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Deutsche Bahn UK


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We produced a highly successful campaign site for the German railway company Deutsche Bahn in early 2010. The campaign encouraged young people to travel to music festivals across Germany using Deustche Bahn trains and was built around a competition to win tickets and travel to the ‘Melt’ music festival near Berlin. The campaign generated 215% more email sign ups than the target goal.

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Deutsche Bahn UK

  1. 1. Deutsche Bahn UK
  2. 2. Europes’ largestTravel website destination
  3. 3. Problem:Low brand awareness within the UK
  4. 4. Our task: Encourage 18-24 year olds totravel with us to Europe by rail.
  5. 5. Insight:Society is shifting from the status conferred by possession To the status conferred by experiences and stories
  6. 6. We briefed creative: There’s more to travel thana destination – where’s your sense of adventure?
  7. 7. And they responded:Wouldn’t it be fantastic if yourjourney ended with a festival
  8. 8. We created a competition.Winners shared a journey through Europe by rail.
  9. 9. To Melt! Festival in Germany
  10. 10. An experience to share.