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Summary of digital publishing formats


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Slideshare presentation giving an overview of digital publishing formats including types and descriptions and example uses.

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Summary of digital publishing formats

  1. 1. Digital Magazine SoftwareA SUMMARYof e-publishing formats
  2. 2. 23 MAY 2012As many move into thee-publishing space there aresome initial questions anddecisions that publishers need tomake, one of these areas is theformat of the digital edition.
  3. 3. Here in this slide share, we runthrough the different formats ofdigital editions and which formatis best for different devices.
  4. 4. 1) FlashExample Flash Digital EditionFlash has historically been the standard format for digitalmagazines. Most digital magazines were created in thisformat due to the animation and viewing capabilities onbrowsers of desktops, laptops, macs and PCs. This formatis still widely used, however due to the Apple iPad andiPhone not displaying flash content, this format is oftencreated alongside an HTML5 version.
  5. 5. 2) HTML5Example HTML5 Digital EditionYou will notice that the example HTML5 digital edition fromthe link above looks and operates in a very similar way tothe flash digital edition. 3D Issue will automatically createboth the Flash and HTML5 versions of a publication andthen route readers to the most appropriate version for theirdevice. HTML5 digital editions can be viewed on browserson any pc, mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone (includingiPads and iPhones)
  6. 6. 3) Native AppA publication that is built as a native Apple App mustbe submitted first to the App Store, then once approvedreaders could download via the App Store.These native Apps are specific to certain devices thathave access to the App store.
  7. 7. 4) .exe and .app offline digital editionsExample of an offline edition(click the ‘download’ option button from the left side menu)Along with your online flash and HTML5 digital edition, digitalpublishing software solutions often enable publishers to createoffline editions, these formats are .exe (for Windows) and .app(for Macs – not to be confused with Native App!) Offline editionsare a great addition to your publication, allowing desktopreaders to download the offline edition to their computer sothey can access a fully functional digital edition at a later time– without the need to be online.
  8. 8. 5) ePub (downloadable to read offline on eReader devices including iPad)editionsExample of a ePub fileThe epub file is a format that can be downloaded to eReaderdevices such as the Sony eReader and the The Barnes & NobleNook. These types of publications are typically not as interactiveas the magazine type flash and HTML5 formats, but can beviewed offline. The ePub format is also the file format used bymany Apps including the iBooks App on the iPad and iPhone.Therefore many publishers and marketers and creating bothinteractive online HTML5 versions, along with a downloadableversion using the ePub output.For more info, check out this guide of how to convert PDFs topageflip e-books for iPads, iPhone, tablets and e-Readers
  9. 9. 6) .mobi (downloadable to read offline on Kindle)Example of a mobi fileThe .mobi file is similar to the ePub, however this file isthe format used by the popular Amazon Kindle.For more info, check out this guide of how to convertPDFs to pageflip e-books for iPads, iPhone, tablets ande-Readers
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