From the Battalion Commander<br />First off, I wanted to take this opportunity say goodbye and thank you to LTC William Do...
HHD COMPANY <br />Business in the 3rd EOD BN has been booming as usual.<br />I would like to take this time to thank the S...
HHD Change of Command</li></ul>Hail & Farewells:<br />Hail:   <br />LTC Davis <br />SGT Johnson<br />Farewell:<br />CPT Ho...
53rd ORDNANCE COMPANY (EOD)<br />The 53rd EOD is currently going through a change of command. The official ceremony is set...
707th Company <br />As I sit here in the office, I think I can see the slightest sign that the sun is trying to peek out o...
710TH ORDNANCE COMPANY (EOD) <br />710THCDR<br />Hello!<br />It's hard to believe that seven months have already passed! I...
759th Company <br />To the family and friends of the 759th, we’d like to take a minute and bring you up to speed on the co...
787TH ORDNANCE COMPANY (EOD) <br />787THCDR<br />	I will be saying farewell to the 787TH Family members and Soldiers on Ju...
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Bn newsletter 7th edition


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Bn newsletter 7th edition

  1. 1. From the Battalion Commander<br />First off, I wanted to take this opportunity say goodbye and thank you to LTC William Downer and his wife, Suzanne. LTC Downer will be relinquishing command of the battalion on 23 June 2011. During his two years of command, LTC Downer has deployed all six of his subordinate companies in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, and Enduring Freedom. He also successfully led the battalion on its most recent deployment to Iraq, supporting Combined Joint Task Force Troy and the 1st Infantry Division. The departure of such a beloved leader and his spouse is always bittersweet, but LTC Downer and Suzanne are not straying far from us. They are staying local, as LTC Downer will be assigned to I Corps. We wish them well in all their future endeavors. <br />I would also like to welcome LTC Frank Davis and his wife, Priscilla, and their three daughters, Jordyn, Xaria, and Zoe. They are coming to us from Fort McPherson, Georgia, where LTC Davis was assigned to U.S. Army Central Command. Please join us in welcoming them into the Nighthawk family at their welcoming reception, 23 June 2011 in the battalion classroom, directly following the change of command. <br />Lastly, just a quick note to remind everyone of the Battalion Marriage Retreat, 26-28 June 2011, being held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Seattle. The battalion has 25 slots and child- care is provided. Interested couples need to contact their chain of command. Nighthawk 5<br /> CPT Evan H. Buckler <br />Inside This Issue:<br />BN Newsletter: Page 1<br />HHD: Page 2<br />53rd: Page 3<br />707th: Page 4<br />710th Page 5<br />759thPage 6<br />787th Page 7<br />787th FRG Page 8 <br />Chaplain: Page 9<br />FRSA: Page 10<br />Command Sergeant Major<br />Well it seems like the weather is starting to get better and the summer months will soon be upon us. With that, many personnel moves take place and the faces within the battalion will change. This is the case with LTC Downer and his wife Suzanne. I must say that it has truly been a pleasure to work with and for LTC Downer since I arrived in September 2009. We have accomplished many things within the unit to include a very successful deployment to Iraq. I wish all the best to this great leader and his wife. He will succeed anywhere he goes and will definitely effect all Soldiers that will come in contact with him. I too would like to welcome LTC Davis and his family to the Nighthawk family. I am sure that the transition will be seamless as he takes the reins as the battalion commander (Nighthawk 6). <br />I would be neglecting my duties if I did not mention to all of you the importance of safety during the coming warmer months. Your Soldiers receive a safety briefing every weekend but rarely do we get a chance to talk to the families about safety. With all the activities that are available I would just ask that you all be vigilant about safety and ensure you are taking the necessary steps when traveling across the country, enjoying time around water whether it be the pool, local lakes and streams or even water parks, Please keep safety upper most in your mind and keep yourselves, family members and your Soldiers safe. Until next time take care! “NIGHTHAWKS”<br /> CSM Robert Doig<br />
  2. 2. HHD COMPANY <br />Business in the 3rd EOD BN has been booming as usual.<br />I would like to take this time to thank the Soldiers and Families of the HHD. They have all worked hard to get back into the swing of things after the end of block leave.<br />Big upcoming events include the battalion change of command where we will be welcoming LTC Davis as well as fare welling LTC Downer.<br />Although I have not been here long, I will be relinquishing command to 2LT Aaron Yee as I head to take command of the 787th EOD Company. 2LT Yee is ready for the job and will serve the Soldiers and families of the HHD well. <br />Please do not hesitate to bring any issues up to 1SG Ertle or myself.<br /> CPT Jordan Howell<br />Upcoming Unit Events:<br /><ul><li>BN COC
  3. 3. HHD Change of Command</li></ul>Hail & Farewells:<br />Hail: <br />LTC Davis <br />SGT Johnson<br />Farewell:<br />CPT Howell<br />Is there something you would like to see in this newsletter ? <br />HHD Families, if there is something you would like to see or added in the BN Newsletters, please feel free to send me any suggestions to <br />
  4. 4. 53rd ORDNANCE COMPANY (EOD)<br />The 53rd EOD is currently going through a change of command. The official ceremony is set for 21 June 2011. CPT Chad M. Juhlin will be taking over for CPT Edward Runyan after 32 months in command. The Soldiers of the 53rd are excited to begin training after redeployment activities tapper off. The company has a busy summer ahead and must catch up on many of the qualifications that have lapsed during the 12 month deployment to Afghanistan. <br />In light of upcoming training the company will also take the time to enjoy the warm months of summer. The company motorcycle mentorship program has taken off in full force. The company will conduct a ride every month. Any Soldier or family member interested in meeting up for a relaxing Friday ride can contact SFC Sanchez at 509 577-3375 for more details.<br />The company is very glad to have all systems running after the yearlong deployment. We look forward to growing stronger as a unit and as a family.<br />We at the 53rd wish all the battalion a very Happy Independence Day<br />Thank you<br /> CPT Edward Runyan<br />
  5. 5. 707th Company <br />As I sit here in the office, I think I can see the slightest sign that the sun is trying to peek out of the clouds. I had someone tell me that summer this year would be on a Thursday sometime in July. At this pace, they may be right! As the weather warms, the Soldiers of the 707th have been spending more time outdoors. Last month, they successfully completed a Field Training Exercise where they were asked to perform a broad spectrum of tasks. I was infinitely proud of their efforts and inspired by their attitude. For many of our new Soldiers, this was their first experience conducting field training outside of a school environment and I was impressed with their knowledge-base. All you family members should rest easy knowing that your Soldiers are prepared, capable, and motivated to get the job done right. <br />This summer brings with it quite a few more training events. These include driver’s training to certify the Soldiers on the various vehicles they drive, Combat Life Saver’s course, small-arms ranges, and team tasks. The battalion has been asked to host the next Team Leader Training Academy here on JBLM and the Soldiers will be providing support to that in August. Some Soldiers will also be participating in Raven’s Challenge which is a training competition between various bomb squads throughout the region. Participants include Port of Seattle Bomb Squad, Eugene Bomb Squad, Spokane Bomb Squad, many other civilian squads, and then of course the Soldiers of the 707th. I am supremely confident that our Soldiers will outperform all other competitors.<br />We have bid farewell to quite a few Soldiers who are either moving to another assignment or exiting the Army altogether. They were recognized in the previous issue. We also have had the privilege of welcoming a few to our ranks. They include:<br />SSG Taylor – From 787th EOD SPC Garcia- NAVSCOLEOD<br />SSG Collins– From 787th EOD PFC Lukehart– NAVSCOLEOD<br />SSG Mahoney – From 787th EOD SGT Jones – HHD 3D OD BN (EOD)<br />SGT Seaman– From 787th EOD PFC Fields– NAVSCOLEOD <br />PFC Henry– NAVSCOLEOD PFC Blanchard – NAVSCOLEOD<br />I would like to conclude this update with a reminder that the command team is committed to the health and welfare of this organization. That includes the families as well. We have an open door if you would like to come talk to either one of us. You can also send us an email or give us a call. Also, if you have information that you would like included in the next edition of the newsletter, please send me an email at <br /> CPT Todd A. Bryant<br /> 1SG Alexander Leon <br />
  6. 6. 710TH ORDNANCE COMPANY (EOD) <br />710THCDR<br />Hello!<br />It's hard to believe that seven months have already passed! It seems that time flies, though not fast enough! Operations here stay at a relatively steady pace with scattered periods of increased activity. We have surpassed 300 EOD missions in seven months. At the headquarters, the guys find themselves doing tasks not normally accomplished at their level, such as packaging more than 2000 individual training aids to be shipped back to the States. A hard, hot and thankless task but will serve many future EOD techs during NTC and JRTC rotations. We thank you for your continued love and support. <br />CPT Dawson<br />Promotions:<br />SFC CROWELL<br />SFC MCCUTCHEN<br />SSG GOLDMAN<br />SSG HEFFREN<br />SSG HUHN<br />SGT HEARD<br />SGT NEUMANN<br />SPC COLLINS<br />SPC CONKEY<br />SPC LEWIS<br />SPC REGAN<br />710TH1SG<br />The Company continues its support to our mission with the utmost admiration from all commands in theater. As we have now passed the half way mark on our deployment our focus will start moving toward mission completion and return home. We wish to thank the 710th FRG for all their hard work to date, and the EOD community for all their continued support in our company endeavors.<br /> 1SG Daniels<br />Latest Actions<br />SFC CIRRINCIONE Master EOD Badge<br />SSG HEFFREN Team Leader Certified<br />SSG GOLDMAN Team Leader Certified<br />Departures:<br />4th Platoon assigned in theater from the 731st EOD<br />SGT JOHNSON<br />SPC MADISON<br />710TH EOD HQ at Victory Base Complex with their TACON Platoon from 731ST EOD<br />
  7. 7. 759th Company <br />To the family and friends of the 759th, we’d like to take a minute and bring you up to speed on the coming and goings of the unit. On May 12th we bid farewell to 1SG Mark Simeroth after 21 years of service to the Army. His knowledge and leadership will be missed, but we wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors and thank him for his exceptional service. I’d like to thank all of you that attended his retirement dinner, and those Soldiers and spouses who worked so hard to make it such a success. <br /> The unit continues to be very busy in support of NTC and FT Irwin. Recently, the unit partook in a demonstration for the visiting Chinese Chief of Defense and his delegation – SGTs Ortman and Cannon did an excellent job representing the unit and the EOD community. At the beginning of May, our EOD brethren from the Puerto Rico National Guard took a break from their PinaColoda drinking in sunny San Juan to join us for two weeks of EOD training and range clearance. The joint event was a great success and both sides learned a great deal from one another.<br /> We would like to welcome several new Soldiers and their families to the 759th : SFC Ness, SSG Landavazo and SGT Bodenhoefer have all joined us recently and we look forward to their continued success at FT Irwin. <br /> SFC Carroll and SSG Guldeman have recently departed for their new jobs as EOD cadre at the schoolhouse in FT Lee, Virginia. SSGs Swan and Williams will be following them out there later this month. We wish all of them success as they undertake the great challenge of shaping future EOD Soldiers. <br /> As summer arrives, we’ll work to keep everyone abreast of unit BBQs and other functions and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues you may encounter here at FT Irwin.<br />1LT Bryan R Sand<br />
  8. 8. 787TH ORDNANCE COMPANY (EOD) <br />787THCDR<br /> I will be saying farewell to the 787TH Family members and Soldiers on June 30TH The new incoming commander will be CPT Howell (3D OD BN HHD commander). My time here at the 787TH was brief and eventful. I am proud to say I was able to serve with the Soldiers of the 787TH and I hope to see them in my future travels. <br /> Good luck on the upcoming deployment. My thoughts and prayers will be with the Family members and Soldiers of the 787TH CPT Voss <br />Promotions:<br /><ul><li>SPC ALLEN
  9. 9. SPC COWART
  10. 10. SPC STUART
  11. 11. SPC PAGE
  12. 12. SPC ROHLER
  13. 13. SPC WALLACE
  14. 14. SPC WILSON</li></ul>Arrivals<br />SFC SPEEK<br />SGT RAZON<br />SGT BERNARD<br />SGT CRIBBETT<br />SGT ELO<br />SPC AKIN<br />787TH 1SG<br /> As you can see, we have several recent arrivals and departures since our last newsletter. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new Soldiers and their families as well as a big thank you and best wishes to those that have departed.<br /> Also, congratulations to our several recently promoted Soldiers and SPC Hair. SPC Hair has won several Soldier of the Year (SOY) competitions recently, to include 71st OD GP (EOD), 20th SUPCOM and NORTHCOM. Wish him the best of luck as he will be competing for the FORSCOM SOY in July.<br /> SFC Burns<br />Departures:<br />CPT PEACE<br />SSG MAHONEY<br />SSG COLLINS<br />SSG TAYLOR<br />SGT SEAMAN<br />
  15. 15. 787th ORDNANCE GROUP (EOD), FRG<br />Family Readiness Group <br /> Hello from the 787th FRG! For this final article as FRG leader of the 787th I'd like to update everyone on what we have been doing and provide some information on how to continue receiving communication from the 787th FRG. I'd also like to welcome any new families that would like more information about the FRG to contact me or CPT Voss about how to get involved.<br /> <br /> In April, the FRG helped to welcome home some of our 787th soldiers from Afghanistan. Through generous donations and with the help of volunteers, each soldier received a nice welcome home gift basket. It was a very exciting evening and a lot of fun, thank you again to everyone that helped in welcoming these soldiers home!<br /> <br /> In May, at the 43rd annual EOD Memorial, the 787th FRG had a brick placed at the Memorial Wall in honor of SSG Shane Barnard and his wife Jennifer and their children Ashley, Trinity, and Dakota. A big thank you to a generous donor that made the memorial brick possible and to all who were there in support of the Barnard family. <br /> <br /> Another 787th soldier is returning from Afghanistan early this summer! If you would like to volunteer to help with the welcome home basket for this soldier by making baked goods or donating a gift let me or CPT Voss know very soon. <br /> <br /> The 787th is getting together for a summer evening at the ballpark! We have a group section reserved for Friday, June 24 at 7:05 pm to watch the Tacoma Rainier's at Cheney Stadium. This has been a fun event for the 787th in the past and we hope to see many of you at the game! <br /> <br /> With the upcoming change of command there will also be a change in leadership of the 787th FRG. If you would like to remain on the 787th FRG distribution list, or 787th FRG Newsletter distribution list, please let me know by the end of June by email or phone 208 866 4689 <br /> <br /> For those new to the unit, the FRG mission is "to assist commanders in maintaining readiness of soldiers, families and communities within the Army by promoting self-sufficiency, resiliency, and stability during peace and war." Remember that FRG's are open to spouses, parents, extended family, boy/girl friends, fiancés, retirees and even community members. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of the 787th FRG, or learn more, please get in touch with either myself or CPT Voss. <br /> <br /> It has been a great experience and an honor to get to know so many of you through the FRG. Thank you for helping make the 787th FRG such a supportive network for my family and for others who have found support through the FRG as well.<br />  Sue Ho<br />
  16. 16. Unit Ministry Team <br />The Fear Dance<br />It has been written “Life is about relationships, the rest is details.” If you are reading this newsletter your life is impacted by relationships. The Army is a unique lifestyle that puts different challenges on our relationships but the basic rules are the same. In the series DNA of relationships, Dr. Smalley uses years of research to diagnose relationship problems.<br />Dr. Smalley sums up a common problem by describing the “Fear Dance.” The dance starts when someone pushes our buttons. We get aggravated and tend to react in an elevated way. Here is an example. Wife: “Hey, did you remember to clean out the fridge “? Husband: “Get off my back. Stop treating me like a child.” Wife: “ I always have to do everything around this house.” And the dance is on. As you can see, they are no longer talking about the refrigerator. We all develop core fears such as a fear of rejection or being controlled. Some of us are more sensitive to those fears than others. When our buttons get pushed it tends to be out of reaction to one of our core fears being touched. In the example above, the husband has a fear of being controlled so he reacts by telling his wife to get off his back. The wife has a fear of being unappreciated. The problems is that each of them is letting their fear dictate their response, which only escalates the problem. Even if they solve the surface problem. (i.e. the refrigerator), they’ve done nothing to figure out what is really going on. If left unaddressed these situations lead to unforgiveness and bitterness two destroyers of relationships, all relationships, not just marital ones. Dr. Smalley writes that the first step in breaking the fear dance is to own up to your buttons. People cannot make us respond in a certain way. So first, stop blaming other people for how you react. Believe it or not, you can control your reactions. Have you ever noticed how polite people can be in public? We control our reactions and stop turning over the keys to your emotional control. <br />To learn more about breaking the fear dance in any relationship (family, work, or friends) stop by and see me. You can also learn about your core fears at Finally, if you are tired of getting your buttons pushed and want to stop the fear dance, give me a call.<br />CH Frederick<br />Chaplain Brady Frederick<br />Email:<br />Phone Numbers:<br />Office: (253) 966-0865<br />Cell: (253) 254-4133<br />SSG Clarence D. Slaughter<br />Email:<br />Phone Number: <br />Office: (253) 966-6651<br />Cell: (253) 548-4883<br /> <br />JBLM Religious Services<br /><br />Strong Bonds<br /><br />
  17. 17. Family Readiness Support Assistant Newsletter <br />Training, Classes & Fun <br />Mud Run = Lot’s of Fun<br />Is there anyone interested in participating in the JBLM Down & Dirty 8 K Mud Run on the 4th of July ? This is a 8K or 4.9 mile obstacle run. This can be done as an individual or teams of 3 members. If you wish, you are also able to walk this course. Individuals who are interested in having some fun, please contact Charity Watral at 253-279-3848 or Once MWR finalizes details regarding the run and registration, we will pass it on. This will be a fun event for all of us within 3D EOD if you are interested. Please let Charity know as soon as possible. <br />FRG Treasurer’s Training:<br />The Next class is: 9 Aug from 10:00 -11:00 a.m. <br />This training will cover Fundraising, Guidelines for FRG Funds, Maintaining FRG account/audit. And Forms.<br /> When you have cash on hand, you should have an Informal Fund Account. If you have an Informal Fund account, then you are required to have a Treasurer and an alternate Treasurer on Appointment Orders. <br />This course will be held at the Family Resource Center. To register for this course, Please call the FRC at 253-967-9496 one month prior to the date of training. Childcare may be available by calling 253-966-2977. <br />FRG Leadership Training:<br />The Next Class is: Oct 19th & 20th from 9:00 – 2:30. This course is required for all FRG Leaders. <br />Registration will open on Sept 19th. The class will be held at the FRC. Please call 253-967-9496 to register. <br />Childcare may be available, for more information, please call 253-966-2977 <br />Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)<br /> Exceptional Family Member Program, or EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program for Soldiers with qualified family members that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical, and personnel services to families with special needs. <br /> Enrollment in the EFMP is not automatic and many family members are not enrolled because they simply do not realize that they qualify for EFMP Services. Qualifying special needs include but are not limited to chronic medical disorders such as asthma, epilepsy and diabetes; physical impairments that may require special housing assignments and/or special educational considerations such as ADHD, behavioral or mental health disabilities, which may require an individual education program. <br /> EFMP Services include: Information Referral, Advocacy, Resource Directory, Work Shops, Support Groups, Respite Care, Relocation Assistance, Crisis Intervention, and System Navigation. The EFMP has two main offices on JBLM,. Waller Hall is for Services and at Madigan it is for Medical Assistance and EFMP Enrollment. <br /> If enrolled in the EFMP, your enrollment needs to be updated every three years. Updates should also be done when the exceptional family members medical or educational needs change. <br /> If you have any questions on EFMP, you can contact one of the following resources. <br /> Madigan EFMP: 253-968-0254. <br />JBLM ACS EFMP: 253-967-9704/9705. <br /> McChord Field: 253-982-3350<br />