Best Practices for Accessible, Searchable Enterprise Video


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Online video has changed the way marketers and educators create training, marketing, and corporate presentations. Video complements PowerPoint slides to provide a richer, more engaging experience that enhances message retention and online learning. At the same time, enterprise video presents new challenges, including the need to make video searchable and accessible for people with hearing disabilities.

In this recorded webinar, Alcatel-Lucent and Dynamic Therapy Solutions discuss video strategies that incorporate interactive transcripts to make their presentations accessible, searchable, and more engaging.

Watch this webinar to learn about these topics:

- Presentation tools that combine video, interactive transcripts, and PowerPoint slides
- How video transcripts can be repurposed inside your organization
- Use cases for video transcription in corporate, marketing and training content
- How video transcripts make presentations searchable, navigable, and more engaging


Ed Youngblood
Director of Content Strategy
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alisha Magilei
Assistive Technology Specialist
Dynamic Therapy Solutions

Tom Bishop
Director of Marketing

Tole Khesin
VP of Marketing
3Play Media

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Best Practices for Accessible, Searchable Enterprise Video

  1. 1. Best Practices for Accessible, Searchable Enterprise Video Moderated by: • Tom Bishop, KnowledgeVision • Tole Khesin, 3Play Media Tuesday 8/21/2012 1pm ET Follow along on Twitter: #videoa11y
  2. 2. Simplified Transcription Workflow:  Accessible for hearing disabled viewers  Better comprehension for ESL viewers  Flexibility in sound sensitive environments  Searchable and SEO-friendly  More engaging and navigable  Allow translation to foreign languages
  3. 3. Interactive Transcript:
  4. 4. The Panel: • • Ed Youngblood, Director of Content Strategy at AlcatelLucent Enterprise Alisha Magilei, Co-Owner & Assistive Technology Specialist, Dynamic Therapy Solutions
  5. 5. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise • Ed Youngblood, Director of Content Strategy • • Director of Content Strategy at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 30 years of marketing & content creation Responsible for: • developing the organization’s content strategy • deploying multimedia & “nontraditional” content to expand traditional marketing reach
  6. 6. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise • Ed Youngblood, Director of Content Strategy Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise develops communications and networking solutions for businesses across the globe • Video is a collaboration, marketing & training tool
  7. 7. How Do You Use Video? • Content targets customer buying cycle • Awareness & education • Validation/exploration • Solution focused sales support
  8. 8. Dynamic Therapy Solutions Alisha Magilei, CoOwner & Assistive Technology Specialist
  9. 9. What Does DTS Do? Speech and Language services Specializing in Assistive Technology and Augmentative Alternative Communication
  10. 10. How Do You Use Video? • See it, Say it, Do it • 6 week webinar series
  11. 11. Who Is The Audience? • • • • Speech Therapists Occupational Therapists Teachers, Caregivers, Parents of Children with Special Needs and clients
  12. 12. Do Transcripts Help? • At several levels • Webinar navigation • SEO • Scalable SMEs content
  13. 13. Do Transcripts Help?
  14. 14. Is There A Learning Curve? • Learning curve is not in deployment but in how transcripts can be utilized
  15. 15. What Is The Process Like? • • • • Shoot / record Edit Transcribe Publish
  16. 16. Tips And Ideas • Multi-Sensory Format
  17. 17. Tips And Ideas • • • • • Tell a story Break the “old” rules Keep it simple Think differently about video & transcription Think multimedia first, documents last
  18. 18. Open Panel Questions?
  19. 19. Thank You! Contact: Tom Bishop, KnowledgeVision Ed Youngblood, Alcatel-Lucent 781-259-9300x137 818-878-4797 Tole Khesin, 3Play Media Alisha Magilei, Dynamic Therapy Solutions 415-298-1206 661-274-8454