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Presentatie nav roadshow over impact energie op onze business. Een overzicht van het huidige energielandschap door Energy Ville.

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  1. 1. Overzicht Energielandschap Roadshow Upcycle Your Business Transformation: Energie 16/06/2017
  2. 2. 215/08/2017 Vlaams energieonderzoek onder 1 paraplu: KU Leuven Electa Building Physics Mechanics imec Photovoltaic Research VITO Energy Technology Sustainable Cities UHasselt imo-imomec
  3. 3. 315/08/2017 Overzicht Energielandschap Status globaal energiesysteem Naar een duurzaam energiesysteem? Trends en rol van EnergyVille
  4. 4. 415/08/2017 Status globaal energiesysteem
  5. 5. 515/08/2017 Status globaal energiesysteem Source: ETP 2012, IEA Source: wikipedia, gebaseerd op UN info Source: ETP 2016, IEA
  6. 6. 615/08/2017 Status globaal energiesysteem : elektriciteitsproductie Source: ETP 2014, IEA CO2 intensiteit elektriciteit <40 gCO2/kWh in 2050 (2013: 528 gCO2/kWh) Source: ETP 2016, IEA
  7. 7. 715/08/2017 Status globaal energiesysteem: gebouwen Source: ETP 2016, IEA
  8. 8. 815/08/2017 Status globaal energiesysteem: voertuigen Bron: ETP 2012, IEA Bron: ETP 2016, IEA
  9. 9. 915/08/2017 Naar een duurzaam energiesysteem? land Oliereserves (miljard vaten) (bewezen) Saoudi- Arabië 320 Venezuela 250 Canada 175 Iran 153 Irak 145 Koeweit 107 VAE 98 Rusland 85 Libië 48 Kazachstan 35 rest 150 1566 Momenteel Niet Duurzaam wegens: - milieu-impact globaal en lokaal - Economisch/geopolitiek
  10. 10. 1015/08/2017 Trends en rol van EnergyVille Energy System in Transition Prosumers in Built Environment More Electrification Disruptive Storage Technology DC-grids Unbundling > New services & market modelsInternet of Power More Intermittency and Flexibility Competitive Renewable Energy Thermal heat for the future comfort Interwoven energy vectors
  11. 11. 1115/08/2017 EnergyVille : thema’s
  12. 12. confidential 1215/08/2017 R&D themes and roadmaps Energy Storage Management systems for elektrochemi- cal storage Materials for solid state batteries Systems for long term storage Thermal storage systems Strategy & markets Interoperable flexible trading platforms for energy services and grids Energy monitoring and policy Energy scenarios and strategies Energy networks Decision tools for grid operators High voltage direct current grids (HVDC) thermal networks Micro- and nanogrids with direct current (DC) ThematicsRoadmaps Buildings & Districts Design of energy districts Innovative building concepts Materials & Components High-efficient & aesthetic PV-modules & -panels GaN and passives for power electronics Energy conversion technology
  13. 13. confidential 1315/08/2017 Collaboration with industry Success- ful Mission Opera- tions System Complete & Qualified Opera- tional Demon- stration Demon- stration Valida- tion in Relevant Environ- ment Valida- tion in Lab Proof of Concept Techno- logy Concept Basic Principles Academic Chair Cooperation in publicly financed projects Open innovation Common R&D project Spin-off Technology transfer Contract Research Technology Readiness Level Possible collaboration frameworks
  14. 14. EnergyVille: samenwerking tussen VITO, KU Leuven, imec en Uhasselt More info? @EnergyVille