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Small Cell Forum China Workshop: Densification Path to 5G


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Small Cell Forum China Workshop: Densification Path to 5G
May 2018, Beijing
Full report:

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Small Cell Forum China Workshop: Densification Path to 5G

  1. 1. Small Cell Forum China Workshop Densification Path to 5G May 2018, Beijing © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018 Full report:
  2. 2. US Partners Day July 17 Rural & Remote Summit Wyoming July 18 Mumbai Densification Summit Oct 17 China: Densification Path to 5G Europe: Small Cells World May 18 LATAM Carrier Workshop May 18 Taipei workshop Sept 18 May 18 Sharing Global Best Practice and Capturing Regional Requirements SCF Regional Workshops 2017-18
  3. 3. Densification: Current (4G) needs, future (5G) value & success stories Drivers for small cells – coverage, capacity /offload, cost Small cell mass deployment: What is really needed? Challenges & Opportunities in the Transition from 4G to 5G (CMRI) Bringing efficiencies to network densification The Optimization Strategy of Future Network Characterized by "Ultra High Speed Data" Miniaturization Test System Case Study in China Mobile LTE innovation as a pathway to 5G 4G to 5G evolution 5G indoor coverage digitization starts from Day 0 China Densification Path to 5G, Agenda and Speakers
  4. 4. Source: Rethink Research Market Status: APAC Drilldown © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018
  5. 5. APAC – two phases of steep growth © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 ,000 NAM EU ROW APAC New small cell deployments, per annum Source: Rethink Research
  6. 6. What is driving densification in APAC? Results of MNO survey • Initial drivers focus on improving QoE at lower cost of delivery • These concerns focused initially on eMBB models • But APAC operators moving more quickly to new service models – higher priority than ROW for coverage for smart cities/IoT, and new services • Less interest in shared spectrum and edge compute than ROW © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018 48 38 36 34 31 28 27 20 20 18 Dense capacity to support QoE Lower cost of capacity Ubiquitous urban/IoT coverage Dense capacity to support new services Fill coverage gaps rural Harness shared spectrum Exploit MEC and edge cloud Support IoT revenues Support vertical industry subnets Support context awareness APAC Drivers % respondents naming driver in their top three Source: Rethink Research
  7. 7. What would slow it down? Key barriers in APAC • As in other parts of the world, cost and site issues remain the main barriers • Need for more sharing (spectrum, backhaul, sites) to make costs more predictable • Site approvals and backhaul are bigger issues in APAC than global average © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018 55 42 32 30 30 26 24 22 22 17 Uncertainty about TCO Site cost and availability SIte approvals Ability to monetise via new services Backhaul cost and availability Macro interworking HetNet interoperability and standards Equipment approvals Immature automation/virtualisation WiFi interworking APAC Barriers % respondents naming driver in their top three Source: Rethink Research
  8. 8. The difference it makes - impact by 2025 © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018 5,040 976 1,545 2,865 3,388 705 973 1,902 APAC NAM EU ROW With barriers addressed: Total 10.4m Without barriers addressed: Total 7.0m New deployments in 2025… 1.5x more deployments in 2025 Source: Rethink Research
  9. 9. Further Reading • Full report: “SCF China Workshop” • “SCF China workshop”, May 2018, • Presentation Slides (SCF members only) • /release reviewing/member extras/216 China Workshop May18/ • To enquire about joining SCF, contact © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2018