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Misc: The Futuristic Concept of ‘Smart & Intelligent’ Batteries


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This original presentation from 2013 has been made into a video to discuss the concept of smart and intelligent batteries and how they will change the way our devices charge and use power.

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Misc: The Futuristic Concept of ‘Smart & Intelligent’ Batteries

  1. 1. The Futuristic Concept of ‘Smart & Intelligent’ Batteries Zahid Ghadialy, Principal Analyst and Consultant @3g4gUK
  2. 2. ©3G4G
  3. 3. What is a ‘smart & intelligent’ battery? A battery that can communicate with other batteries and make decisions based on these communications and a pre-defined set of rules ©3G4G
  4. 4. The connected individual ©3G4G Headphones connected to phone or tablet Phone Tablet Other connected device like Laptop
  5. 5. Headphone needs power - 1 ©3G4G I am low on power, who can I borrow it from?
  6. 6. Headphone needs power - 1 ©3G4G Communication I am low on power, who can I borrow it from? I can lend some Take as much as you need
  7. 7. Headphone needs power - 2 ©3G4G I am low on power, who can I borrow it from? I am 50% full but have a higher need, sorry Sorry, I am exhausted Priority based Decision Making
  8. 8. Priority Rules ©3G4G Headphone Tablet Mobile Other device Headphone Tablet Mobile Other device Not possible Possible if high priority – Automatic Possible if high priority – Manual Possible Borrow power from
  9. 9. Charging Priority ©3G4G Limited time and power availability Devices decide among themselves who should charge when, how much, etc. I will charge first as I have highest priority I don’t need much power but I can wait I will go next Let me know when you are all done
  10. 10. Context is important too ©3G4G • Early morning: X goes for a jog with smartphone and headset. The smartphone has GPS tracker and fitness app – highest priority • Late morning: X goes to work listening podcasts on the smartphone • At work: X needs to work on laptop, should always be at least 50% charged • In evening: X is coming back from work, speaking on phone to his friends and family. Phone and Bluetooth headset needs to be charged • Late evening: X is watching TV/Video on his tablet.
  11. 11. Charging priority based on context ©3G4G Headphone Tablet Mobile Other device Early Morning Late Morning At Work Early Evening Late Evening Priority Rules Lowest priority Highest priority
  12. 12. Borrowing power from friends / colleagues ©3G4G Please lend me some power, phone about to die Sure, will lend you power to make this one call
  13. 13. Competing for power at public spots ©3G4G • Facility to charge devices in public places is a boon for end user and good advertisement for companies and airports, etc. • Wired charging stations are being replaced by wireless ones
  14. 14. Competing for power at public spots – Next Gen ©3G4G • ‘Smart charging’ can give higher priority to subscribers, devices of certain brands, devices with lowest charge remaining
  15. 15. ©3G4G This was presented in 2013 What’s happened since then
  16. 16. Sony’s Patent from 2016 ©3G4G Guardian article from Mar 2017: • Filed in 2016, the patent is an evolution of existing wireless charging concepts, based on transmitting power through an (unspecified) antenna-based system. • The company’s patent describes a voluntary system for identifying power hungry devices, and initiating bidirectional transfers of energy storage between them. That is, you would be able to see your and your friends’ phones, and click on any one to begin transferring power to them, just like the way you can currently scan for wifi hotspots right now. • Don’t expect the transfer to be the height of efficiency, though. If the patent ever does reach implementation, it’ll still have to contend with the laws of physics: converting power into radio waves and back again is an extremely lossy process however it happens.
  17. 17. 2017 – Android able to charge other devices ©3G4G
  18. 18. CES 2018: Directional Charging OTA ©3G4G BBC Report from CES 2018
  19. 19. 2018: Reverse Wireless Charging goes mainstream ©3G4G Picture source & article: Android Central
  20. 20. Thank You To learn more, visit: 3G4G Website – 3G4G Blog – Telecoms Infrastructure Blog – Operator Watch Blog – Connectivity Technology Blog – Free 5G Training – Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on SlideShare: Follow us on YouTube: ©3G4G