Intravenous Nursing New Zealand Incorporated Standards of Practice Development Project


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Intravenous Nursing New Zealand Incorporated Standards of Practice Development Project

  1. 1. Intravenous Nursing New Zealand (IVNNZ Inc.) Standards of Practice Development Project Lynette Lennox RN PGCert NURS Intravenous Nursing New Zealand Incorporated Executive Committee Clinical Nurse Specialist p IV Therapy/Medicine Management Waikato District Health Board
  2. 2. New Zealand Background Information• Population of New Zealand = 4 million• Health system is p y publically funded y• 21 main tertiary hospitals and numerous small rural facilities• Nursing workforce 47,129• Nursing Council of N Z l d - regulatory authority responsible N i C il f New Zealand l t th it ibl for the registration of nurses• IVNNZ Inc. – A voluntary y organisation-primary focus is establishing IV therapy as a speciality in nursing practice
  3. 3. No National Standards of Practicefor I f i Nursingf Infusion N iHistorically each tertiary hospital independently y y p p ydevelop frameworks, standards, procedures andguidelines for intravenous therapyHistory of National Standards of Practicefor Infusion Nursing• Framework developed in late 1990’s to provide standardisation for national portable certification• Extensive consultation with ongoing development.• Directional change influenced by national and international trends, INS & RCN (UK)• Project redirected to “standards of practice” development
  4. 4. Progress to Date National Standards gof Practice for Infusion Nursing• Final consultation document May 2011• Engagement with nursing g g g regulatory body of NZ, colleagues, nurse specialists, IVNNZ Inc members Inc.• INS final approval will be required
  5. 5. Engaging Others – Key Stakeholders • The process nationally was requested by the Nurse Executives of NZ • The IVVNZ Inc. initiated a workshop that was well attended by all key stakeholders in NZ • Ministry of Health supported IVNNZ Inc. by the recommendation that they develop the standards • Most difficult key stake holder to engage were the Standards NZ organisation as they are very expensive
  6. 6. Largest Challenge Unification of Multiple Facetsof I t f Intravenous Th TherapyRegionalized g• Funding• Products• Ed ti Education• ProceduresEveryone agrees to unificationbut find it hard to alter practice asthey feel ‘My way is the best way.’ My way
  7. 7. Your Best Advice• Consult widely• B prepared will b a Be d ill be prolonged process• Ch Change iis challenging h ll i• Support and encouragement from governing bodies (i.e. (i e INS) is inspiring
  8. 8. Sustaining Change• Check out our progress on: