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Presentation from Senior Mobile Market 2010

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Gus desbarats alloy mob-inclusive-pres

  1. 1. TheAlloy : experience led design BT: An Inclusive design journey Gus Desbarats | Chairman The Alloy British Design Innovation SE
  2. 2. TheAlloy way: experience led innovation Converting deeper human insight into bettter action plans
  3. 3. The Alloy way: A track record of delivering results Every day, many tens of millions of people, have interaction experiences designed by TheAlloy Every year businesses are transformed by TheAlloy Design effectiveness awards Strategic client partnerships UK top five in Industrial Design
  4. 4. TheAlloy way: helping many kinds of organisation
  5. 5. Over 60s: the richest & fastest growing sector in developed nations 60 90
  6. 6. Over 60s: not what they used to be….
  7. 7. The inclusive challenge: accessible experiences for all zero compromise to aspirational image (Kettlesense- Helen Hamlyn award winner)
  8. 8. BT: our inclusive inspiration Over 500 projects Our Innovation process lab 20 years of inclusive design
  9. 9. inclusive Job no.1 1991: an alloy of markets Converse MK-1 “special needs, meets heavy users” about 15 million of them..
  10. 10. Today: inclusive design leadership Special needs devices Mass market appeal
  11. 11. BT Freestyle 700 series: inclusive, in gfk top 5 BT Freestyle “For me this is the most accessible domestic phone I have seen” Ian McCray BBC Radio 4 – In Touch
  12. 12. Hub 2: Mass market portals must be inclusive
  13. 13. Inclusive = design for people “not like him” the empathy challenge
  14. 14. TheAlloy way: creativity inspired by user empathy Rapid simulation 1 to 1 interviews Role play Sketches / foam models More role play Goals Refine goals & repeat
  15. 15. TheAlloy way: experience mapping First sight POS First use Routine use Extreme use
  16. 16. Opportunity: cool hearing augmentation RNID Soundspace combine in one device: ambient amplification voice communicator music
  17. 17. Inc: legible not patronising “You know what I really need? Its big text – but I don’t want to be singled out or patronised. I just make do with what I’ve got…” aspirational & practical BIG CLI BIG Keys easy open profile
  18. 18. T3 + Medion: next generation tablet (windows 7)
  19. 19. Extreme situations calling for similar solutions…. Extreme Use ‘babies & kids’ ‘older users’ ‘in the kitchen’
  20. 20. T3 – Medion: teazer Design adds value shots BT Graphite Top 5 of all DECT phones
  21. 21. Around the corner: even better technology bricks Faster processors Faster comms links Cheaper memory Plastic Electronics
  22. 22. Intel Social networking for elders
  23. 23. New designs will be systems as much as objects RNIB – e-publishing Product Planning across Hardware Software Networks or 3g
  24. 24. New Sensors are enabling more natural interactions
  25. 25. New experiences will feel more like old ones..
  26. 26. Design adds value feel Home care will more like personal fitness BT Graphite Top 5 of all DECT phones
  27. 27. Thank you