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SEO 101


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Search engine optimization can seem scary, but it is necessary to drive quality traffic to your website.

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SEO 101

  1. 1. SEO 101
  2. 2. Keys To Success business owners are exploring SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.More than ever before, consumersrely upon information they find on What Is SEO?the internet to assist them in A search engine is any site on the internetmaking their buying decisions. that allows users to type in a key-phrase or key phrase to search for websites about the entered topic. Examples of the largest internet search engines include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is the process by which web page content is tailored for improving the website’s ranking in search engine results. The higher the websiteEvery business or service provider ranks in search results, the more likely it is– from the coffee shop on the that prospects will click on the link to thatcorner to the cardiologist’s office website, and become clients or buyers. Indowntown – can be searched for addition, a higher search engine ranking creates the perception both with prospectson the internet by today’s average and peers that the business is moreconsumer. The number of websites established and reputable than thosethat provide information about a companies who rank lower in searchservice has now surpassed results.websites that sell productsdirectly. With so much information Before Beginning SEOto filter through and so manyprospects relying on the internet, It sounds simple, but is often a hurdle:optimizing websites for search when approaching SEO, think like aengine ranking has become a prospective client. If you were looking for acritical businesses concern. To company that provides what yours does, what would you type in to a searchensure that their web presence is engine? Come up with at least ten key-strong enough to reachprospective clients and customers,
  3. 3. phrases and key phrases of just a It is important to note that search enginesfew words. each use their own unique algorithms for rankings. While Google may place moreHow SEO Works importance on title and header content, Yahoo may place more importance uponSearch engines make use of their key-phrase density. To compound matters,own unique programs, called search engines may change the algorithm“spiders,” to crawl the web. As the as they deem appropriate. As a result, thespider crawls, information about best approach to Search Engineeach web page is read by the Optimization is a universal one.spider. The information gatheredby the spider tells the search With all of the potential opportunitiesengine what the web page is “online,” it is time to get serious aboutpredominantly about, thereby your website and its contribution to yourallowing the search engine to business.classify the web page. Searchersusing the search engine can thensearch for a key-phrase or keyphrase, and are provided with anappropriate selection of matchesto their search criteria.The challenges SEO presents tobusiness owners can becondensed in to two primaryissues. First, what impactsrankings most significantly; andsecond, what should be done to Key-Phrasesmaximize visibility? Key-Phrases are the words that prospectsTop Factors of SEO Ranking: Key- enter in to search engines to generatePhrases, Page Titles and Headers, search results. Websites effectivelyInbound Links, Longevity and compete with each other for key-phrases;Page Content. if there are thousands of sites utilizing the
  4. 4. same key-phrases (competitive litmus test for key-phrase density isphrases), it will be extremely readability: if the content flows well anddifficult to rise to the top of search does not seem clumsy when read, key-rankings based on key-phrase use phrases are probably not being “stuffed” inalone. To view how intense the to the content.competition is for key-phrases,make use of the Google Key- Page Titles & Section HeadersPhrase Analytics Tool. This toolallows a key-phrase to be The content of page titles and sectionsearched for, and returns headers (subheadings) also impact searchnumerical results that show how engine ranking significantly. It is imperativemany other websites are also that these are key-phrase or key phraseutilizing the same. The tool also intensive, so the previously determined listreveals how many internet users of key-phrases and key phrases will behave been searching for those utilized when crafting this content. While itkey-phrases. may seem creatively appealing to use section headers such as “Who We Are” orA search engine optimized website “What We Do” such generic sectionwill include the most important headers do nothing for search enginekey-phrases in page titles, image ranking, and are best avoided. Use oftitles, section headers, and specific section headers will result inthroughout the text content. The higher search engine ranking for theterm “key-phrase density” simply included key-phrases and key phrases.refers to how often these key-phrases are utilized throughout a Page titles are also an often overlookedwebsite. “Key-Phrase stuffing”, a avenue of SEO. The first words of a page“black-hat” SEO practice that is title are the most critical, as the searchan aggressively punished tactic, engine views these as the most relevant totakes place when key-phrases the content of the page. For example:have been overly or Geraldo’s Costume Shop specializes ininappropriately used throughout a historic period costumes. Geraldo’swebsite, and can adversely affect website could use the generic page titlesearch engine rankings. A safe “Geraldo’s Costume Shop” but a more
  5. 5. effective phrase would also reflect addition, when issuing digital pressthe shop’s specialty. This helps releases, linking back to the companykeep Geraldo out of key-phrase website within the text can create dozenscompetition with other shops that or hundreds of inbound links. Rememberare also selling costumes, but may to include keywords in the linked text. Fornot specialize in historic example, rather than simply including acostumes. An ideal page title or link displayed as,section header would read, create a text link that includes keywords or“Historically Accurate Period key phrases such as “Investment CapitalCostumes - Geraldo’s Costume For Distressed Properties – YourShop.” Remember, the goal of Properties.” where all text within theSEO is to introduce an appropriate quotation marks is linked back towebsite to a prospect based on This way, searchtheir search parameters, to engines see key phrases like “investmentgenerate leads and reach capital” and “distressed companies”prospects who may not already directly in the link, and associate the Yourknow your company name. Those Properties website accordingly.prospects won’t be searching fora company name or website URL; Longevitythey will likely be searching basedupon a key-phrase or key phrase. The length of time a website’s domain name has been in existence is critical to all search engines. The longer the domainInbound Links name has been in existence, the higher itSimply put, the more links there will rank in search results. New websitesare to a website, the higher that are seen as more volatile and less reliablewebsite will rank in search results by search engines than established sites.for those keywords. There are If possible, revitalize existing websitesseveral specialized online instead of creating entirely new ones.directories that feature links onlyto a specific industry, andregistration with these specializedsearch engines is usually free. In
  6. 6. How SEO Impacts The Bottom About 3Sixty InteractiveLine 3Sixty Interactive is a professional agency with over ten years of experience in the digital world. We offer a variety of digital marketing solutions that include search engine optimization, digital advertising, email marketing, social media, customized strategy reports, analytics and maintenance of your marketing plan. Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive at or by calling us at 1-877-43Sixty.A search engine optimized websiteensures visibility in themarketplace. Statistics show thatinternet users typically click onlinks to websites ranking only inthe top ten of their search results,making SEO imperative for drivingtraffic and increasing sales. Whenperformed correctly, SEO targets awebsite specifically to the mostappropriate prospective clientsand customers, at the mostopportune time.