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Video SEO Deep Dive: How to Get Your Videos to Rank


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Video content is taking over the Internet. In January, 2014 alone, over 190 million Americans watched 75.6 billion online videos. By 2019, video traffic is expected to account for 80% of global (and 85% of US) Internet traffic.

With the popularity of online video only growing, it is important to implement a video SEO strategy to help people find your content. Because Google can't read your videos, there are inherent SEO roadblocks with video that don't exist with written articles. In this webinar, Tim Schmoyer, the host of Video Creators and a YouTube Certified Consultant, will provide expert advice on developing a video SEO strategy.

His presentation will cover:

- An overview of how video SEO works
- How to get your videos ranking on Google and YouTube
- How watch time and audience retention impact search rank
- How to structure your videos so that they work well in search
- Whether metadata is really as influential as you think
- How to optimize your YouTube videos for search

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Video SEO Deep Dive: How to Get Your Videos to Rank

  1. 1. Master YouTube. Spread your message.
  2. 2. ” ” QUESTIONS? Ask your questions in chat for Q&A at the end of this webinar. Let’s discuss them!
  3. 3. Ranks .WHAT
  4. 4. Videos
  5. 5. Playlists
  6. 6. Channels
  7. 7. Ranks .WHERE
  8. 8. YouTube
  9. 9. Google
  10. 10. Related
  11. 11. SEO .FACTORS
  12. 12. Content Over time, viewers determine how your video will rank. Make it easy for them to rank it well! Metadata SEO
  14. 14. SEO .WATCH TIME
  15. 15. WThe total amount of time spent watching a video. Watch Time SEO How a video contributes to a viewing session. Session Watch Time
  16. 16. RECENCY R
  17. 17. SEO .INTENT
  18. 18. Intent I
  19. 19. Intent I
  20. 20. They’re helpful for knowing what people are searching for and they can provide some good content ideas. Keyword Tools Intent 1 Trends 2 3 Autocomplete
  21. 21. SEO .IDEAS
  22. 22. 1 Hook 2 3 Retention Scores Engagement 4 Titles/Thumbnails 5 Human Connection 6 Deliver Value 7 8 Push Other Videos Playlists 9 Subscribers 10 Schedule SEO
  23. 23. SEO .METADATA
  24. 24. Metadata M
  25. 25. Captions C
  26. 26. Playlists P
  27. 27. Tim Schmoyer @timschmoyer
  28. 28. ” ” QUESTIONS? Let’s answer them! Whatcha got?