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The official magazine of the Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan and the 3d ESC.

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Sustainer Novemver

  1. 1. November2012 Sustainer Published in the interest of Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan Soldiers and their Families JSC-A opens MWR facility Page 6Trans Soldiers man checkpoints Page 5
  2. 2. Volume6 Sustainer November2012On the inside ... From the editor:Commander’s Corner Welcome to the sixth edition of Sustainer magazine - a monthly publication by the Joint Sus- Page 3 tainment Command - Afghanistan Public Affairs Of- fice.The Chaplain’s Office Page 3 This magazine is for you - Soldiers and Fami- lies of the JSC-A. We’d like to get your feedback onCSM’s Corner the content and anything you’d like to see in future Page 4 issues, so send me an e-mail, or write on our Face- book wall ( checkpoints As always, be sure to keep informed through Page 5 the 3d ESC and FRG Facebook pages for the latest on events and information. A new MWR facility Page 6 Sgt. 1st Class Rob Strain Sustainer Editor822nd ends their mission Page 7JSC-A SAMC 5K Page 8Dodgeball! The Sustainer magazine is an authorized publication for members of the DOD. Page 9 Contents of Sustainer are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or the Department of the Army. The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)Combatives Public Affairs Office. Page 10 Brig. Gen. Kristin French, Commanding General, 3d ESC Maj. Jim Bono, Public Affairs OfficerEO and JAG Sgt. 1st Class Rob Strain, Sustainer Editor Sgt. Justin Silvers, Assistant Editor Page 11 Staff Sgt. Michael Behlin, Sustainer Staff WriterSafety: Winter Driving Sgt. Candice L. Funchess, Sustainer Staff Writer Contributing Writers: Sgt. Gregory Williams Page 12 The Sustainer staff can be reached by email at, byAnd much more ... phone: (502) 624-8523, or by mail to 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), ATTN: PAO, 1747 Old Ironsides Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40121. ON THE COVER: Soldiers from Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan cut a ribbon in celebration of the new Moral, Welfare and Recreation Fa- cility opening on Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, September 26, 2012. Page 2
  3. 3. Volume6 Sustainer November2012 Commander’s Corner - Afghanistan Joint Sustainment Command Brig. Gen. Kristin FrenchSustainer Families and friends, Along with the mission support, the previous month was The Joint Sustainment full of great events in AfghanistanCommand -Afghanistan continues and in the United States. Thoseto stay extremely busy as we head of us in Afghanistan held a veryinto the last couple of months of successful JSC-A Commanders/our deployment. As I journey out CSMs Symposium where over 40on battlefield circulation, I see logistics leaders met to discussour Soldiers supporting multiple relevant issues. And 3d ESC HQsmissions, conducting retrograde completed our semi-annual physi-operations and preparing for rede- cal fitness test. The team backployment. Of note, CSM Roberts at Fort Knox supported 3d ESC’sand I recently had the opportunity popular “Trunk or Treat” Hal-to travel to Al Udied Airbase in loween celebration and closed outQatar to visit some of our JSC-A the Fall sports seasons. Everyonepersonnel. The Officers and Sol- kept up with family and friendsdiers deployed there are all doing a via email, phone and Skype. Allfantastic job! in all, October went by quickly and I am sure November will too. All JSC-A Sustainers con-tinue to exceed my expectations. continue to prepare the operation- So, we must continue toEach week our subordinate units al bases for the upcoming winter be flexible and vigilant in theconduct multiple combat logistics months by prepositioning stocks months ahead. Our units remainpatrols (ie; convoys), process and and forward positioning sup- immersed in operations and ourdistribute thousands of pounds plies. We continue to transition focus on success and mission ac-of mail (to include absentee bal- in/out our subordinate units as complishment must not falter. Welots), and receive, store and issue they mark nine months deployed. will be in the end zone before wethousands of repair parts, numer- And we have started to assist in know it! Thanks to all for yourous short tons of ammunition, the training of our successor unit continued support.and thousands of gallons of fuel. as they prepare for arrival intoBut even with all our successes Afghanistan. Sustaining the Line!to date, there is more to do. We Brig. Gen. Kristin K. French The Chaplain’s Command - Afghanistan Joint Sustainment Office Sustainer 6 Chaplain Collie FosterThanksgiving Can Change efits of being a grateful person. more attractive to others, andYour Life they will want to be around us By being a grateful person more. Being a grateful person will On the fourth Thursday we can increase our personal hap- also enhance our relationships.of this month we will all be gath- piness. We’ve been taught that our There is one thing I have noticedering together with our families happiness is somehow dependent about some married couples. Afteror at least our military family, if on how well things go for us. But a while, many of them becomedeployed, and hopefully we will happiness is really determined ungrateful and take each otherremember to do more than eat a by our perspective in life, not by for granted. We need to let ourmeal and watch football or make circumstances. If we learn to be spouses know how grateful we area mad dash for the mall. The grateful people, despite circum- to have them in our lives.Thanksgiving Holiday gives us the stances, that will greatly improveperfect opportunity to transform our happiness. I hope this Thanksgivingour lives from those of grumbling Holiday brings many wonderfuland complaining to lives of joy and Being a grateful person changes in your life and the life ofgratitude. can also improve how others see your family. us. Having a look of gratitude Let’s look at several ben- and joy will certainly make us Chaplain Foster 3 Page
  4. 4. Volume6 Sustainer November2012 Command Sgt. Command - Afghanistan Joint Sustainment Maj.’s Corner Command Sgt. Maj. Karl RobertsGreetings from Kandahar Air- battlefield promotions have beenfield, a popular method of promotion, but I warn that it is not for every- Greetings Sustainers, fami- one. Only our brightest and mostlies and friends of the 3d Sustain- qualified will receive these promo-ment Command (Expeditionary). tions, so for our Soldiers, pleaseWe have now closed the chapter on don’t stop doing what you need toanother month for this deployment be promoted through our normaland are now even closer to com- home to you. Once again, yourSoldiers have performed admirably Well, as I mentioned ear-in their duties and I am extremely lier, we have now closed anotherproud of all they’ve accomplished. chapter of this deployment and are getting closer to coming home. With the deployments end With this edition of the Sustainer,drawing near, I just wanted to take I really wanted to remind our Sol-the time to remind our Soldiers diers that they’re many opportuni-that even though you’re on the ties available for them and I reallybattlefield, there are many oppor- advise them to take advantage.tunities available to you. As always I would like to For our Soldiers currently thank everyone for their supportdeployed to Afghanistan, the op- as we look forward to reunitingportunities available include being with our families and friends uponable to take college courses, attend Center offers several college and our return to Fort Knox.noncommissioned officer educa- educational options with schoolstion system schools and receive via the internet, and in some Sustaining the Line!battlefield promotions, to name a cases, on-post. CSM Karl A. Robertsfew. As a convenience to Soldiers, Sustainer 7the Kandahar Airfield Education Since we’ve deployed,Find something that worked - or didn’t work? Let CALL knowCALL Lessons Learned NIPR website:https://call2army.milArmy Professional Forums: SIPRNET Homepage: SIPRNET OEF Current Operations: Center for Army Lessons Learned rapidly collects, analyzes, disseminates and archives OIL, TTP and op-erational records in order to facilitate rapid adapation initiatives and conduct focused knowledge sharing andtransfer that informs the Army and enables operationally based decision making, integration, and innovation throughout the Army and within the JIIM environment. 4 Page
  5. 5. Volume6 Sustainer November2012Transportation Soldiers man checkpoint, track deliveries Sgt. Gregory Williams KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - As U.S.Forces continue to drawdown, Kandahar Airfieldremains one of the central hubs for the redeploymentprocess. Cargo from surrounding forward operatingbases can take weeks or months to arrive. Upon arrival, Afghan drivers are processedinto a biometric security system and wait in a hold-ing area ran by Soldiers with the transportation unit.Sharing security duties with Belgian forces, the unitdeals with hundreds of Afghans on a weekly basis. As the Sustainers make sure drivers arepicked up by their escorts, the unit knows that eachvehicle means more cargo leaving the country. Pfc. Jessica D. Williams, a movement specialist with the 612th Movement Control Detachment, works on a host nation trucking report Oct. 11, 2012 The 612th Movement Control Team at Kandahar Airfield.(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Gregory Williams)tracks deliveries at an entry control point on Kanda-har Airfield. The report details how many trucks have completed their deliveries and gives Joint Sustain- “Our system works well because our Soldiers ment Command - Afghanistan an idea of how manyknow the mission inside and out,” said Sgt. Nikita V. host nation trucks are completing their missions.Lewis, an entry control noncommissioned officer withthe 612th MCT. “We have great force protection and “The report is so important because it com-interpreters, so as the drawdown continues I’m sure bines all the information for entry control points andwe’ll have no problems as more trucks arrive to the the KAF tracking yard, which makes sure all num-base.” bers match up,” Sievers said. “What we do in this office makes sure contractors, commands, and our Lewis said that without the unit’s effort, driv- Soldiers are on the same page.”ers would be waiting for their escorts for days andthe goal is to try to get as many drivers in on a daily The unit does encounter challenges whenbasis. drivers aren’t able to complete deliveries to the base, which affects their daily report. “We try not to keep the drivers more than 72hours and the great part about our mission is that “Getting in contact with customers is an is-we’re able to send them straight to the CRSP yard,” sue that we constantly face because a majority ofLewis said. “Our mission is to help make sure stuff them will provide us with the wrong point of contact,”gets out of KAF.” Lewis said. “If we can’t get the drivers in we’ll give them a gate pass so they can rest for the day until we As the transportation Soldiers tackle the ECP, get their escort. Slowly though this is becoming lesstheir counterparts provide customer service to carri- of a problem.”ers and commanders trying to track incoming deliv-eries. For the past six months, the 612th MCT has processed more than 21,000 drivers through its ECP Spc. Dawnie M. Sievers, a movement control and Sievers said when their replacements arrive theyspecialist with the 612th MCT, said her job is impor- will learn how the mission contributes to the draw-tant because customers rely on the information she down in order to see if their shipment has arrived. “Nothing happens till something moves, which “I deal with a lot of customers, especially if is what we make possible,” Sievers said. “When wethe cargo is mission essential and it hasn’t come in first got here our unit picked up the mission verybecause this affects a lot of people on base,” Sievers quickly.said. “My job is a good way for carriers to make suredeliveries are made.” Our unit really works well together and when we go home we’ll leave knowing that we did a great Cargo coming from the surrounding FOBs job”and the Kandahar tracking yard are put onto theunit’s report and can be tracked on the ground arearegulation site, which is all tracked by the unit’s bat-talion. Page5
  6. 6. Volume6 Sustainer November2012JSC-A opens MWR facility Staff Sgt. Michael Behlin KANDAHAR AIRFIELD,Afghanistan - The Joint Sustain-ment Command - Afghanistanrecently opened its own Morale,Welfare and Recreation facility atKandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. The command held an of-ficial ribbon cutting ceremony forthe facility on Sept. 26, 2012, andit has been in heavy use since itsdoors opened to Soldiers and civil-ians of the 3d Sustainment Com-mand (Expeditionary) and JSC-A. According to the JSC-A’sleadership, the facility was openedto afford their Soldiers the oppor-tunity to have a MWR facility oftheir own within their compound. Spc. Truman Claytor, a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist with the 3d Sustain- ment Command (Expeditionary) and Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan, checks out the “It’s been a long time com- new MWR facility during its grand opening on Sept. 26. The new MWR facility will afford soldiers anding but I wanted to make sure our civilians of the JSC-A and 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) an opportunity to take care ofSoldiers have something to call their communications needs without leaving their compound.their own here,” said Command the new MWR facility arrived and municate with family and friendsSgt. Maj. Karl A. Roberts, the 3d was constructed into what it is or relax during downtime.ESC and JSC-A’s senior enlisted today.leader. “The building of this facil- “The ability to go some-ity was planned by our Soldiers, “After getting rid of the where within the compound to en-for our Soldiers.” old facility, the command decided joy something fun and be able to to design a MWR that everyone relax is a good situation to have,” When the 3d ESC arrived would actually want to use,” said said Kandahar Airfield in April, the Staff Sgt. David Late, a satelliteJSC-A compound included an communication systems opera- While Kandahar Airfield’sMWR facility that was essentially tor maintainer and Newington, USO and MWR facilities are alla tent designed as a gym in order Conn. native with the JSC-A. “Not within walking distance, JSC-Afor personnel to be able to work long after, the J-6 got involved personnel will be able to take careout during the work day. and decided that instead of get- of all their communication needs ting weights and ping pong tables, without leaving their compound. While this may sound like go the technology route and geta nice setup, the actual condition SPAWAR, which uses communica- With a total of 10 computerof the facility was far worse than tions technology through satellite stations and five phones, the JSC-could be imagined. The previous to provide internet and telephone A MWR is considered to be oneMWR was subject to the constant service.” of the nicest and well equippedwear and tear associated with in theater, according to the com-being in Afghanistan and was a After coordinating with mand’s leadership.main attraction for rodents looking the U.S. Navy Space and Navalfor shelter. Warfare Systems (SPAWAR) to set “Our Soldiers did an excel- up the necessary wiring, servers lent job in making sure we had ev- Within days of taking over and antenna needed for service, erything we needed to build whatas the senior logisticians in coun- the JSC-A’s Army Chief Informa- I consider to be one of the nicesttry and becoming responsible for tion section began to emplace the MWR facilities in Afghanistan,”all logistics operations in Afghani- hardware needed to create the facil- said Roberts. “While not as big asstan, the 3d ESC tore down the ity. some of the others in theater, thisprevious facility and began the facility is better pound for poundplanning process for a new MWR. Since its grand opening, than most of the others I’ve seen the JSC-A MWR has been a popu- and I’m proud that we could put After months of planning, lar site for Soldiers looking to com- our stamp on it.” Page6
  7. 7. Volume6 Sustainer November2012822nd MCT ends mission in Afghanistan Staff Sgt. Michael Behlin Having deployed to Kandahar Airfield in De- KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - The cember 2011, the 822nd MCT hit the ground running822nd Movement Control Team officially ended its and was responsible for the movement of more thanmission in Afghanistan during a transfer of authority 250,000 passengers and 200,000,000 pounds ofceremony at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Satur-, Oct. 20. During its time in Afghanistan, the 822nd The 822nd MCT, a U.S. Army Reserve unit MCT was responsible for the redeployment planning offrom Boston, Mass., transferred its mission of per- more than 200 individual units in regional com-forming movement control functions for the move- mands south, southwest and west.ment of units, cargo and personnel in and through-out an assigned area of operations to the 576th MCT, Capt. Donald Buda, the commander of thean Army Reserve unit from Panama City, Fla. 822nd MCT, said he was amazed at his soldiers ac- complishments and that they should be proud of While in Afghanistan, the 822nd MCT con- everything they’ve done.tributed to the biggest air lift operation since theCold War, moving more than 17.2 million pounds of “When I’ve asked you guys to do the impos-equipment in a five-month period. sible, you did,” Buda said to his soldiers. “I cannot tell you how proud I am of you.” During his speech, Maj. Kevin Ward, theexecutive officer for the 49th Joint Movement Control Although they’re new to the Afghanistan the-Battalion, thanked the soldiers of the 822nd MCT for ater of operations, the 576th MCT is no stranger totheir hard work and dedication to the mission. deployments, having last deployed to Iraq in 2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. “Capt. Buda, you and your soldiers have donean outstanding job here the past 12 months,” Ward Capt. Ronald Myers, the 576th MCT com-said to the 822nd MCT’s commander. “You and your mander, said that he looks forward to his upcomingsoldiers have never given up, and only pushed for- deployment and that his soldiers are ready to take onward to improve the mission you were given.” the redeployment mission. “I’m really proud of my unit because we worked really hard to get to this point,” said Myers. “We all know what we have been through to get here, so we are looking forward to working hard and make America proud of us.” ‘You and your Soldiers have never given up, and only pushed forward to improve the mission you were given’ --Maj. Kevin Ward Capt. Ronald Myers, the commander of the 576th Movement Control Team, and Staff Sgt. James Smith, the 576th MCT’s detachment sergeant, uncase their unit’s colors during a trans- fer of authority ceremony on October 20, at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan Page 7
  8. 8. Volume6 Sustainer November2012JSC-A S.A.M.C. sponsors TAPS 5KMaster Sgt. Wyman Loveless (center), the religious support senior enlisted advisor and president of the Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistanchapter of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, gets runners started during the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors 5K on October 19. The 5K wassponsored by the JSC-A chapter of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and raised nearly $10,000 for TAPS. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Behlin) Staff Sgt. Michael Behlin help other organizations,” said Sgt. Anthony Mc- caskill, a construction equipment repairer with the KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - The 45th Sustainment Brigade and vice-president of theJoint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan chapter JSC-A chapter of the S.A.M.C. “It starts with us se-of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club sponsored a 5K lecting a charity and goes from there. This time, therun/walk at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan on Fri- charity we selected is TAPS.”day, October 19. According to Mccaskill, the S.AM.C. sold Headquartered by Fort Knox’s 3d Sustain- anywhere from 800-900 t-shirts for the 5K. Withinment Command (Expeditionary), the JSC-A S.A.M.C. 4-days, he said they were sold out, as many wereraised nearly $10,000 to be donated to the Tragedy purchased just in support of TAPS.Assistance Program for Survivors, a not-for-profitorganization that provides peer-based emotional Mccaskill said that the success of the eventsupport, grief and trauma resources, casework as- could be credited to the JSC-A’s S.A.M.C. memberssistance, and connections to community-based care and prospective candidates, who were involved infor those grieving the death of a loved one in military both the planning and execution process.service to America. “I feel that the 5K was very well received, as To date, TAPS has assisted more than 35,000 evident by the support we got,” said Mccaskill. “Itsurviving family members, casualty officers and makes you proud because not only do you get sup-caregivers. Nearly 600 runners participated in the port from members of the club, but also from Soldiersevent and showed support to the cause. who’re inspired by the leaders and want to be a part of it.” “As members of the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club,we’re a non-profit organization that always seeks to See SAMC, next page Page8
  9. 9. Volume6 Sustainer November2012SAMC, from previous Since organizing at Kandahar Airfield, the JSC-A has sponsored many events in support of oth- er organizations. But regardless of the event, many members and participants were proud to just be part of a good cause. “Since our deployment began, I’ve been a big supporter of events like this, which are for a worthy cause,” said Delveto Johns, an automated logistical specialist with the 3d ESC and JSC-A who partici- pated in the 5K. “I’m always proud to participate in events that are bigger than myself, and which seek to help others.” The Sgt. Audie Murphy Club is a private U.S. Army organization for enlisted noncommissionedChief Warrant Officer Aaron Bryant of the Joint Sustainment Command - officers only. Members must... “...exemplify leader-Afghanistan and 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), signs a chair ship characterized by personal concern for the needs,to be donated to Kandahar Airfield’s Wounded Warrior center during the training, development, and welfare of Soldiers andTragedy Assistance Program for Survivors 5K on October 19. The 5K wassponsored by the JSC-A chapter of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and concern for Families of Soldiers.”raised nearly $10,000 for TAPS. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. MichaelBehlin)Dodgeball Recently the Officers of theJ2, J3, and Support Operations(SPO) challenged the officers of theremaining primary and specialstaff to a game of combat dodgeball. After a few days of trashtalking and each side telling theother side what the outcome of thematch would be, the two teamscame together on October 3 tosettle the dispute. The result was a slaughteras the primary and special staffofficers quickly disassembled anysort of attack brought on by theJ2/J3 and SPO team. The pri-mary and special staffs’ rapid and Officers from the J2/J3 and Support Operations sections of JSC-A particpate in a game of dodge- ball on October 3. Photo by Support Operations section. accurate return fire proved deadly as they quick- ly eliminated what small threat appeared on the court by the numerically superior J2/J3 and SPO team. After the match, Col. Rich Parker, the J3, was overheard saying “It was scary out there, and I wish I hadn’t started this.” Needless to say the primary and special staff routed the other team by a score of 4-1. Fun was had by all. Page 9
  10. 10. Volume6 Sustainer November2012JSC-A South keeps Soldiers busy There are ten different sections that make up contemporary service praise team supporting VictoryJSC-A Detachment South to include J-staff, special Chapel for the past five months as one of only twostaff, and Support Operations (SPO) branches for a Army Soldiers that volunteer with the Air of 40 personnel. In addition to providing mis-sion support to JSC-A in Afghanistan, DET South is DET South has conducted a total of fiveactively engaged in the local area in a variety of ways. re-enlistment ceremonies at various locations in the area with the most recent being Staff Sgt. Woz- DET South put together a basketball team niak. to compete in the Labor Day Invitational BasketballTournament. Capt. Tonya Jackson, Chief Warrant Officer Litrena Gordon, and Sgt. 1st Class Eric Nelson have Team members included Maj. Brian Hawkins, coordinated, on more than one occasion, cookouts forSgt. 1st Class Steven Barthmaier, Sgt. Jose Valentin, all DET South members to enjoy.Spc. Ronald Harvey, Spc. Joseph Mayhew, and oneNavy service member. DET South participated in the Transient Wounded Warrior Food and Clothes Drive, donating Sgt. 1st Class Steven Barthmaier from the many care packages to the cause.JSC-A SPO Human Resources Operations Branch(HROB), recently coordinated and instructed a level 1 Master Sgt. McManus Suzuki and Sgt. 1stcombatives class for members of DET South and U.S. Class Eric Nelson were formally invited into the En-Forces - Afghnistan Reach Back cell. listed Top 3 club that influences policy in the area. A total of 10 service members attended and DET South is very actively engaged in thegraduated the course. local area in a variety of ways to help pass the time and give back to Soldiers and the community. Capt. Matthew Otto has participated in theSgt. 1st Class Steven Barthmaier, from the JSC-A SPO Human Resources Operations Branch, teaches a class on combatives to members of the JSC-Adetachment south. (Courtesy photo) Page10
  11. 11. Volume6 Sustainer November20122012 American Indian Heritage Month JSC-A Equal Opportunity Office After nearly a centuryof advocacy, National AmericanIndian Heritage Month was recog-nized through joint resolution byCongress in 1990. National American IndianHeritage month-most commonlyknown as Native-American Heri-tage month- emphasizes the sig-nificant contributions of AmericanIndians to our country and ourheritage. The celebration of Ameri- ber which they unselfishly offered American Indians have can Indian Month emphasizes the as a benefit to our nation andserved and are currently serving tremendous diversity of culture the United States Armed Forces and rich heritage of the Indians.with great distinction and honor As of today, 24 Nationalby defending the security of our American Indians have earned thenation with their ultimate sacri- Medal of Honor for their couragefice. and devotion to our nation. The Army believes that We salute the Americanthere is strength in diversity. Indians’ contributions as a Soldier, veteran, civilian and family mem-Judge Advocate General: Know the rules Some Soldiers destroy promising careers, and or saying essentially, “Don’t tell them it was me."it’s not always because they are caught stealing, us- -- Soliciting another to commit an drugs or misusing their government computer. -- Disloyal statements: watch what you postHaving served as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and on social media websites.military magistrate, I’ve seen people lose their ca- -- False or unauthorized pass offenses: thisreers (and their liberty) for many reasons: from voy- offense also applies to altering your identificationeurism to disloyal statements, to graft and sedition, card, loaning your ID to someone or having an unau-and even wrongful cohabitation. Often-times, the thorized ID card.Soldier knows that what he or she is doing is wrong; -- Voyeurism (obtaining sexual gratificationhowever, in a number of cases Soldiers got into trouble from observing unsuspecting individuals who arebecause they failed to know the rules. partly un-dressed or naked) this is now found under Article 120 as “indecent conduct." The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) -- Graft: compensation for services performednot only prohibits “normal” crimes we think of such in an official manner when no compensation is murder, assault, and theft, but it also criminalizes -- Sedition: think “mutiny,” but in the over-certain conduct which would not be prohibited the ci- throw of civil authority sense versus military author-vilian sector. The following is a list of several Uniform ity.Code of Military Justice offenses people may not haveencountered: In addition to offenses listed in the UCMJ, the Joint Sustainment Command has published its -- Fleeing the scene of an accident: both the General Order Number 1, prohibiting certain types ofdriver and the senior ranking passenger can be conduct while Soldiers are deployed to the Afghani-charged with an offense. stan Area of Operations. -- Drunk and disorderly: you can violate thisprovision by being drunk, disorderly or both. It‘s the responsibility of every Soldier in the -- Misprision of a serious offense: concealing a command to have read and to understand the con-serious offense committed by another. tents of GO #1. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. -- Obstructing justice: intimidating a witness 1 Page1
  12. 12. Volume6 Sustainer November2012The cold is coming: Safe Winter Driving JSC-A Safety Office Have On Hand: flashlight, Winter driving can be jumper cables, abrasive materialhazardous and scary, especially in (sand, kitty litter, even floor mats),northern regions that get a lot of shovel, snow brush and ice scrap-snow and ice. er, warning devices (like flares) and blankets. For long trips, add Additional preparations food and water, medication andcan help make a trip safer, or help cell phone.motorists deal with an emergency. will do: stomp on antilock brakes, Stopped or Stalled? Stay pump on non-antilock brakes. This sheet provides safety in your car, don’t overexert, put * Stopping distances areinformation to your residents to bright markers on antenna or win- longer on water-covered ice andhelp prevent motor vehicle injuries dows and shine dome light, and, ice.due to winter storms. if you run your car, clear exhaust * Don’t idle for a long time pipe and run it just enough to stay with the windows up or in an en- The three Ps of Safe Winter warm. closed space.Driving: Plan Your route: Allow PROTECT YOURSELF PREPARE for the trip; plenty of time (check the weather PROTECT yourself; and and leave early if necessary), be * Buckle up and use child PREVENT crashes on the familiar with the maps/ direc- safety seats properly.road. tions, and let others know your * Never place a rear-facing route and arrival time. infant seat in front of an air bag. PREPARE: * Children 12 and under Practice Cold Weather are much safer in the back seat. Maintain Your Car: Check Driving!battery, tire tread (all season or PREVENT CRASHESwinter), and windshield wipers, * During the daylight, re-keep your windows clear, put no- hearse maneuvers slowly on ice or * Drugs and alcohol neverfreeze fluid in the washer reser- snow in an empty lot. mix with driving.voir, and check your antifreeze. * Steer into a skid. * Slow down and increase * Know what your brakes distances between cars. * Keep your eyes open for pedestrians walking in the road. * Avoid fatigue – Get plenty of rest before the trip, stop at least every three hours, and rotate driv- ers if possible. * If you are planning to drink, designate a sober driver. Follow the three Ps and stay safe this winter. Page12
  13. 13. Volume6 Sustainer November2012 Page13