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Beginners: Multi-SIM Operation

This video / presentation looks at the operation and terminology associated with multiple SIMs in mobile cellular devices.
We introduce the concept of transceivers, active and standby states and then look at Dual Sim Single & Dual Standby (DSSS / DSDS), Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA), Triple SIM Triple Standby (TSTS) and finally, Quad SIM Quad Standby (QSQS) in case of four SIM cards.

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Beginners: Multi-SIM Operation

  1. 1. Multi-SIM Operation @3g4gUK
  2. 2. The Rise of Multi-SIM Phones ©3G4G
  3. 3. ©3G4G More on Hong Kong Taxi Drivers Mobile Story on Quora Pokémon Grandpa Story here
  4. 4. Mobile Network Terminology ©3G4G Base Station Device or UE Uplink (Transmitter) Downlink (Receiver) Transceiver
  5. 5. Active vs Standby States ©3G4G • In an Active State, the device can transmit and/or receive information • In the Standby State, the device cannot transmit/receive information Active Standby
  6. 6. When UE/Device is in Standby ©3G4G • There is no active uplink or downlink communication • The UE/device is just listening to the paging channel • The UE/device can move from Standby to Active as a response to Paging or if there is some uplink information to send Standby Paging channel Active
  7. 7. Dual SIM Single Standby (DSSS) ©3G4G Standby X Active X
  8. 8. Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) ©3G4G Standby SIM#1 Active X SIM#2 Active X
  9. 9. Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) ©3G4G Standby SIM#1 Active SIM#2 Active Both SIM Active
  10. 10. Triple SIM Triple Standby (TSTS) ©3G4G Standby SIM#1 Active X X SIM#3 Active XXX X SIM#2 Active
  11. 11. Quad SIM Quad Standby (QSQS) ©3G4G Standby SIM#1 Active SIM#3 ActiveSIM#2 Active SIM#4 Active XXX XXXX X X XXX
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