3D Technologies RD Manchester 2010


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A technical presentation about 3D Technologie R&D solutions for museums made at the Museums Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Manchester 2010.

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3D Technologies RD Manchester 2010

  1. 1. Interactive 3D solutions for cultural heritage Museums Association Annual Conference and Exhibition Manchester, 2010 3D Technologies R&D Lauri Põldre
  2. 2. About 3D Technologies R&D Established 2006 3D Technologies R&D provides interactive solutions for real-time 3D visualisation Services: 3D modeling, software development Our customers are museums, municipalities and tourism sites We co-operate with providers of 3D displays and laserscanners Our applications: ● 3D Kiosk – software for presenting objects in three-dimensional form on touch-screens ● 3D Wayfinder – interactive pathfinder software for public buildings ● Custom solutions for interactive 3D visualisation
  3. 3. Solutions Our solutions are based on Open Source 3D platform 3DMLW Supported operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux Supported browsers: IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera Customisable, open and can be integrated Our solutions combine 3D and 2D (text, photos, audio) content Solutions work on web, desktop or touch-screen kiosk (smartphone support planned as soon as hardware is capable)
  4. 4. 3D Kiosk An interactive solution for presenting heritage objects as 3D models
  5. 5. Features Manipulate 3D models: zoom, rotate, browse and view from any angle Home function to reset model position Add descriptive content (text, pictures, audio) Model starts to auto rotate after idle period Colors, layout, functionality customisable Add or remove models using admin module (common 3D file formats supported: obj, skp, 3ds, dae) Integrate with external solutions or databases
  6. 6. Benefits Display large objects or structures such as buildings, airplanes, ships, statues etc. Show objects which are not existing any more Show the full range of museum collections Expand the exhibit when space is limiting for the complete picture for the visitor Show attractions and locations for better understanding and improved experience for the visitors Make interactive exhibitions without the need for the transportation of heavy or expensive items or artwork
  7. 7. 3D WayfinderAn interactive 3D wayfinding solution for public buildings
  8. 8. Benefits saves time for the visitors and brings clarity to their navigation improves visitor experience more realistic than 2D map interactive and intuitive combines 3D and 2D content manage and update data centrally update data digitally (no need to reprint carton labels etc.)
  9. 9. Features walk-through and hover in the 3D environment animated routes to destinations pictures, description, logos and contact data about the tenants, locations, objects search destinations or select from a list central and remote administration integration and customisation possible
  10. 10. Some examples
  11. 11. Virtual 3D sand caves
  12. 12. Museum 3D sculptures
  13. 13. Virtual museum objects
  14. 14. Virtual Old Town
  15. 15. Historic airplanes as 3D models
  16. 16. Please contact for consultation or more info: www.3dtech-rd.com info@3dtech-rd.com SKYPE: sales.3dtech