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Generating Traffic using Inbound Marketing


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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Generating Traffic using Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. big book ofthe inbound marketing
  2. 2. First in the series of three delicious 3Sixty recipesfor increasing website sales
  3. 3. Traffic Tiramisu
  4. 4. Traffic TiramisuS imple and appetizing dish that, if prepared correctly, will ensure that when your key prospects do research on Google, Facebook, or Twitter, they…find your website
  5. 5. Traffic Tiramisu Website Traffic This dish will fill your sales funnel to the brim with scrumptious, life savingQualified Traffic Sales
  6. 6. Traffic Tiramisu Core Ingredients Ample Helping Of Keyword Research Large Portions Of Remarkable Content Efficient SEO Of Website & Content Serving Of Content In Social Media
  7. 7. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Carry Out Customer Research
  8. 8. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Conduct Keyword Research
  9. 9. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Create Buyer Personas
  10. 10. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Develop Content Strategy
  11. 11. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Create Web Pages to Draw Traffic
  12. 12. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Write Regular Blog Articles
  13. 13. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Optimize Pages & Content
  14. 14. Traffic Tiramisu | Preparation Publish Content on Social Media
  15. 15. Want To Learn More? Download This Free Inbound Marketing eBook Click Here