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Jason keane


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Jason keane

  1. 1. Health Summit 2014 Mobile Clinical Computing from Dell
  2. 2. Mobile Clinical Computing • WHAT IS IT? – It is about increasing patient care by providing flexible and secure access to information, regardless of location, access point or information required. – It is a combination of established technology to allow the Healthcare worker to be mobile and have the all required information securely available – It is a proven approach to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of health care professionals in a hospital environment 2 Confidential 19/02/2014 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  3. 3. Typical User Classes 3 Confidential 19/02/2014 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  4. 4. The Demands Operations Director Head of IT Clinician 4 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  5. 5. So how does MCC help? 5 Confidential 19/02/2014 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  6. 6. Key features • User Authentication for Healthcare Dell believes that increased security should not impede work flow, specifically the speed at which users gain access to their data. At the end device, users can authenticate quickly waiving a contactless smartcard that is integrated into the employee identification they already carry. • Session Transfer The single most important feature from a user’s perspective is the ability to roam from machine to machine during the workday while maintaining application state between moves. This can greatly enhance efficiency and satisfaction with IT systems. • Location Awareness The Connection Broker provides services that aid in efficiency and workflow through automatic printer redirection and location/user rationalisation, opening up the EPR in a patient room to the orders module of the patient in that room when a physician logs in, or the medication administration module when a nurse logs in. • Ease of use A barrier to technology in healthcare is the adoption of technology by nurses and physicians. Dell’s Mobile Clinical Computing Solution is easy to use and enhances medical staff workflow, thereby promoting adoption. 6 Confidential 19/02/2014 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  7. 7. Summary of MCC Session mobility Single passwords Location Awareness Fast access to data Application provisioning Data Security Mobile Clinical Computing > Providing healthcare professionals with the ability to roam with applications and sessions following the user < Data Security Clinical Efficiency IT productivity • Information stored in the data center – not the endpoint • Single Sign-On and application auto launch • Dynamic provisioning • Role-based delivery of apps/ data • Session Transfer • Standardization and simplification • Follow-me printing • Patch management Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  8. 8. Mobile Clinical Computing - Results Without Dell MCC With Dell MCC Clinical productivity Length of patient stay Speed of decision making Resource management & support Duplicate tests Equipment utilisation Information governance 8 Confidential 19/02/2014 Dell Mobile Clinical Computing
  9. 9. The power to do more