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Beginners: Different Types of Service Providers (SPs)


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A short video & presentation looking at different types of service providers including TSPs, CSPs, ISPs, MSPs, WSPs and DSPs. It also contains a detailed look at how a Communications Service Provider (CSP) can transform into Digital Service Provider (DSP).

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Beginners: Different Types of Service Providers (SPs)

  1. 1. Different Types of Service Providers (SP, TSP, CSP, ISP, MSP, WSP, DSP) @3g4gUK
  2. 2. ©3G4G • Service Providers are also known as Telecommunications Service Provider (TSP) or Communications Service Provider (CSP). • Basically, they refer to someone who provides services. • There are many different types as we will see further along.
  3. 3. ©3G4G Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a type of SP that provides internet services via cable or ADSL or Fiber or any other way. ISP
  4. 4. ©3G4G Cable TV Providers, providing TV and other broadcast content were originally referred to as Cable Service Providers.
  5. 5. ©3G4G Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are also referred to as mobile service provider (MSP) or wireless service provider (WSP). Even though Communications Service Provider (CSP) is a generic term, it generally always refers to MSP.
  6. 6. ©3G4G Telcom stands for Telecommunications Company, which basically means Mobile Network Operator. NetCo or Network cooperation is the practice of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) sharing part of its Radio Access Network (RAN) with another MNO.
  7. 7. ©3G4G The term “Digital Service Provider" applies to any company that distributes media online. In the case of telcos, it's an organization that has moved on from offering core, traditional telecom services, to providing mobile broadband access, services, content and apps, all sold directly from the device. Picture source: MATRIXX Digital Commerce
  8. 8. Three necessary steps for becoming a DSP ©3G4G 1. A CSP must first change the way that it interacts with its retail customers in order to become a DSP. 2. Provide a new generation of services, often called 'digital services' or 'digital economy services'. 3. Virtualization of networks is necessary to fully realize the potential of a DSP 1 2 3
  9. 9. ©3G4G Communication Service Provider (CSP) Digital Service Provider (DSP) Business Model Voice, SMS, Data package (dumb pipe) Mobile broadband access, Services, Content and Apps Purchase Model Retail, Call Center, Kiosk, etc. Online, Web Portal, Apps, Messenger, AI bots, etc. Shared Plans Not available or limited availability Available - Personalized plans, customizable plans, etc. are all possible Contact Times Fixed times Available 24/7 via app or message bot Promotions Via calls or SMS (intrusive) Available every time when App is started or logged into web portal Beta testing of products / promotions Difficult Easy as it can be tested on a group of users, either opted in or general New Product Launch Difficult to integrate with existing packages Can be dynamically added to existing packages Balance check Via calls or SMS Real time info available via apps or web portal including detailed overspend info Personal Touch / Connection Not possible Possible
  10. 10. STC, Saudi Arabia DSP Strategy ©3G4G Source Link
  11. 11. Zain’s journey to becoming a Digital Service Provider ©3G4G • Introduction of new digital channels that offer truly digital, personalized experiences, with full control over purchase, usage and interaction with Zain. • Examples of digital channels include web, app, chatbot, social media and smart branches. • Deliberately taking serious steps to simplify and optimize. • This includes simplifying customer-facing tariff and product portfolios, shifting from human-assisted to non-assisted sales, and the introduction of optimized care channels. • Building an ecosystem aimed to expand on the current Customer Value Machine (CVM) deployed across all operations • Customer data is used to implement proactive and predictive analytic-based CVM • Allows the company to better understand customer needs and consequently target them with relevant real-time offers • Reduces churn and enhancing the customer experience. • Communicate real-time and targeted offers to customers has significantly increased the take up rate of CVM campaigns and improved the efficiency of marketing efforts.
  12. 12. Orange Poland Case Study ©3G4G • Orange Poland launched Flex, a new, app-based digital proposition that redefines customer engagement through a simpler and richer experience. • Orange Flex is contract-, bill- and shop-free. “With Orange Flex, you just download the app, choose your offer, take a picture of your ID, take a selfie, and you become a Flex customer. No need to go to the shop and talk to the agent, everything is done through the App instantly. There are no more invoices; your payment method will be debited in real time for any purchase…No more ties; it’s over with the two-year contracts; you can leave whenever you wish. It’s freedom.”
  13. 13. Further Reading ©3G4G • Analysys Mason: How CSPs transform into digital service providers: the digitalisation revolution in three steps (link) • Light Reading: Defining the Digital Service Provider (link) • Ooredoo and MATRIXX Digital Commerce (link) • The journey from CSP to DSP (link) • Analysys Mason: The crux of CSP-to-DSP transformation: agile architecture and open platforms (link) • Zain Annual Report 2019 (link) • Orange Poland and MATRIXX Digital Commerce (link) • Arthur D. Little: NetCo - Network Cooperation (link) • 3G4G: MNO, MVNO, MVNA, MVNE: Different types of mobile operators (link) • 3G4G: Mobile Network Sharing (link) • The 3G4G Blog: A quick tutorial on Open RAN, vRAN & White Box RAN (link)
  14. 14. Thank You To learn more, visit: 3G4G Website – 3G4G Blog – Telecoms Infrastructure Blog – Operator Watch Blog – Connectivity Technology Blog – Free 5G Training – Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on SlideShare: Follow us on YouTube: ©3G4G