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Alpsten mobile healthcare


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Alpsten mobile healthcare

  1. 1. Tobias Alpsten, CEO of iPLATO Healthcare
  2. 2. Challenge to 21st century careThe Key Challenge… Traditional TelehealthHow do we meet the increased demand for healthcareservices with maintained or reduced resources? v. iPLATO mHealthThe Follow-on Challenge…Technology, clearly, has to play a role in addressing thekey challenge. But how do we design technologysolutions at a scale where they make a substantial andsustained difference?Leading to the telehealthcare challenge…At the current costs of telehealthcare, we cannot affordto support every patient who needs it….… and this where mHealth can help.
  3. 3. iPLATO ? Dedicated to building a vibrant mhealth network in the community. Dedicated to enabling mobile patient services from existing care providers. Proven, successful mHealth service scaling model in primary care 700 GP Surgeries / Community Provider Services across the NHS 3,000 General Practitioners Covering more than 4 million patients in the community Clinical scope, technology stack and knowhow 13 primary prevention / wellness services 8 diagnostics services 10 long term condition management services Experience in launching population wide mHealth services – fit for purpose 25 Population-wide mHealth Launches IG SoC compliant (Organisation National code for iPLATO Healthcare is NNG01). Listed on Assistive Technologies national framework Experience in reaching the “hard-to-reach”
  4. 4. An iPLATO mHealth ExamplePatient Support to People with Epilepsy Practitioner Lead Patient Sign-up Medication Reminder+Carer Alert We can support you over the mobile… I … reminder for you to recommend that you take your medication. sign up. You have selected carer alert so pl reply ‘yes’ to this SMS when you are done… More: Sign-up Leaflet Self Monitoring in Patient Diary Sharing and Review I can see on the seizure Now that I have a moment history you e-mailed me I will record the seizure I before the consultation had yesterday and the that your seizures are medication I changed last going down. Great! week… Seizure History in pdf
  5. 5. Another iPLATO ExampleLocal Health Information and Self-care Messaging to People with COPD GP Surgery Lead Patient Sign-up Practical Local Information During the Easter bank holiday your GP surgery will be closed. + Please get in touch with them now if you need to order a repeat prescription… Search GP System GPs use iPLATO Patient Local Public Health Team uses to identify patients Care Messaging to invite iPLATO Patient Care Messaging to across multiple channels. broadcast across multiple channels. Self-care tips Avoid Hospital Admissions COPD Alert: Forecast for Where are all the people bad weather, wrap up when who usually turn up here in going outside... A&E with breathing difficulties after a cold snap? COPD Alert: In the cold weather make sure that you keep the windows closed at night ...
  6. 6. iPLATO Programs / Pathways Existing programs drive value across the health network…Prevention Type Primary (Wellness) Secondary (Diagnostics) Tertiary (Self care) Primary prevention avoids the Secondary prevention activities are aimed Tertiary prevention reduces the negativeWhat it is? development of a disease at early disease detection impact of an already established diseaseKey drivers? Collect data, identify patients, Stratify risk, target at risk groups, Help patients take charge of increase awareness, calculate change attitudes, increase uptake managing their condition through risk, effective promotion, and streamline follow-up. improved understanding, improve enrolment and change. recording/monitoring, adherence to treatment of sharing of information..Programmes Stop smoking Breast screening Diabetes Obesity / Weight Loss Cervical screening Hypertension Childhood immunisation Vascular checks Asthma Flu jab Chlamydia screening Depression Pandemic Diabetic Retinal screening Drug addiction Malaria / travel health Diabetes pre-screening Epilepsy Pre-Diabetes Hypertension pre-screening HIV Physical activity Mood/anxiety pre-screening COPD Alcohol and drugs Hepatitis Stress / Anxiety Sexual health HPV jab Breastfeeding
  7. 7. All stakeholders benefit…From iPLATO’s open environment which allows professionals to innovate… Commissioners Transform ServicesHealthcare professionals Improve Outcomes PatientsExpand service offering Better and easier access Reduce Health InequalitiesKeep people out of hospital Return On Investment Busy life… timely alertsIncrease adherence Personal and privateReduce waste Take charge of my healthImprove outcomes Feels that someone caresEngage with hard to reach Use familiar technologyParticipate in innovation Talk health with people I trustProduce new evidence … and who know my history
  8. 8. Delivering Value Through mHealthCommon Challenges to Broad Patient Adoption
  9. 9. About us:iPLATO works in partnership with NHSorganisations using the mobile channel totransform community based health andcare services to improve access and publichealth, reduce hospital admissions andprovide quality telehealthcare to morepatients.PartnersTobias Alpstentobias.alpsten@iplato.netwww.iplato.netJoin the LinkedIn group ‘Mobile Health Network’to learn more about mHealth.