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Measure Your Efforts


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The most important part of any digital marketing strategy is measurement. Detailed measurements will provide a guide for future campaigns.

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Measure Your Efforts

  2. 2. Keeping track of what you are doing Applying This Informationwith your website and how it is workingis essential to understanding it’s direct After you start getting the analytical data for youreffect on your business. Also, being able website, it is important that you review thisto easily identify what is working and information at regular intervals so that youwhat is not will save you time and become familiar with the web trends. You will alsomoney in the long run. become very focused on what is happening with your website in relationship to the KPI’s for yourWebsite Analytics site. This consistent focus on your website’s analytics will then help you make informed decisions as to the future needs and direction of your site, including where to invest future development or design budgets. Statistics In addition to web analytics and KPI’s, the use of statistics will add another dimension to the goalsStudying the behavior of your site of your website, without becoming overwhelmedvisitors will help provide you with a by too many types of data and which data is ofbetter understanding of what is working the utmost importance.and what is not. Web analytics provide The following types of statistics are some of theyou with web traffic reports, which will most important factors to keep track of in ordertell you who is coming to your site, to continually upgrade your site and meet thewhere they are being referred from, and needs of your visitors.when they visited.They can also show you what each Referrersvisitor spends the most time looking at.Discovering where visitors are being These are the pages that a visitor was at prior toreferred from will help you learn which coming to your site. This means that the previoussearch engines and key-phrases are page has incorporated a link to your site. You willworking for you, and what changes definitely want to know who is linking to your site.need to be made.
  3. 3. Keeping track of your referring sites will user’s IP address when they access your site.also allow you to determine if your However, this type of data is not always accurate,marketing campaign is working or not. as most people do not have static or fixed IP addresses. Another way to track this data is to utilize cookies. This involves the placement of aBrowser / Platform small file onto your visitor’s computer thatThis information will tell you what type of monitors their activity while at your site.browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet These types of statistics can be a great help inExplorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.) your determining what is working best for your sitevisitors are using to access your site. and what needs to be changed.Not all browsers work the same way, sothis will help you determine if changesneed to be made to your website, forexample, whether or not your siteshould utilize Flash or be JavaScriptheavy.Most visited pagesThis information is a great indicator of About 3Sixty Interactivewhat is working well for your site. This 3Sixty Interactive is a professional agency withwill tell you what pages are heavily over ten years of experience in the digital world.trafficked on your site. This feature will They offer a variety of digital marketing solutionsalso allow you to determine what pages that include search engine optimization, digitalthe visitor is arriving at and leaving from. advertising, email marketing, social media, customized strategy reports, analytics andUnique visitor and repeat visitors maintenance of your marketing plan.This type of data involves keeping track Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive at www.of the first time a visitor accessed yoursite and how many times they return. or by calling us atThe most common way to keep track of 1-877-43Sixty.this type of information is to monitor the