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Digital Marketing Channels


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The marketing channels available online are practically endless. However, some channels make sense for one business and not for others. It is important to learn about each channel and how you can best use it, before starting your digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Channels

  2. 2. As the shift to internet and mobile different pizza places; ONLY Domino’s says "…technologies continues, businesses are fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30finding it more and more difficult to minutes or less -- or its free." There are alsomarket to their customers. For that many hair salons, but if you are the only hairreason, it is imperative that every salon that offers a free neck massage with everybusiness owner examine their strategy cut you have carved out a unique sellingand incorporate digital marketing into it. proposition.In this report we will look at some of the Your USP is simply the thing about your businessmost popular digital marketing tactics that makes it unique. It could be any one of aand how they can benefit your business. wide variety of factors or qualities. For example,Even if your product or service is not perhaps you offer unique products that yourpurchased online, the internet competitors don’t have, or your serviceincreasingly influences the sale. guarantee is the best in the industry. The idea isConsumers will research extensively to find one quality unique to your business andonline before making a final decision. It then use that in all your important to be a part of the entire With your USP locked down you can then beginbuying cycle. to get your message out through various digital marketing methods.Unique Selling PositionBefore you incorporate digital marketing Email Marketingtechniques into your current marketing A great way to start-off a digital marketingmix, it is beneficial to examine your USP campaign is to begin an e-mail list in order to stay—Unique Selling Position (also known in touch with your customers. You can send themas your value proposition). Picture your news of sales and other events. The best way tocustomers with a tattoo on their build your email list is to put a sign-up form onforehead that says, “Whats in it for your website and gather e-mail addresses at yourme?" Your USP answers that question physical telling your customer what is special To encourage sign-ups, you can offer a aabout your business. coupon, advice, or something else that yourFor example, there are 4,000,000 customers will value. While having a digital
  3. 3. agency is the best way to send emails, when they type in relevant “keywords.” Forthere are a few email marketing example, if you are a dog trainer you canwebsites that you can use as well, for optimize your site for the phrase “dog trainer” orexample: constant contact. These “dog training.”sights allow you to set up “auto The most common goal is to appear on the firstresponders” which send out pre-loaded page of the SERPs (search engine result pages).e-mails at designated times. Or you can The reason you want to be on the first page issimply send your list random emails that very few web searchers go beyond thatwhen you want. Studies show the more page. The main search engines are Google, Bing,you email the better—some email and Yahoo with Google garnering the lion’s shareexperts recommend daily email blasts, of searches.but it depends on the industry, There are specific techniques to get your websitesometimes daily email blasts will turnoff to rank higher in the search engine rankings.recipients. Over time, you will be able to These include “on-page” factors that tweak yourfigure what’s right for you. web pages to make it easier for the search engines to find your content. One technique is to optimize your sites “title tag” which is the first thing the search engines index. Another important task is to design your site to make it easy for your web visitors to find what theyre looking for. If they get confused or find it difficult to locate what they want they will quickly click to another site. Optimization also includes "off-page" techniquesSearch Engine like back-linking which is the process of buildingOptimization links from relevant websites to yours. GoogleSearch engine optimization, often called largely determines the popularity of your site bySEO for short, is the process of the number and importance of different sitestweaking and refining your website so linking to your site. By building links from highthat web searchers can easily find you profile sites in your niche you will gain favor in
  4. 4. Googles eyes and make it easier for Since only 3% of businesses have claimed theiryou to rank higher in the SERP’s. Google Places page your business will often appear above your competitors.Search Engine Marketing Social Media SitesSearch engine marketing is the process Twitter and Facebook are the most well-knownof utilizing Google and other search social media sites on the Internet. Having aengines “pay per click” services to Facebook page is becoming increasinglyadvertise your own company. These are important as Facebook grows rapidly everythe small ads that you see to the side of month--as of this writing Facebook has morethe page when you do a search. A pay than 845 million active users.per click campaign can be very A Facebook page is a good example of how toeffective. It provides a high Return on best utilize social media. It allows you to postInvestment but you must be very photos about your business and enter news andcareful. Without knowing what youre information updates. By inviting Facebook usersdoing, you can lose a lot of money to become “fans” of your page, each of yourquickly. updates will appear in their Facebook feed. It is an excellent way to stay in touch with yourGoogle Places biggest customers.Google Places is Google’s free web A Facebook business page now also allows youpage for your business. You can “claim” to track your reach, likes and people talkingyour page by signing into Google Places about your company.and filling in all of your company’s data. Twitter is another prominent social media site.Google Places also allows consumers Your customers and friends can “follow” yourto add reviews to your page from their “tweets” which allow you to keep in touch withcomputer or mobile phone. In this way, them much like a Facebook works much like review sites like Yelpor Citysearch. One of the benefits of Review SitesGoogle Places is your listing appears at Review sites like Yelp and Citysearch allowthe top of many search result pages. consumers to post reviews of your business. Part
  5. 5. of the growth of these sites can be Without a mobile version, consumers see your fullattributed to the use of smart phones. webpage on their small screen, which is difficultCustomers regularly post reviews right to read.from your store or place of business. A mobile website is a simplified version of yourUsually a business can respond to these website with basic information. It fits neatly onto areviews and explain their side if a review smart phone screen and allows them to find outis negative. more about you easily. Most of the time they are looking for simple items like your phone number or address so you dont need a fancy mobile website to meet their needs. Text Message Marketing Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing (Short Message Service), is theMost of the big review sites also let you practice of sending out discounts and couponsissue special coupons, discounts, and via text. Text messaging is not just for youngmore. This is a great way to bring in consumers anymore, these days maturenew business and encourage repeat consumers are becoming an audience for mobilecustomers. The coupons are redeemed marketing as well.via mobile phones, which eliminates the The major advantage of text messaging is thathassle of paper redemption. most cell phone users have their phone with them at all times--you can reach them whereverMobile Marketing they are. Another advantage is that most peoplePerhaps the fastest growing area of read incoming texts right away. This comparesdigital marketing is mobile technology. favorably to, for example, an e-mail which mayBecause smart phones are so common, get buried and never read.consumers have information at theirfingertips. One of the easiest ways to Press Releasestake advantage of smart phones is to Press releases are an inexpensive and easy waycreate a mobile version of your website. to get the word out about notable things youre
  6. 6. doing at your business. Press releases valuable back link.can be posted on your site as well as at These are some of the main areas of digitalmajor press release services. One of the marketing. There are even more possibilitiesbenefits of press releases is that most including image marketing, banner advertisingpress release services will keep them and more. You can begin with simple methodsposted for years on end. That means like starting an e-mail list and then incorporatethat your business name will be in the some of the other tactics as your marketing plansearch engines for a long time, evolves. Otherwise, you run the risk of gettingincreasing your visibility. overwhelmed and not employing any strategy.Video Marketing Tracking ResultsYouTube is one of the largest search It’s important to track results, evaluate yourengines on the Internet. Many people campaign, and adjust as you go. If you don’tsearch YouTube right after they do a seem to get any results from a tactic after giving itGoogle search. By posting videos about a good effort, try something else. The goal of ayour business at YouTube and other good digital marketing mix is to increase yourprominent video sites you will keep your companies "digital footprint.” You want to bename in front of this huge audience. where your customers are and become part of their online community. If your customers routinely use Facebook andArticle Marketing Twitter, it makes sense to be on those services. IfArticle marketing is the practice of they like email over text messaging, that’s theposting informative articles about your direction to go--choosing the best tactic comesbusiness on article directories. It also from knowing your customers and how theyincludes guest posting on relevant blogs interact with digital media.and websites. For example, if you have The bottom line? Consumers are increasinglya site related to chess you can write incorporating the internet and mobile technologyguest posts at chess blogs and chess into their everyday lives. Unless you are "part ofwebsites. Usually the website owners the conversation" youll be left behind online.will allow you to link back to your site.This helps build traffic and creates a
  7. 7. StrategyAs you can see, there are many differentdigital marketing platforms available, it isimportant to create a strategy formarketing, or you are unlikely to get anyresults.A strategy should outline what you wantto accomplish, what platforms you willuse and how you will use each platformto accomplish your objectives.A digital marketing campaign without astrategy is like tossing a message in abottle out to sea . . . no one will ever findit, and if they do they will have no cluewhat to do with it.About 3Sixty Interactive3Sixty Interactive is a professionalagency with over ten years ofexperience in the digital world. Theyoffer a variety of digital marketingsolutions that include search engineoptimization, digital advertising, emailmarketing, social media, customizedstrategy reports, analytics andmaintenance of your marketing plan.Learn more about 3Sixty Interactive or by callingus at 1-877-43Sixty.