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Content Accessibility: Closed Captioning, Screen Readers, and Beyond


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Automating the workflow is easy between mediasite and 3Play Media, which are fully integrated to make the captioning process as simple as possible. Standard turnaround for your captions is 4 days, but we offer up to 8 hour turnaround. Once your captions are ready, we post them back to your video automatically, making your videos accessible and searchable.

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Content Accessibility: Closed Captioning, Screen Readers, and Beyond

  1. 1. Content Accessibility: Closed Captioning, Screen Readers and Beyond May 9, 2012 3Play Media Twitter @3playmedia
  2. 2. Automated Captioning Workflow Initiate captioning request for individual files or entire folder
  3. 3. Automated Captioning Workflow 3Play Media creates captions and sends them back to Mediasite
  4. 4. Automated Captioning Workflow Standard turnaround: 4 days Rush: 1 day Same Day: 8 hours Track job status in Mediasite or 3Play Media
  5. 5. Automated Captioning Workflow • Captions post back automatically • Toggle on/off • Searchable
  6. 6. Beyond Captions More formats More Publishing Options
  7. 7. Interactive Video Plugins
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Thank You Jeremy Barron 3Play Media Ph: (617) 764-5189 x 104 Twitter @3playmedia Tole Khesin 3Play Media Ph: (415) 298-1206