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Every potential customer will fit into one of these four personas. Learning about them and what they each expect will help you increase conversions.

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  1. 1. PERSONAS
  2. 2. You Talkin’ To Me?! associated with a “real” person. Personas are given names, their ages are identified, occupations and demographic information are detailed to assist in bringing this character to life. Then, to increase the business value of a persona, details of the persona’s online goals and behaviors are crated, relevant to the personas buying personality.This famous line by Robert Di Nero fromthe movie Taxi Driver has never been Return On Effortmore applicable that in today’s online So...right now you’re probably wondering,marketing communications. Today’scustomer is indeed king and they are an why should I go through all of this work,exceptionally empowered person. where does all of this information comeAttention spans are at an all time low from and what does a persona look like.and your competition is no more than a All very relevant points so lets answer eachclick away. The answer to these of these points, one at a time.obstacles is to make sure that all of youronline communication is highly relevant The primary reason that you want to goto the person that you are through this effort is so that the onlinecommunicating with. communication that you have with your audience is more relevant to them. And,Personas Defined you want your communication to be more relevant because relevancy directly relatesA persona is a character that represents to converting prospects into customers,a person that is currently or potentially and increasing customers (regardless ofinvolved with your company, your how you define customers) is exactly whyproducts and/or your services. you are marketing your company, productsThese characters are developed to and/or services.include all of the details that would be
  3. 3. Who & What dominant impact on how this person will look for the product, service, or informationThe first step in developing your that they are in search of.personas starts with assembling the Exampleappropriate information for each of yourpersonas. This information will crosstwo characteristics; who the person isthat you are attempting to emulateand how they will engage with yourcompany. The who part will identify alot of the demographic type of Let’s take the CEO of a prospectiveinformation about each of your company that would have a Methodicalpersonas. This will also include market personality. You can see by the personalityniche information about people’s jobs or matrix that this person is going to be verypositions such as s “builder” or a “CEO”. deliberate in their actions and very logicalThe who information is an important in their thought process. This means thatcharacteristic that will play a role in what they are going to visit your website morethis persona is looking for, from you. than once during their decision process,What type of product, services and most they will be on your site for a greater thanimportantly, what type of information. normal amount of time and they will visit aThe how characteristic identifies the greater than average number of pagesmode that your persona will be in when within your website (consequently, yourtheir interaction with you happens. This web presence will have to be of greaterhow mode is directly related to the substance for this person).buyers personality and aligns with one of This persona will be searching outthe four areas within the buyer information that is demonstrable of yourpersonality matrix (Fig 1). companies experience, knowledge andYou will notice where a person fits within skill-set. Evidence will be very important tothis personality matrix will have a
  4. 4. this persona to feel comfortable doing relevance of your marketing effort for thebusiness with you. people that you want to be marketing to.What Personas Look Like About 3Sixty InteractiveThere are a lot of ways that you can 3Sixty Interactive is a professional agencypresent personas, but the best that we with over ten years of experience in thehave found is a layout that will allow the digital world. They offer a variety of digitalreader the ability to see a picture of the marketing solutions that include searchpersona, read their name, gather some engine optimization, digital advertising,information about their demographics email marketing, social media, customizedand then digest a small and quick strategy reports, analytics andscenario about how they will be maintenance of your marketing plan.interacting with your company. This will Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive atprovide you with an at a glance review of or by calling usthe people that you are going to be at 1-877-43Sixty.talking to, what they are interested andhow they want to digest this information.This is the first step in segmenting youraudience and your communications tothose audience members and realizingthe largest single increase in the