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8 Ways To Get the Attention of Top Companies


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Taken from a larger course, here are 8 positively interesting and effective ways to attract top recruiters for your best career move. Find out how to create the best way to get you foot in the door. Challenge yourself to be different and shine.

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8 Ways To Get the Attention of Top Companies

  1. 1. Taken from the “Get Your Career in Gear” SeriesProduced by L3 Coaching SolutionsPresents
  2. 2. – with the type, location and work schedule.(you may have to twist and turn to fit yet, with the right attitude you will be smiling much)1Introducing Yusif, my son the model
  3. 3. (for example, Role Playing like a kid. Imagine you are the Manager or Director and model your career path to mirror theirs )2
  4. 4. – Build a online profile? What will a search uncover?(grow your profile professionally online and offline as you develop through your career)Race Car DriverThought Leader?Computer Technician3
  5. 5. – from the clutter called resumes.(create the (VCV)RLR or Real Live Resume for the right impact and immediate showcase of your skills)Some photo taken from
  6. 6. 5 – Aggressively Pursue Personal & Professional Development(Look for certifications in your career field or specialty. Don’t wait for your company to offer, go after it to get the competitive edge)Photo taken from 8 Ways to be 10x Better5
  7. 7. Key development through coaching, mentoring and interviewing- Professionals use Career Think Tanks6
  8. 8. – Mastering the critical task of Marketing yourself; “Lean In”Stay away from:Partner: Don’t talk about being part of the leadership before you get a jobofferPromotion: Do not ask if you would be promoted and what time frame beforeyou get a job offerPossibilities: Don’t push your interviewer to give you predictions of whatcould possibly happen for you in this positionBe sure and Lean In:Position: Always be clear on what you will be doing when hired and whereyou will be workingPast Performance: Create content of your knowledge growth, skillsenhancement and abilities to showcase along your career pathPreparation: This is most critical. Do not attempt a career transition withoutpreparation. Properly prepare for the peaks and pitfalls that are inherent inthe career development journey.7
  9. 9. 8 – Impress recruiters with your Blog(Show that you have insight deeper than just a resume bullet. Highlight your forward thinking by discussing thought provoking topics)Photo taken from somewhere online8
  10. 10. For more information about similar training please go to: www.8ways2be10xbetter.usFor information about booking please go to www.rashidhhill.comFor inquiries or comments email Rashid Hill @ l3.thebrand@gmail.comPresents