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Change change mgt_and_next


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Change change mgt_and_next

  1. 1. How long can we deny and delay?
  2. 2. A generation!• Go down in the boiler room where it is dark, noisy, dirty, and greasy• Go up into the sails and feel the wind in your face and the see the beauty of the sea• Remember You are called a sailor• What is a sailor without sails?
  3. 3. World changes • Are we like sailors in the ship? • When confronted with change we say “doctors don’t do this” • World has changed • Still trying to act like it has not • Try to do things the same way
  4. 4. Paradigm shift• Problem is in the mind
  5. 5. The First Teaching of a JEDI... The Problem is in our Minds• Going Digital is a whole new way of doing things “No! No Different. Only Different in your mind”
  6. 6. Different in Your Mind Behavior as Doctors• To extinguish old behavior-uncomfortable• To establish a new behavior-unsettling• We like to be competent-This is a very different environment
  7. 7. Describe this Wheelbarrow
  8. 8. Look at your brain when seeing something new • DENIAL • DELAY • DISPATCH
  9. 9. Not real – only in your mind
  10. 10. Point is1. We start2. We go negative3. We stay negative and keep going on4. Why?
  12. 12. Brain has Two PartsReptilian Brain with Human Cortex on top
  13. 13. Cave Man Finding Something New: LIMBIC1. I must attack it2. I must run from it Emotion
  14. 14. Later Developed system? NEOCORTEX! Think Ahead Positive about the new Open- minded Suppress emotion
  15. 15. It is really important for theforebrain to know the Power of Negative Thought ...Limbic• Neutral Environment• Four positives to equal one negative• Be positive, positive, positive, positive and positive
  16. 16. Five Pennies
  17. 17. FEARS GENERATED• Loss of money• I can not do this and I will look stupid• I may not survive• It is too hard• Let me wait, Let me run away, It will never work• Delay Dispatch Deny• It is just too big
  18. 18. Good Potential Concern• What is Good about this idea today? Positive aspects first• What Potential does this idea have for tomorrow?• How can we address Concerns in ways that promote success?• Talking Stick• Candy
  19. 19. We Must Start With Our Minds• Every decision has emotion• Neutral environment• Good potential concern
  20. 20. Paradigm shift• Requires Creativity – Blocked by judgments and work
  21. 21. Creativity means Destruction• Clay Christensen
  22. 22. Beat competitors with asymmetry of motivation % of tonsSteel Quality 55% Sheet steel 22% l Structural Stee l stee 8% ed ds uc rs & ro rod Angle iron; ba ill -p 4% inim Rebar ofm ality Qu 1975 1980 1985 1990
  23. 23. Characteristics • Low quality • Serve market that does not need added features or is not served • Not a threat to traditional market • Companies leaving market are praised until the big drop
  24. 24. Another Example Major Established Electronics Markets: Tabletop radios, floor-standing televisions, computers,Performance, etc. Portable TVs Pocket radios Path taken by Hearing Aids established vacuum tube manufacturers Time Disruptive technology: transistors vs. vacuum tubes
  25. 25. Examples in Medicine• Cardiac Surgery• Angioplasty• Stenting
  26. 26. Disruptions Amongst Healthcare Professionals re s n nai io Complex u est Q ph one ks T ele e ban n Ph o Performance that the marketplaceComplexity needs orof diagnosis utilizes and treatment re Se lf-ca Simple Time Patient Computer Dialogue
  27. 27. Patient Computer Dialogue is Disruptive Role of Thalidomide Trust• New evolving products on faster track – Beneficiaries of Thalidomide Trust will accept early development• Serve market that is not served• Not a threat to traditional market
  28. 28. Other Models
  29. 29. Online Banking• 40% of the banks in the U.S. offer internet banking facilities worth mentioning• The UKs first home online banking services[2] was set up by Bank of Scotland for customers of the Nottingham Building Society (NBS) in 1983
  30. 30. Online Banking• Be that as it may, it is estimated that a total of 55 million families in America will be active users of online banking by the year 2010.•• The number of online banking customers has been increasing at an exponential rate.
  31. 31. Drivers1. Reduce Cost2. Competitive Advantage3. Protect Strategic Position
  32. 32. Banking• For example, while the cost of transaction for money transfer was 40p for checking and 10p for ATM, while it was only 1p for Internet• First ATM 40 years ago
  33. 33. Online bankingIt is generally recognized that perceived risk plays a negative role in decision to adopt a new technology including Internet serviceRegarding Internet banking, perceived risk involves two concepts: security and trust.Complexity is “the degree to which an innovation is perceived as difficult to understand and use” Ease of use”
  34. 34. Where is Patient Computer interaction in other industries and where in Medicine Where would you place yourself?
  35. 35. Characteristics• earlier adopters have – greater empathy – less dogmatism – less fatalism – greater rationality – great intelligence – more favorable attitude toward change.
  36. 36. Speed of innovation• the degree to which an innovation is perceived as being consistent with the existing values, past experiences and the needs of potential of potential adopters• negative attitudes cause resistance to change and lack of management commitment
  37. 37. Reminders
  38. 38. Speed of Innovations Larger organizations do better than smallgenerally (implementation of online banking)
  39. 39. So What is Next?