PUP – Our open source initiative that aims to create an agile, iterative, reusable and strong process for software development Softwarehouse, read more 19 3PUP by 3layer Tecnologia Pay by worked hours Inception Vision Document Proof of Concept Project Plan Software Support Pay by deliverable Pay by worked hours Team type “A” Team type “B” Tem type “A” 15days15days Demonstration 15days Planning 15days Construction 15days Finalization SG-0 SG-1 SG-2 SG-3 SG-4 SG-5 15days Transition Contract PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION Where: - “A” team: Product Owner, Project Manager, Architect, Developer, Domain Specialist, Analyst and DBA - “B” team: Plus: Testers, Designers, Infrastructure and Q&A - SG: Stage Gate, where a formal acceptance of the previous phase is required to open the current phase
  20. 20. Proactive Monthly Support (Gestão Compartilhada) – Co-responsibility in administration and operation of the customer services – Three models: Bronze (8x5), Silver (12x5) and Gold (24x7) with aggressive SLA’s – Open your ticket and talk directly with the System Engineer, without any N1, N2, Nn bullshit filters – Examples • HA JBossAS, Postgres and Atlassian installations • Effective monitoring in Windows or Linux environments (with RHQ agents) • Corretive or evolutive maintenance in Java production systems • Remote or Onsite mentoring in all of our expertise Services 20 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  21. 21. Plans to 2014+ – Outsourcing • Software development – Products & Addons • Atlassian, JBoss , Microsoft and Google Strong Network Model – Projects relies in our strong network model – Well defined model, with several successful CASEs – Each network node brings your best expertise – Customer experience is improved Java Google Microsoft ITIL & COBIT Our network Global Market Global Market 21 PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  22. 22. Open Source Initiatives – Intensive research in many areas – Focus in real world business problems – Some Initiatives • 3PUP, “our vision” for agile development based on PMBOK, Scrum, FDD, XP and UP • Grepper, distributed semantic search for enterprise environments • Mammon, optimizations for Java EE development • Magoo, pluggable permissions for Java Web or Desktop applications • Merlin, the first (in the world) runtime GUI generation for Java • Mizura, agnostic tool for integration and synchronization Products 22 10% of our time is spent in R&D PART 2 – STRUCTURE & OPERATION
  23. 23. MORE PART 3 23
  24. 24. Customers 24 PART 3 – MORE You! TJMS
  25. 25. Contact & Information Site http://www.3layer.com.br Email 3layer@3layer.com.br Slideshare http://slideshare.net/3layer Subversion http://svn.3layer.com.br/svn/public/ Wiki http://3layer.com.br/confluence/ Twitter http://twitter.com/3layer Blog http://3layer.com.br/novidades/ Skype treelayer 25 PART 3 – MORE
  26. 26. Portfolio www.3layer.com.br 3layer@3layer.com.br Porto Alegre, RS – Brasil 2014