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  • excellent work Ramu -The Genie of 90 batch --IIT BHU

    will be a great tool for really growth aspiring individuals and corporates in this tougher and ever increasing challenging environmment.

    KUDOS !!!!
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3D Talent Selection - Features

  1. 1. 3D Talent Selection Making Your Recruitment Better, the Scientific & Simple Way
  2. 2. Your Challenges Hiring the right talent is critical to your organization’s success. However, it’s not without it’s challenges.  Potential wastage of resources – time, manpower & money looking for a purple squirrel  Looking for the completely wrong candidate because of “Chinese Whispers” – different understanding of hiring expectations between hiring managers, HR, recruiters & candidates
  3. 3. Your Challenges Making a bad hire can create significant ripples in your organization including fewer sales, lowered quality of products & services, negative impact on client relations, and more.
  4. 4. The 3D TS Solution  Eliminate distortion in the hiring process through a clear JD that scientifically helps you identify the right skills for the job  Maximize hiring efficiency by providing transparency and setting expectations at all levels of hiring  Simplify candidate screening & assessment
  5. 5. What is 3D TS? 3DTalent Selection (3DTS) is a simple, scientific and powerful web based application to enable management of expectations across the recruitment cycle and help screen & assess candidates
  6. 6. Highlights of 3D TS  Create the right JD with desired mandatory & optional skills in <5 min  Define role configurations for candidates (individual contributor, manager, business leader) and probe value additions to qualify suitability  Screen & evaluate candidates transparently  Web-based, hosted on the cloud; accessible anywhere and no additional hardware / software required
  7. 7. Highlights of 3D TS  Easily identify best fit candidates for the job from the list of applicants  Simple & efficient third party / recruiting vendor management  No implementation hassles – just get started right away  Low cost; free to create JDs, candidate application available at substantially lower cost compared to other candidate screening systems
  8. 8. How Does 3DTS Work? One-time configuration of TS in <5m Create JD in <5m, picking and choosing desired skills Edit,Approve & Publish JD to Internal & External Recruiters Collect candidate information from recruiters & candidates Aggregate & analyze responses to recruit the best-fit candidate
  9. 9. 3DCP - The Key 3DCP (3D Capabilities Profile) is a proprietary skills profiling framework developed after intense research 3DCP allows you to pick and choose the desired skills and role configurations to create a scientific, accurate profile of the desired candidate’s qualifications.
  10. 10. 3DCP – Conceptual Framework Skills Roles  Functional / Technical Skills  Individual Contributor Role  Behavioral / Soft Skills  Managerial Role  Managerial / Leadership Skills  Entrepreneur / Business Leader Role  Proficiencies in those skills  Value delivered across these roles
  11. 11. 3DCP – Skills Database Skill Database Highlights  Exhaustive – Covering diverse functions across industries  Cataloged and Structured – Bringing contextual and detailed skills capturing  Evolving – Dynamically updated to reflect the latest skills & industry trends
  12. 12. 3DCP – Front End Intuitive web application for the user  Fast – Collect skill profile information in just under 5 min.  Pick and choose or type skills to add them to the profile  Accessible anywhere, through a web browser, on any device
  13. 13. 3DTS Walkthrough Configuration
  14. 14. 3DTS Walkthrough Create JD – Candidate Info
  15. 15. 3DTS Walkthrough Create JD – Skills & Proficiencies
  16. 16. 3DTS Walkthrough Create JD – Roles & Value Indicators
  17. 17. 3DTS Walkthrough Candidate Application
  18. 18. 3DTS Walkthrough Interview Panel Feedback
  19. 19. 3DTS Walkthrough Candidate Management
  20. 20. 3DTS Walkthrough Candidate Feedback Review
  21. 21. Ready to find out more about empowering your organization with 3DTS? ► Free Trial 3DTalent Selection empowers your organization to simplify and streamline your recruitment to ensure transparency, JD clarity and simplicity of assessment leading to a high savings in cost per hire. Get started today. Call Ramu at +91 98407 14525 or write back to us on LinkedIn