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CenPOS Overview- Payment Processing Engine overview


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CenPOS payment processing overview. The hosted payment processing engine for mobile, retail, ecommerce, web payments and more will Improve compliance, reduce risks, improve EBITDA. Keep your processor, add mobile and more. Official company presentation.

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CenPOS Overview- Payment Processing Engine overview

  1. 1. Company Overview Authorized Reseller: Christine Speedy
  2. 2. CenPOS Overview •  An Intelligent Payment Processing Network •  Streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems •  A payment network that handles all transaction types and processes payments quickly, accurately, and securely
  3. 3. The Evolving Financial Network Ecosystem –  Consumers have more choices than ever on how to pay –  Ever-increasing legislative involvement –  As technology evolves more stringent levels of compliance will be mandated –  Proliferation of mobile payments The only way to stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment is to pair with a technology partner in the payments industry
  4. 4. CenPOS Solutions –  Virtual Terminal: –  E-commerce –  EBPP –  Recurring Billing –  POS terminals •  The CenPOS payment network dynamically routes transactions to assure the least cost and risk for the merchant
  5. 5. The CenPOS Payment Engine and Ecosystem
  6. 6. CenPOS B2B Solutions CenPOS has an expansive and flexible range of solutions and services that meet the evolving needs of any business or organization. •  Automotive Dealerships •  General Retail & e-Commerce Merchants •  Non-traditional retail transactions –  Non-profits and Schools & Universities –  Professional Service Organizations –  Telecommunications Providers
  7. 7. Automotive Dealership Solutions CenPOS has created a dynamic payment processing solution to meet the unique challenges of a dealership’s payment ecosystem. •  •  •  •  •  Payment standardization between locales Permission-based user management Electronic receipt storage and retrieval Reduced PCI and Red Flag burden Enhanced accountability as transactions are tagged to users and data captured at the point of sale •  Streamlined end of day reconciliations
  8. 8. Retail Solutions •  A flexible POS solution that is both, industry-complaint and secure. •  Quick and efficient payment processing •  eCommerce solutions that mitigate the risk of fraud •  Multi-lane reporting •  Increased Debit Conversion •  Employee-ruled based system that mitigates cashier inefficiencies
  9. 9. Non-Traditional Retail Transactions •  CenPOS has developed a variety of systems and services to help nontraditional retailers manage payments •  CenPOS is currently provides card processing services, as well as recurring and installment billing networks, to the following market segments: –  Non-profits –  Schools & Universities –  Doctors, lawyers, insurance, and other professional services –  Telecommunications providers
  10. 10. CenPOS Benefits •  Easy to use; quick and seamless adoption •  Market-specific customization •  Host-based processing network •  No capital investment required; low implementation cost •  Improves your bottom line by optimizing payment acceptance and eliminating inefficiencies •  PCI-DSS Compliant •  Reduced exposure to chargebacks, fraud and risk •  Fully customizable enterprise to POS level reporting, data mining and analytics. •  HR performance indicators
  11. 11. Payment Solutions Values •  Simplicity •  Scalability •  Security •  Stability
  12. 12. Contact Christine Speedy SALES (954) 942-0483 Specialist in software/ ERP and business to business CenPOS solutions. 3D Merchant Services / Christine Speedy is a CenPOS Authorized Reseller and independent company. Bonus Resources: