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Taken from a recent seminar in Texas, this presentation is filled with incredible bites of data that will help get you back in the game of life. To reach your best career or it will help you decide where to find the right career assistance and take a new direction in your life. Perhaps business ownership is a better option for you. Explore your options.

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Get Your Career In Gear

  1. 1. “Get Your Career In Gear” Career Development Seminar Presenter: Rashid Hill By L3 Coaching Solutions
  2. 2. “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” - Andre Gide
  3. 3. Welcome I am very excited to present you with valuable career information here. There will be a wealth of information that you may be familiar with and other tools and details that will likely surprise you. As this is the presentation from a live seminar, you may find some of the material related to a live audience. Nonetheless, there is great benefit in the details. We welcome your questions so feel free to include them in the comments. So relax, it’s time to Get your career in Gear! Some helpful websites: Thank you for viewing.
  4. 4. Agenda & Objectives Highlights and key take-aways of the seminar Career Development Process Then & Now Comparison Chart Quotes from Success & Business Coaches, Career Specialists and Leaders/Champions Career Transition Strategy A positive outlook on the current issues Current and future occupational trends Are you prepared for the knowledge economy? Can you compete with your current KSAs? Are you prepared for tomorrow? What’s here and what’s coming? Digital is critical. Then What is the economy like? Jobs? Expenses? QOL? How bad is it? What are you doing and going to do? Attitude Now Assessments Future The Blueprint * Free Gift for all who leave relevant comments
  5. 5. “The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand,as it is what direction we are moving.” - Oliver Holmes
  6. 6. Why are we here today? A little about me and why you are here. Sometimes we take a job and find out later that it wasn’t what we thought. Or we just need to either help pay some bills or make our own money and get the things we like or as a teen it is a way to get out of the house. We will explore this and why we work. What reason do we use to get a job, to work, to pursue advancement or entrepreneurship? What motivates us to do what we do? Maybe we have taken on a new job, received a promotion or know someone that has been laid off or furloughed and want to know how to cope with these career/life transitions. We are here to help. About me…
  7. 7. For more information on this author and his publications please visit: About the presenter Rashid H Hill • My Brief Bio • Rashid Hill is the founder of L3 Coaching Solutions. A strategic life coach, trainer and entrepreneur. Rashid specializes in uncovering human potential and guiding individuals and teams to achieve their highest potential by using proven principles of learned optimism and emotional fitness. As a professional businessman, Rashid also had the privilege of sharing his dynamic performance and change models and ideas in career workshops and company seminars as well as coaching sessions. Rashid is also the author of various white papers titled What is the Seed of High Achievement in Peak Performers and Change; The New Currency. In order to win, you must begin
  8. 8. 45% 33% 23% 22% Career Survey 1st Prefer 2nd Prefer 3rd Prefer 4th Prefer 5th Prefer 25% Top Considerations in Career Selection A survey by Talent Factor A survey was conducted by TALENT FACTOR They found that the top Consideration in Career Selection was not salary. Out of 868,697 people polled… 1st – 45% said Location (top consideration) 2nd – 33% said Desirable Industry 3rd – 25% said Company Reputation 4th – 23% said Interesting Assignment/Title 5th – 22% said Salary / Advancement *USA Today, June 2013
  9. 9. In this table we notice the fields that are most likely to have the highest increase in positions available and workers between 2010 and 2020. This chart only gives an example of what is currently a trend toward particular fields. This is not all inclusive it is only based on the top 50 industries. For more information please visit the Dept of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook website. *Most occupational details taken from the Texas Workforce website. Occupations in Texas (Projections) Top 50 fastest growing occupations in America 2010-2020 Occupations 2010 2020 % Medical Field 70% 15 Oil and Gas 51% 8 Education 45% 9 Administrative 41% 3 Logistics 40% 2 Industrial 40% 3 Coaching 38% 3 Other 38% 7
  10. 10. Our National Economy* As of today the government is shutdown, no sight of approved bill to fund the operations of the US government. House of Representatives and Senate can’t agree on a way forward and will most likely watch a complete US government default during a debt crisis by mid month. What does that mean to you? In the US it will mean that all things “credit” will be negatively affected. With furloughs and low economic activity people will not circulate money within the society in order to generate taxes to fund the government obligations. Therefore, what does it mean to you in the international arena (excluding China) , when the US defaults and it’s credit and good faith has been damaged markets around the globe will be directly impacted because the payments from the US to foreign countries will not be authorized by the Congress thus, a significant drop in the world economy. HUGE RISKS for the USA and not one that should be entertained.
  11. 11. What is the economy like now? How do you see it? Ask yourself these questions… • Let’s talk about local industry (major players) • Who’s hiring? Who’s downsizing, layoffs, being sold, furloughs etc • How is it really? • Now, what should happen? • What would you do different if you had the power? (national, state, local, personal) • What are some successes during tough times?
  12. 12. • Microsoft – Bill Gates – 1975 (DOS) • Apple – Steve Jobs – 2001 (iPod) Most Popular • Burger King – Keith Kramer as “Insta-Burger” (1953 Rebranded BK) • Walt Disney – 1923 (Mickey Mouse explosion 1929) Popular • CNN – Ted Turner – 1980 (24hr News Channel) • FEDEX – Frederick Smith – 1973 Well Known • Google, Paypal, Ebay, Thriving There are many more from the past and from today. This chart is to give you a look at what happens in a tough or down economy. Even at the time of a US govt shutdown dreams are created. Some will say that things are so bad and it is the government’s fault. Some will wait and petition the government to give them some help. Others will see this as an opportunity to be creative and take matters of developing a way to support the economy with their ideas and business concepts. The entrepreneur will rise and continue to build their dream no matter what happens in the economy. These visionaries listed had a burning desire to go after their dream with a certainty of purpose to offer their community, their nation and now the world options in their field of business. The questions is as stated, “What are you going to do?” Top Companies Started in Tough Economy Who didn’t wait for permission?
  13. 13. Quote 2: From this book. “If You Can’t, You Must… And If You Act, You Can.” *Chap 4, Mastery* Be Sure and Get Your Copy! Available at Amazon & B&N What are you going to do? What actions do we take when things happen?
  14. 14. • See it as it is. Not making it bigger or worse that it really is. • Many times we exaggerate about an issue without really looking at options to fix it • See it better than it is. Take the position of seeing it with options for a solution. • Think what would make it better instead of feeling hopeless and complaining. • Now, do something about it. Don’t let it just be, you see it now take action to bring a desired outcome in your life, your business, your future! Decide to Change the Outcome The 3 Step Sequence
  15. 15. Career Transitions When something happens that affects your career path • Examples of career transition • Graduate • Promotion • Transfer • Layoff/Furlough • Termination • Downsize • Employed • Unemployed • Company goes out of business • Ownership / Entrepreneurship • US Government Shutdown How do we cope, how to recover?
  16. 16. • The brain is an organ that hosts what we call the mind. Many mistake the “brain” for the “mind.” • The mind is an information processing device consisting of 2 parts; the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind collects and stores data. The subconscious mind produce behavior in response to internal/external inputs. It uses adaptive mechanisms and neural mechanisms of the brain specialized for problem solving. • The brain, consisting of many specialized mechanisms that continue to help the mind identify the proximate manifestations of these adaptations. In neuropsychology this is called evolutionary functions. Simply Put: You CAN have Superior Knowledge and getting Inferior Results. The Brain & Mind Paradigm Turning function into form So change your words, think powerful thoughts! SHIFT!
  17. 17. “Instead of spending your time thinking of how bad things are, think of how good things will be.” - ChrisWidener
  18. 18. CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (THEN) • Graduate - Career Counseling - Job search (online, newspaper, local industry) - ask friends, family, referrals - Vocational or Technical School - Mcdonald’s or Military - Seminary L3 Career Development Process • Assessment – Where • Knowledge – What • Development – When • Will (power) - Who • Self Efficacy – How • Fulfillment – Be *This follows the H.E.R.O. Model CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (NOW) Career Development Comparison What’s your career search process? Traditionally,thishappensina 5Year Plan Findaposition–checkyourskills –Application–PrepInterview–Interview–PostInterview–JobOffer–Accept–GetStarted-
  19. 19. Career Assessments Some examples of career profiles and programs
  20. 20. This is similar to the MBTI Personality (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) Get your 4-letter Type formula that shows your strengths & preferences Color Career Counselor for Career Assessment (Interests & Styles) This site has about 9 valuable tools to help you narrow your career fit Personality and Career Assessments are very good tools to help you fit your strengths and personality to the career or position that’s right for you. Based on some reports, the positive outcome of job satisfaction is a direct result of the findings in career interpretations of these personality assessments. One would have to purchase the personal career profile to get a more detailed explanation of the findings from any of the assessments. Many use personality assessments and some take it to the higher level of evaluation with emotional intelligence assessments in order to verify the choice of advancement to highly demanding executive roles. Career & Personality Assessments Online assessments that match you with your best career
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  22. 22. Some examples of career profiles and programs
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Recently, journalist Dawn Siff created a Vine video that serves as a sort of resume; even though it's only six seconds long (the limit for Vine), she summarizes herself: "Idea machine Dawn Siff. Journalist. Strategist. Manager. Deadline Jedi." For each phrase, she changes the visuals, holding, variously, a light bulb, microphone, Rubik Cube, wristwatch and even a light saber. (
  25. 25. PracticalTools for the Job Seeker Interview Mistakes: 1- Never take a coffee cup into an interview 2- Chewing gum while talking is a no-no 3- Talking too much with your hands 4- Ignoring everyone on your way to the interview 5- Having no answer for “why should we hire you?” Preparing for an interview: 1- Confirm the time and place and thank the HR manager 2- Clarify/Verify how you will get to your interview on time 3- No other appointments should conflict with your interview time 4- Dress for the part. Don’t overdress (Not going to a disco or church) 5- Know 3 key things about the company interviewing you. 6- Know the answer to “what makes you the right fit for the company?” 7- What do you bring to this company that no one else can? 8- Be prepared. Nice brief case, 10 copies of resume, pen for taking notes and ask questions after the initial interview. 9- Be conscious of your physiology. Handshakes, sitting, control your nerves, eye contact, non-verbals etc 10- Develop 5 interesting questions for the interviewer
  26. 26. “If you wish to move mountains tomorrow,you must start by lifting stones today.” - African Proverb
  27. 27. H.E.R.O. Model Applied (12 mths) Monthly training modules for those of excellence & high achievement A membership account for deeper and continuous learning experience Collaboration for Strategic Growth & Contribution eGroup Think Tank for community solutions (Interactive Seminar) Advanced Personal Coaching (1-1 & Group) / More options for a deeper experience: Advanced Personal Coaching -One on One Career Coaching -We use the HERO Model to help you find out how to get clear on your direction and destination -The eGroup Think Tank -In this group we are online collaborating about business success, community networking and future solutions that contribute to a wealthy n healthy lifestyle -HERO is High Excellence Results Option. This is the premier human performance sequence for anyone that demand the very best of themselves Beyond the future For Advanced personal & professional development AdvancedTraining Available “Potential to Performance” For updates Unlocking the Genius Code within
  28. 28. These books are just some of the many great readings for personal development. The objective is to provide you with some additional resources that have helped me and I know they will help you. Reading good material helps to build key knowledge to further your aspirations toward a better outcome. Further education Reading for growth & results… Action1 • A personal and professional guide to increasing your ability to know your true self. • The best delivery of practical examples and stories that will inspire you to action. • If you are stuck and looking to get back on your path or create the best chance for success this is the book for you. Action2 • • This book is most certainly the description of its title. The Charge • The author has outline 10 of the most powerful drives that make you feel alive. • If you are preparing to take on your ideas in a big way, this book will give you the real direction and quality motivation to leave the excuses and go! Action3 • • Leader who had no title is one of the best leadership books by this globally successful author. • From page 1 to the end you will be put in the shoes of a normal working person that is guided to raise his level of leadership without being a mgr or supervisor. Feel undervalued this is for you.
  29. 29. The Last Piece is in place… Now, ask yourself, “What am I going to do?” Am I prepared to take action? Am I waiting for someone else to give me a chance or will I go out and create my destiny? What will I do with the knowledge/information? Be powerful or powerless?
  30. 30. These options feature benefits no matter what you choose. The objective is when you seek knowledge and received useful knowledge/information it is best to take action for the next steps immediately. When you decide on a course of action then you have a better than average chance of succeeding and following through on that decision. We all have goals and dreams that we most likely continue to think about yet, until now we had no real system to bring them into existence… Now You Do! Decision time What action will you take… •Stay in your current job and increase my value. • training courses • workshops • add certifications • online education Action 1 • Change careers or go after my dream of ownership • find out how to start • use online resources • research the market • check your commitment Action 2 • Choose a personal coach to help • identify your potential • establish your vision • develop your M.A.P. • facilitate accountability Action 3
  31. 31. “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” - Muhammad Ali
  32. 32. Thank You for viewing. Main Site: To offer a tailored presentation to your team email: For bookings and speaking: For personal coaching(career, relationship, performance)