Understanding Policies and Procedures


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Trinidad Vascular Access Conference - June, 2012

On behalf of 3M, Joseph Hommes BSN RN, traveled to Trinidad for 3M's I.V. Site Conference to present the most recent infection control guidelines and standards, and how to advance the best practices concerning care of the I.V. Site.

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  • Sidney Poitier, Andy Garcia, Big Papi, Usain Bolt, JJ Barea, Rihanna, Shontelle, Bob Marley, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, and Fidel
  • Describe each group and define abbreviations.The various groups that contribute to our body of knowledge and information on management of vascular access include:The Centers for Disease ControlAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityJoint Commission on AccreditationInstitute for Healthcare ImprovementSociety for Healthcare Epidemiology of AmericaNational Healthcare Safety NetworkAnd the Infusion Nurses SocietyWACOVA?
  • What do you think of when you consider what makes up good securement….What do you want the ideal securement dressing to do?Would it stick well and stay stuck to the skin?Would you want the ideal dressing to be comfortable for the patient with a low rate of irritation, holding the catheter in place firmly?
  • Thirdly, securement is critical for preventing contamination, which can lead to infection. Use sterile tape where needed and do not apply non-sterile tape under the transparent dressing.And, lastly, proper securement of devices is a way of avoiding removal problems later. Extra tape wrapped around the device, for example, can make it more difficult to remove the dressing and inadvertently dislodge the catheter.
  • Understanding Policies and Procedures

    1. 1. Trinidad & tobago (TT) trip 2012 Joe Hommes BSN Technical Service
    2. 2. BackgroundMichelle Waithe-Haynes (RN. CCN. MSc.)Professional Service(Medical Division)• 3M has been working over the last 2 years to establish the 3M name with International Standards and the trusted source for IV Care solutions in our Tegaderm range of products. Total conversion of the IV Care market has been the aim of the local Medical Division for the past two years. Progress has been very slow as lecturing IV Site Care: Back to Basic 1 &2, Ward 2 Ward Program and Webinars, these sessions have been very interactive and informative has laid the groundwork for 3M to be well respected as the IV Care solution provider and consulted on many platforms as the IV Care Policy driver and advisor.• In TT we have had several adverse events involving patients IV Sites so much so that it was recognised that there are not any policies in place to minimize the complications that arise from the use of IV Devices. Current practice in TT is the use of Elastoplast(an aggressive adhesive cloth-type tape) being non-sterile and occlusive has posed many challenges for medical practitioners in local hospitals.• It is with this in mind that we feel that the time is right for us to host an IV Site Care Conference with maximum customer engagement to effect more changes in our market, getting more coverage at the key persons.
    3. 3. IV Site Conference speaker Objectives• Pre-Conference Work: Tour local hospitals to observe current IV Site practices.• Increase awareness of the IV Site Care Issues to all stake-holders, by discussing the 2011 CDC Guidelines and 2011 INS Standards.• Stimulate and empower grass roots policy development at the Ministry of Health Level, which would assist in our drive to increase awareness of standards and guidelines to promote consistent use of IV Tegaderm for use on I.V. Sites in hospitals.• Develop KOLs to become champions of advancing I.V. Site Care best practices.
    4. 4. Short Term REsultsI wish to give you feedback on this event. We held our conference on Tuesday 12th June 2012, withapproximately 75-80 participants attending. The participants were doctors, nurses, purchasers, College ofNursing Tutors, President of the Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago RegisteredNursing Associations, Ministry of Health Officials and Hospital Managers.Our Speaker, Mr Hommes did an excellent job. It stimulated interests in the area of IV Site Care andprompted action, so much so that one of the Educators present will be writing a policy to be presented tothe Ministry of Health Official so there would now be a national IV Site Care policy.With the introduction of a national policy, a transparent dressing will be the dressing by policy for all IVSites. Currently there is 5% usage of a transparent dressing on IV Sites, since the government purchases20,000 Tegaderm 1633 and there are at least 400,000 IV accesses inserted annually.Therefore, I would believe that with adequate follow-up from this conference we will be seeing thebenefits soon with sales from this event.Once again thank you very much for your support on this event, Mr Hommes did an excellent job and waseffective in what we hoped to achieve from the conference.Plan:1. Monthly newsletter giving attendees an update on where we are with the progress of the policy.2. Monthly Back to Basics training at Colleges, Wards and any health-related forum in which we are weare invited.3. Key people invitation to Web seminars4. Product Champion identified for each ward area in each hospitalRegards,Michelle Waithe-Haynes(RN. CCN. MSc.)Professional Service(Medical Division)
    5. 5. Post I.V. Site Conference Follow-Up• Joe will be available through teleconference for two of their monthly I.V. Site Care Leadership meetings as a clinical resource.Michelle and Nadine: 1. Monthly newsletter giving attendees an update on where we are with the progress of the policy. 2. Monthly Back to Basics training at Colleges, Wards and any health-related forum in which we are invited. 3. KOL’s invitation to Web Seminars 4. Best Practive/Product Champion identified for each ward area in each hospital. 5. Support Best Practice changes and reform through KOLs, Ministry of Health, Hospital Clinicians & Physicians, C- 40 (medical warehouse), and Nursing Education.
    6. 6. Joe Hommes BSN Tech service, nadine romain Sales representative, Michelle Waithe-Haynes (RN. CCN. MSc.) Professional service