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Get More From The Web


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By learning about everything that is available to you, and how to use it, you can ensure that you are taking advantage of every online opportunity that makes sense for your business.

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Get More From The Web

  2. 2. Keys To Success line. However, it does take a consistent approach to gain these opportunities in aThis paper will provide you with the maturing Online world.concepts to be applied to awebsite project that will assist youin getting more from the Web.It wasn’t that long ago when havinga website that simply gave outinformation was all your businessneeded to gain some onlinesuccess. Those days, however, aregone for good!To realize any success on today’sWeb ver. 2.0, your site has to Planningaddress a combination of needs foryour customer and your business. Planning Fixes Problems!To get your company’s website inline with today’s web user, it takes Building a new website or overhauling anda lot of planning on issues of: updating an existing website to make it more effective is an important aspect of•Information Architecture your business. An effective website is a•Visitor Personas wonderful tool for your company, to help•Task Based Segmentation increase your business, to get your name•User Centered Design out there for everyone to see, and to build•And More... relationships with future and current clients.Today’s successful websites areplanned and measured on a regular Get Serious About Your Site!basis to maximize the Return On With all of the potential opportunitiesInvestment for your business. “online,” it is time to get serious about yourThere are great opportunities website and its contribution to youravailable for your business, On- business.
  3. 3. The information that follows is an Easy To Useoverview of the steps necessary toget your online efforts integrated Information Architecture ROIand performing for your business. That’s right, we are going to talk aboutIdentify KPIs Return On Investment. If your InteractiveIdentifying Key PerformanceIndicators for yourwebsite is the first and mostimportant step in developing youronline efforts. The KPI’s for yoursite are measurable objectives thatyour business needs to receivefrom all of your online initiatives. Bytaking the time to define the KPI’sfor your online presence(s) you willfind an improved Return On Agency cannot explain what yourInvestment (ROI) because of a company’s ROI is going to be for a projectheightened focus and attention on then DON’T DO IT!achieving your goals. You will no The largest potential for returning a positivelonger be spending resources on ROI is your website. To tap into thatinitiatives that do not fit your KPI. potential the most important value anTo properly define the KPI’s for Interactive Agency can provide is the artyour interactive project, begin by and science behind a solid Informationdocumenting specific goals for your Architecture for your website.project. Keep in mind that these Information Architecture is defined as “thegoals have to be measurable. Once art and science of organizing and labelingyou have your goals documented, websites, intranets, online communities anddecide how to measure successful software to support usability.” In a wordaccomplishments of the goals and Information Architecture is all aboutwhat those metrics should be. relevance, its about getting the right
  4. 4. information in front of the right the goals that you have for your site.visitor as quickly as possible. Develop A Plan For ConversionInformation Architecture is thesingle greatest influence to your All internet traffic is not created equal! Allonline project. Get the IA too often we set goals for our websites thatwrong...your ROI will be horrible are too broad to equate into a profit- ablebecause your visitor will not be able accomplish the task that theycame to your site to accomplish. One of the first goals for your website wasUltimately, leaving your site without probably to get more traffic to your site,do- ing business with your which on the surface seems like a perfectcompany. goal. However, if we dive a little deeper, the first thing that has to be identified is theThink about Information conversion rate of your site.Architecture this way: when abuilder builds a house, not one By conversion we are talking about gettingshovel full of dirt is overturned the visitor to your website to take thewithout a very extensive plan that is action that you intended them to take. Ifput on paper. When a toaster is your website is a commerce site, then youbuilt, there is an extensive electrical will measure conversions by the number ofdiagram put on paper before one visitors that purchase something. If yourinch of wire is uncoiled. Yet, website is intended to be a reference tool,countless websites are thrown up then you may measure conversion by thein a couple of weeks by that kid in number of visitors to your website thatschool or that friend of a friend that download a PDF file. Conversion of yourkind of does this on the side! visitor is key to obtaining your business objectives.Information Architecture is aboutstructuring information to make it With this definition in mind, more trafficeasy to find. When information is may not be a good goal for your website.easy to find, people will buy more, Quite possibly, the better goal for yourbuy ore frequently, stay on your site website would be to increase thelonger or generally speaking, fulfill conversions that are happening on your
  5. 5. website. After all, 15% conversion This leads us to our next topic.on 50 visitors is better than 1%conversion on 500 visitors. Identify Your VisitorsUser Focused Knowing the importance of conversion, it is now time to identify who your visitors are. Until you have clearly identified who yourSupport Task Based Segmentation visitor is, it will be impossible to improveUnderstanding your users or site the conversion rate of your website.visitor’s needs is vital to creating aneffective website. Creating a sitethat gives the user what they needand keeps them on your site for aslong as possible will help to convertthem from a potential client to anexist- ing client.Web users don’t have the time to“surf the web” anymore. They areusing the web to accomplish a task Developing and integrating visitor personasand they need you to have a into your website can and will greatlywebsite that will help them impact your site’s success. A visitoraccomplish that task as quickly and persona involves creating a visitor profilewith as little frustration as possible! that exemplifies the way in which the visitorTask-based segmentation interacts with your site and ultimately howaccomplishes this. Mapping out all they use the Internet and their level ofof the possible reasons a visitor to sophistication.your website is there will provide Making your site user-friendly with theseenormous support to the visitor personas in mind will increase yourInformation Architecture efforts conversion rate. Thinking of how a visitorwhen your website is being will navigate your site and what productsdeveloped. they may be looking for will help you to
  6. 6. create an easy to use site thatfocuses on the potential client’sneeds instead of simply showcasingyour products.About 3Sixty Interactive3Sixty Interactive is a professionalagency with over ten years ofexperience in the digital world. Theyoffer a variety of digital marketingsolutions that include search engineoptimization, digital advertising,email marketing, social media,customized strategy reports,analytics and maintenance of yourmarketing plan.Learn more about 3Sixty Interactiveat or bycalling us at 1-877-43Sixty.