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3iying Services

  1. 1. get the girl girlapproved services 3iying inc
  2. 2. we are 3iying and girls love our stuff apps that girls obsess over facebook she relates and commits to brands she must have products she’ll watch over and over commercials she’ll actually spend time at websites she will proudly pass on viral videos every girl will laugh at jokes that she respects & enjoys edutainment girls fall in love with brand icons that will lure her to the shelf packaging she would wear on a t-shirt slogans she will understand instructions that aren’t just for boys games that ring true to every girl insights she will take action on ads 3iying inc
  3. 3. INDEX get the girl = everyone wins 3iying is an all-girl strategic and creative think tank that helps mass-scale brands become more relevant to girls. When you work with 3iying, girls get what they want and brands grow strong and profitable. It’s an everybody wins revolution. Below are a few of our services that we offer, please feel free to contact us with any questions. adflip workshop | 90 min | 2K | girlapproved callibration | 3-7 day turn around | 12-24K | girlapproved insights + strategies | TBD | girlapproved aesthetics | TBD | girlapproved products | fee + license options | girlapproved for guys | TBD | * Meet the girl team and see our ground breaking work. 3iying inc
  4. 4. adflip workshop What it is This 90 minute workship is the first step to think- ing like a girl. New millennium girls are living differently than any demographic before and they are forcing marketing to change with them. Girls shop differently, socialize differently, and build relationships differently-they are the pickiest customers you have ever experienced. Our Flip Workshops will exam the crucial changes in girl culture that are directly impacting marketing. We will look at specific flips in your industry, appraise your competition and, most importantly, tell you where you stand and where you're most at risk. When to use it The flip workshop is a must have for every agency and brand that wants to stop getting flipped, and start getting the girl.
  5. 5. girlapproved callibration What it is Traditional market research techniques are not going deep enough into the insights and diagnostics needed to score with this new picky girl market. How do you know if your work is grounded on what is relevant to a girl, or her aesthetic sensibilities? Girlapproved Calibration is your in- surance policy against wasting money, and losing the girl. We have a guaranteed bullshit meter for what does and does not work. We will identify the assumptions you're making about girls that are not accurate; if you're going in the right direction; if you have accounted for a girl's view of your competitors; or if there's anything in your campaign that will turn girls off. Girlapproved Calibration lets you know if you're good enough to get the girl. Not girl approved? you'll learn why and how to fix it When to use it Choosing your next big strategic maneuver? Evaluating which creatives to take into execution or pitch to a client? Diagnosing why your last initiative didn't hit its goals? If you are about to invest resources into a new strategy or creative: stop and check your thinking. Don't let ideas that aren't relevant to girls go into execution, or let good ideas get lost in bad creative translations.
  6. 6. girlapproved insights + strategies What it is Shop here for powerful, original, first-to-market concepts and inventions that girls are hungry for, but no one is making. It is this caliber of work that makes the girl market happy and gives brands what it takes to be market leaders. 3iying delivers solid strategies because all our work is founded on what girls really want. We start with deep girl insights then examine everything from a girl's view - like what's working, what's not and why. We find the biggest opportunities - and what's this get you ? • Products driven by genuine universal, unmet needs - so desirable they sell themselves • Branding that resonates. get your brand a position and identity that is meaningful and distinct in the girl market. • Marketing and Promos that are genuinely engaging. Our campaign concepts and storyboards win girls' interest and build natural urgency. • retail programs, instore promotions and packaging that can turn sales right in the store aisle When to use it When you want to get the girl.
  7. 7. girlapproved for guys What it is Has your boy-targeted product or campaign been girl approved? In addition to spending tons of money them- selves, girls have significant influence over what guys spend their money on. Don’t underestimate the power of a girl’s opinion on anything from bathroom products, clothes, and beverages to exercise equipment, appliances and cars. Girls actively research and compare products then persuasively pass the findings on to her sweetie. Understanding this modern boy-girl dynamic can make any campaign more seductive. Who needs it Any brand that wants their guys to get more girls. Whether you are trying to influence a guy or his decision- making better half, everyone is better off if you get girl approval on boy-targeted products.
  8. 8. girlapproved aesthetics What it is Even a killer idea will fail if it is dressed up in the wrong creative sensibility. 3iying makes sure that great ideas are wrapped up in the art, language, images, audio and designs that will get the girl. 3iying collaborates with irl Talk G irl l lk G lkGGirirTa lk agencies and brands to get them creative concepts, art Talk l Tiark G l Ta l direction, and treatments that are universally appealing to Ta Gir l Girl k Girl k Tal Girrl lk GGirTal irl l Talkrl i alklTalkGGir l all girls. From brand characters, catchy slogans, commercial Ta lk l kG irl Tlk Gir ki al a T T Talk G iTall GirlTalTalk Gir Ta rrkTalk Girl rl scripts, to package concepts all our work is original and lk G l Tairllk GliTalk Gilk Girl rl ar brand building. GaTk GiGirlTalk Girl TairlTalk Gi T l Talk rl Talk G Girl alk Talk GirGirl TalklTalk Girl Gi l T k Girl alk lk Gir l Ta TaTalk GTr lT Girl l i ak When to use it anytime you want to catch and keep the attention of a girl.
  9. 9. approved SEE WHAT GIRLS CAN DO SET UP A MEETING TODAY! 40 PRINCE ST 4D | NY, NY | 10012 contact@3iying.com 212.334.3477 |