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Kevin patrick calit2

  1. 1. CommNexus Healthcare Communications SIG: Revolutionizing the Practice of Medicine Kevin  Patrick  MD,  MS   Professor,  Family  and  Preven9ve  Medicine   Director,  Center  for  Wireless  and  Popula9on  Health  Systems,  Calit2   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  American  Journal  of  Preven9ve  Medicine   Co-­‐Founder,  Santech,  Inc.   June  19,  2012  
  2. 2. California Institute for Telecommunications and Information TechnologyUniversity of California San Diego 2  
  3. 3. Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems Research on systems of wireless, clinical, and home technologies to measure and improve health- related exposures and behaviors in: -- Healthy adolescents -- Overweight and obese children and adults -- Depressed adults -- Adolescents risk for type 2 diabetes -- Adolescents with chronic disease -- Older adults to promote successful aging -- Adolescents recovering from leukemia -- Young adults to prevent weight gain -- Adults with schizophrenia -- Exposure biology research -- Cancer comparative effectiveness research
  4. 4. Collaborating Investigators & PartnersUCSD School of MedicineKevin Patrick, MD, MS, Greg Norman, PhD, Fred Raab, Linda Hill, MD, MPHJacqueline Kerr, PhD, Jeannie Huang, MD, MPH, Cheryl Rock, PhD,James Sallis, PhD, Simon Marshall, PhD, James Fowler, PhD, Richard Garfein, PhDUCSD Jacobs School of EngineeringBill Griswold, PhD, Ingolf Krueger, PhD, Tajana Rosing, PhD, Sanjoy Dasgupta, PhDSan Diego Supercomputer CenterChaitan Baru, PhDSDSU School of Public HealthElva Arredondo, PhDScripps Research InstituteJill Waalen, MD, MPHPhD students and Post-doctoral Fellows (current)Jordan Carlson, Barry Demchak, Laura Pina, Ernesto Ramirez, Celal Zifti, Wanmin Wu, Julia Kolodziejczyk
  5. 5. 2-year Impact Factor: 4.1105-year Impact Factor: 4.987In Top 7% of 140 Journals in Public, Environmental & Occupational HealthIn Top 12% of 151 Journals in General & Internal MedicineLeading journal that is ranked in both categories Source: Thomson Reuters, 2011 5  
  6. 6.      Santech,  Inc.   Co-­‐Founded  by   UCSD  Professors  -­‐   Karen  Calfas,  PhD   Kevin  Patrick,  MD,  MS   James  Sallis,  PhD   CEO  –  John  Fessler   Licensed  IP  from  UCSD   &  Internally  developed          programs  &  services  
  7. 7. Annual expenditures on Health Care in US ? ?$4.0 Trillion(20% GDP)* Current prediction Recent health care insurance reform $2.6 Trillion = $1.3 Trillion ~ Total cost$2.2 Trillion of Iraq and Afghanistan wars(16% GDP) 2010 2007 (, 2012) 2015 2020+ 2007, Health Affairs
  8. 8. Rearranging the chairs?
  9. 9. Annual expenditures on Health Care in US ? ?$4.0 Trillion(20% GDP)* Current prediction How do we bend the curve? Where we really need$2.2 Trillion to be headed…(16% GDP) 2007 2015 2020+
  10. 10. We are now in an era of full acknowledgement of ecological models of health
  11. 11. T.A. Glass, M.J. McAtee / Social Science & Medicine 62 (2006) 1650–1671 11  
  12. 12. Ecologies are “systems of systems” with multiple components, levels, dimensions and essential interdependencies from the micro to macro scale
  13. 13. We typically consider elements of this ecosystem in reductionist and isolated ways that leave us unable to weave together even some (let alone all) of its elements to build systems-level approaches to understanding or intervening on health T.A. Glass, M.J. McAtee / Social Science & Medicine 62 (2006) 1650–1671
  14. 14. Because of this reductionism we develop & offer health interventions for highly complex issues in isolation – as if they are a single medication, device or time-limited and context-free artifact
  15. 15. Technologies such as ubiquitous computing, sensors, wireless networks and devices, social media, cloud computing and machine learning now support the integration of highly complex health systems inputs and outputs – increasingly continuously and in real time
  16. 16. New technologies permit – indeed mandate – doing less deployment of single interventions to address isolated health factors and doing more to concurrently build and continually improve complete systems for health
  17. 17. Systems for health measurement and intervention using mobile and social technologiesPALMS: Personal Activity Location Measurement System Exposure Biology Program, NIH/NCI NIH/NCI U01 CA130771 & R01 CA167693; Patrick, PICYCORE: Cyberinfrastructure for Comparative Effectiveness Research NIH/NCI RC2 CA148263; Peterson (MDACC) & Patrick (UCSD), Co-PIsCitiSense: Always on Participatory Sensing for Air Quality Cyber-Physical Systems Program, NSF, 0932403; Griswold PI; Patrick Co-PImDiet & ConTxt: Text Message Interventions for Obesity NIH/NCI R01 CA138730; Patrick, PISMART: Social/Mobile Approach to Reduce Weight EARLY Trials, NIH/NHLBI, U01 HL096715; Patrick, PI
  18. 18. Needs:  Transdisciplinary research merging medicine, behavioral and social science, engineering, public health, computer science and many others.New methods of medical practice that bring together all elements that are important to health: genomic, physiological, behavioral, environmental/socialNew generation of medical practitioners skilled in true preventive medicineNew approaches to financing health care delivery that reward health outcomes of wellness and improved quality of life
  19. 19. Thank You! 19