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Research Marketing Services


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Research Marketing Services

  1. 1. Data Powered Marketing Great Research About Great SitesESOMAR Questions
  2. 2. About Great SitesGreat Sites is an extensive online membershipreward and competition portal which featuresonline surveys, offers, daily deals, shopping,travel, games, sharing, videos and research forits 300,000 members.Great Sites is a leader in the collection ofdetailed demographic, lifestyle and purchasingdata of consumers in Australia and NewZealand providing advertisers, marketers andresearchers with the ability to deliver highlytargeted and efficient communications.
  3. 3. Why Great SitesGreat Sites assist clients in cost effectively targeting,capturing and interacting with select groups of highlyqualified consumers either online, offline or via mobilecommunications. All of the interactions between GreatSites, consumers, advertisers, marketers and researchersare on an opt-in, permission basis.• High member engagement (rich content site)• One of the most responsive databases of its kind• Campaigns are targeted to active members• Target members using 50+ filters• Demographics can be appended for segmentation• Addresses are verified and delivery point identifier (DPID)• Captcha, Double opt-in, country IP, mobile verification• Leading survey panel across Australia & New Zealand
  4. 4. Site DemographicsGender Marital Status Married / De Facto 52% Female 70% Single 26% In Relationship 12% Male 30% Divorced 8% Widowed 2% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Age Income 60+ 17% More than $150,001 3% 46-60 28% $100,001 - $150,000 10% $75,001 - $100,000 15% 32-45 30% $50,001 - $75,000 22% 25-31 13% $25,001 - $50,000 30% 16-24 12% Less than $25,000 20% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Source: Great Sites members active in 2012. NZ and AU
  5. 5. Services we offer• Respondents for online market research• Recruitment for focus groups & central location tests• Programming & hosting of online surveys• Polling & omnibus surveys• Phone & postal data Clients that trust Great Sites for their online data collection:
  6. 6. Coded & Hosted Surveys
  7. 7. ESOMAR : SAMPLE SOURCE 1. What experience does your company have with providing online samples for market • At Homeresearch? • At WorkAs we have one of the largest panels in Australia and New Zealand and have been in the • Health and Wellbeingmarket since 2005, we have worked with some of the world’s leading Research Houses, This enables us to pull specific samples and maximise incidence rates.providing samples for offline and online research. Panellists are encouraged to refresh and update their data on a monthly basis which makes us2. Please describe and explain the types of source(s) for the online sample that you provide one of the most up to date active panels.(are these panels, actively managed panels, direct marketing lists, web intercept sampling,river sampling or other)? Very fast turn-around without compromising quality: our average turnaround time for quotes and setting up projects is 48 hours but we regularly turn projects around in a few hours.We have recruited an actively managed panel using the following online and offlinerecruitment channels:Shopping voucher/ documents and Bus Tickets 4. If the sample source is a panel or database, is the panel or database used solely for market research? If not, please explain.• DVD Inserts Our panel is used for both Market Research and Direct Marketing. We monitor all Direct• Free Wi-Fi sponsorship Marketing and Research projects so we can exclude any communication when required. We• Magazine advertisements have a large panel so this is very rare.• Social Networking sites • We clearly differentiate between Market Research and Direct Marketing invitations• Search Engine Marketing including:• Display Ad Networks • Market Research invites have a clearly marked subject line ‘Survey invite – XXX ‘,• Affiliate Networks unique to market research• Refer a Friend Programme • Market Research invites come from research@ rather than offers@ • Market Research invites use a specific and unique email research templateAll data is collected into our actively managed panel, there is no intercept or passive dataprovided. We only provide data from our own panel that has been profiled, verified and 5. How do you source groups that may be hard-to-reach on the internet?actively managed. While we do not actively target hard-to-reach groups, the size of our panel means that we have sufficient coverage of any demographic or sub-set.3. What do you consider to be the primary advantage of your sample over other samplesources in the marketplace? 6. What are people told when they are recruited?Our panellists voluntarily complete a 50+ question survey, broken into 6 sections: In return for participating in research projects they will have an opportunity to win prizes• About You including are Grand cash prize.• Spending It• Saving It
  8. 8. ESOMAR : PANEL RECRUITMENT7. If the sample comes from a panel, what is your annual panel 10. What profile data is kept on panellists? For how many panellists is this dataturnover/attrition/retention rate and how is it calculated? collected and how often is this data updated?We have an active recruitment policy and recruit over 120,000 panellists into our A lot of profile data is kept about the panellists such as demographic information,panel each year. We also have an active scrub programme, and delete inactive habits, interests etc. Our survey comprises more than 50 questions broken into 6panellists: sections:• Panellists unsubscribing themselves • About You• Bounce backs/undeliverable emails • Spending It• Deleting panellists who have been inactive for a set period of time • Saving It • At Home • At Work New 36% • Health and Wellbeing 1-3 years 37% 3 years+ 28% We update questions on an ongoing basis. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 11. What is the size and/or the capacity of the panel, based on active panel8. Please describe the opt-in process. panellists on a given date? Can you provide an overview of active panellists byPanellists must actively opt-in to join the panel including providing verifiable contact type of source?details (such as name, address, phone number etc.) and accepting both our termsand conditions and privacy policy. The joining process takes approximately 10 As of October 2012 the panel has 250,000 subscribed panellists and is growing everyminutes. month by over 10,000 new panellists. The number quoted above is ‘active’ panellists which means that9. Do you have a confirmation of identity procedure? Do you have procedures to • They have earned 1 or more entry into our prize draw in the last 12 monthsdetect fraudulent respondents at the time of registration with the panel? If so, • AND they have not unsubscribedplease describe. • AND we hold up to date contact details for themDuring signup a number aspects are analysed including; email domain, emailuser/box verification, IP detection, Captcha (image verification) and double opt-in.We also verify all contact details including postal and telephone contact details. Ifdetails are not correct or verifiable the panellist is marked as inactive.
  9. 9. ESOMAR : PANEL & SAMPLE MANAGEMENT12. Please describe your sampling process including your exclusion procedures if applicable. Can samples be deployed as batches/replicates, by timezones, geography, etc? If so, how is this controlled?We exclude panellists who have completed projects within a specific period depending on the clients requirements.13. Explain how people are invited to take part in a survey.What does a typical invitation look like?All research invites follow the same format• Survey Invite “subject”• Estimate the time it will take to do the survey• Incentive for taking part in the survey• Provide links to our terms and conditions and unsubscribe link.14. Please describe the nature of your incentive system(s). How does this vary by length of interview, respondent characteristics, or other factors youmay consider?Each time a panellist attempts to complete a research project they get an entry into our annual Grand Prize (Cash AU=$30,00, NZ=$15,000). The panellistswho successfully complete a survey get an additional entry into a Monthly research prize draw of $1,000. We accept surveys from 5 minutes, to 25 minutes.We rarely accept any projects over 30 minutes. In 2013 the incentive system will be changed where members will receive “prize points” for completingresearch projects, the number of points depending on the length of the survey. Prize Points can be used to enter a range of prize draws and instant wincompetitions including our Grand Cash Prize.15. How often are individual panellists contacted for online surveys within a given time period? Do you keep data on panellist participation history andare limits placed on the frequency that panellists are contacted and asked to participate in a survey?How often individual panellists are contacted for market research in a given time period is determined by the sample required by the client, however clientscan ask us to exclude based on recency and prior activity. We have an exclusion file for completes. We can also monitor clients through click-through ratesand screen-outs.
  10. 10. ESOMAR : POLICIES & COMPLIANCE16. Is there a privacy policy in place? If so, what does it state? Is the panel compliant with all regional, national and local laws with respect to privacy,data protection and children e.g. EU Safe Harbour, and COPPA in the US? What other research industry standards do you comply with e.g. ICC/ESOMARInternational Code on Market and Social Research, CASRO guidelines etc.?Yes we have an industry standard privacy policy which panellists must accept before they can become a panellist. We are not a market research company, buta panel provider. Nonetheless we believe that we conform to all applicable research industry standards. The panel is compliant with all regional, national andlocal laws with respect to privacy, date protection and children.17. What data protection/security measures do you have in place?All data is stored on secure servers and is password protected. We do not hold data such as credit card details or bank details. Everyone holds a unique userID number which we use.18. Do you apply a quality management system? Please describe it.Yes, we have internal check-lists and benchmarks that must be met or exceeded for all processes within the business. We also make sure that bounce-backsare deleted, panellists can unsubscribe in two clicks and we also monitor email activity.19. Do you conduct online surveys with children and young people? If so, please describe the process for obtaining permission.If we are commissioned for a survey to be completed by panellists aged under 16, we contact their parents to seek permission.
  11. 11. ESOMAR : MULTIPLE PANEL PANELISTSHIP20. Do you supplement your samples with samples from other providers? How do you select these partners? Is it your policy to notify a client in advancewhen using a third party provider? Do you de-duplicate the sample when using multiple sample providers?No, the size of our panel means we almost never need to outsource help from other panel providers. In the rare instance where this occurs the client isinformed and provides their consent to use any other provider.21. Do you have a policy regarding multi-panel panellists? What efforts do you undertake to ensure that survey results are unbiased given that someindividuals belong to multiple panels?We don’t have a current policy. We strive to use unique member acquisition channels to build as unique a panel as possible.
  12. 12. ESOMAR : DATA QUALITY & VALIDATION22. What are likely survey start rates, drop-out and participation rates in connection with a provided sample? How are these computed?Depending on the sample (i.e. Male or Female), we work on a response rate of between 10% -15% per invite, and are able to provide projected response ratewith a high degree of accuracy for each brief.23. Do you maintain individual level data such as recent participation history, date of entry, source, etc., on your panellists? Are you able to supply yourclient with a per job analysis of such individual level data?Yes, we keep a record of when a panellist has joined and on how active this panellist is through the number of entries they have and projects they havecompleted. We know their activity rate on site, what projects they have completed etc..24. Do you use data quality analysis and validation techniques to identify inattentive and fraudulent respondents? If yes, what techniques are used and atwhat point in the process are they applied?As we are a panel provider, we examine the data and keep our panel clean. For example, poor quality respondents are marked as inactive for future researchprojects to ensure the quality of the data.25. Do you measure respondent satisfaction?We do not conduct customer satisfaction polls on our panel however we measure satisfaction through our unsubscribe rates, click through rates and theamount of feedback emails we receive and address on a daily basis.26. What information do you provide to debrief your client after the project has finished?We can provide the client with an activity report which details the open rate, click through rate and unsubscribe rate the project has had.
  13. 13. Data Powered Marketing Contact 806, 181 Riley StreetDarlinghurst