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CenPOS automotive dealership solutions


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CenPOS provides innovative payment solutions to dealerships including text & email. Enhance the customer experience, gain overall control and drive higher profitability by integrating your payment acceptance with CenPOS.

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CenPOS automotive dealership solutions

  1. 1. Christine Speedy CORPORATE PRESENTATION Integrated Commerce Technology Platform [Automotive Dealership Solutions]
  2. 2. Agenda Who We Are What We Provide How We Do It Value We Deliver Company Profile Company Timeline Markets Served/Industries Testimonials Solutions Overview
  3. 3. Who We Are 3 We provide a single point of integration that combines payments, commerce and technology We are powered by an enterprise-class, end-to-end transaction engine We are committed to a merchant-centric approach that provides a one-to-one level of service and support INTEGRATED COMMERCE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM
  4. 4. What We Provide 4 Technology. Driven. Commerce. Transform their commerce experience WE ENABLE OUR CLIENTS TO: Eliminate the need to manage complex integrations Reduce their burden of accepting payments Create deeper customer relationships
  5. 5. How We Do It 5 COMMERCE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM ENTERPRISE-CLASS TRANSACTION ENGINE Eliminates complex integrations Reduces the burden of payment acceptance Creates deeper customer relationships Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure Minimize disruption Save time and money Secure Flexible Simple TAILORED CLOUD-BASED SOLUTIONS
  6. 6. Value We Deliver 6 SECURE Ensure ALL data is protected Reduce your exposure to risk Meet the most demanding security requirements No two merchants are the same A tailored solution to meet your unique needs Allows connection to any processor FLEXIBLE SIMPLE Remove the complexity and costly burden Take the heavy lifting out of payments Enable you to focus on your business
  8. 8. Company Timeline 8 Future Building a platform for payments is just the beginning Launched with cloud-based platform 2009 Direct connections with 96% of US transaction platforms 2011 Integrated with INFOR and CDK Global 2013 Launched a host of security products and services 2014 Implemented with EMV Co. 2016 Launched CenPOS txt for real-time communications 2017
  9. 9. Customer Testimonial Your payment optimization platform has enabled our company to substantially reduce our processing cost. All the guesswork is taken out of how to process credit card transactions in the cheapest, most beneficial way. Your system automatically knows the best way to process a transaction. If a debit card is presented, the system will pick the best way to process the transaction automatically. It is powerful to have all the credit card information for our 9 locations available and retrievable. The ability to easily retrieve information is a definite plus. This is especially beneficial if you have a chargeback situation. 9 Michael T. Kelly Ed Morse Automotive Group
  10. 10. Enterprise Class Transaction Engine 10 CENPOS TRANSACTION ENGINE TECHNOLOGY A secure and flexible technology infrastructure built for payments Omnichannel and processor agnostic technology infrastructure plus the services and support that powers transactions SERVICES Such as customized reports, account monitoring, end-point analysis, consulting, etc. SUPPORT Including a robust call center and integration teams.
  11. 11. Cloud-Based Solutions Overview 11 PLATFORM ENGINE SOLUTIONS YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS Vertical Specific: • Automotive Dealers • B2B • Hotels/Lodging Bundled or configured transaction processing Plus add-on module and services: • Hardware • AP • EBPP Cloud-based solution • Secure • Flexible • Simple + OUR ENGINE YOUR SOLUTION =
  12. 12. Automotive Dealerships 12 Transform Your Dealership AUTOMOTIVE DEALERSHIPS • Engage the customer to build loyalty • Improve the customer experience • Reduce buying friction • Reduce service inconsistencies We’ve helped thousands of automotive dealerships solve their most complex payment challenges
  13. 13. Back Office Finance Management Service Advisors Integrate Your Dealership 13 Enhance the customer experience, gain overall control and drive higher profitability by integrating your payment acceptance with CenPOS Retail & Wholesale Parts Parts Delivery Cashiers
  14. 14. Parts Department 14 • Integrate your parts department into the payments solution for the entire dealership • Tokenization of payment data • P2P encryption at the point of sale • Real-time AVS to reduce fraud • User controls and alerts • Optional hardware available • Electronically send invoices for payment (EBPP) Driving simplicity and security at the point of sale
  15. 15. Finance and Operations 15 • Consistent client journey across all departments and locations • Dashboard reporting to help manage across locations • Enhanced data mining and analytics • Streamlined end of day reconciliation • Low cost routing/interchange optimization • Chargeback management • Increase sales by reducing fraud • Processor agnostic – use your own processor or allow CenPOS to be your acquirer The simplicity and flexibility to operate your dealership
  16. 16. Customer Testimonial “CenPOS helps enhance our customers’ experience by speeding up the payment process. On the backend, CenPOS significantly reduces our transaction costs. CenPOS’ solutions also protect sensitive payment information and mitigate fraud.” 16 Laura Carlisle Chief Financial Officer, Kuni Automotive
  17. 17. Advisors and Cashiers 17 • With the CenPOS solution service advisors can handle payments • Improves customer satisfaction • Controls the entire customer experience • Desktop or mobile options available • Mobile solution allows customers to complete a transaction without leaving their car • Accept all forms of payment • Role management – internal controls allow advisors and cashiers the ability to only perform certain functions Control the service experience
  18. 18. Customer Testimonial “CenPOS gives our service advisors the ability to collect payment directly rather than shuffling a customer from person to person.” 18 Monica Champion Comptroller, First Team Automotive Group
  19. 19. CenPOS txt Functionality Transform your customer experience 19 • Notify the customer via text message • Distribute the final invoice • Consumers can pay from their own devices • Consumers can pay form anywhere – skipping the line • Reduces buying friction • Improves the customer experience • Simplifies the client journey
  20. 20. CenPOS txt Functionality – Process 20 Email and text notifications sent to customers NOTIFICATION Payment page skinned to reflect brand or dealership PAY CONFIRMATION Online confirmation, customer email receipt, & advisor notification Ford Happy Customer Way My Town, USA Invoice variations are DMS & system dependent REVIEW
  21. 21. Thank You Christine Speedy Cspeedy AT 954.815.6040